What’s old is new again and so very hot: LeSportsac is channeling the creative vision of  Rowing Blazers’ Jack Carlson for a collaboration unlike any other.

LeSportsac brought Jack Carlson on to be their creative director for a new line called Arc En Ciel by LeSportsac. The new collection is designed by LeSportsac’s in-house creative team, with a vision, concept, and specific references from Carlson.

LeSportsac Chief Operating Officer Thomas Becker, who started at the label in 2019, was eager to bring on Jack Carlson to add a fresh spin to the LeSportsac name.

“I learned the nature of just collaboration versus a relationship and bringing another talent and team into the building. That’s something we are doing here with Jack Carlson and his team,” says Becker.

Carlson says he was excited when Becker reached out because he’s always loved and been fascinated with LeSportsac.

“We are selective about who we work with and who we partner with, and this is different from a normal collaboration,” Carlson explains. “It’s a different type of opportunity.”

The first collection, drawing from original LeSportsac styles, incorporates Carlson’s appreciation for nostalgia and color. Colorblocked in retro colorways or stripes and typeface, the collection plays to the designer’s aesthetic obsessions and is already generating lots of buzz — and likes — from influencers and fashionistas alike.

“Being playful with color is one of the things I wanted to do. Rowing Blazers never shies away from color so we dug into some of the archival images and mood boards to come up with a palette that felt very unique,” says Jack Carlson.

The new campaign is a throwback to when the LeSportsac brand first originated in 1974. It features 35 different items, including bucket bags, zip totes, shoulder bags, cosmetic cross-body bags, tennis bags, lanyards, and laptop cases. The prices range from $55 to $315.

Jack Carlson will help oversee the creative arm of the long-term partnership and has kicked things off with a collection inspired by vintage tennis bag shapes that are already available on LeSportac’s website featuring the Arc En Ciel collection.

Rowing Blazers and LeSportsac also created a new TikTok ad. Not surprisingly, the promotion of the retro-style handbags, Arc En Ciel (AEC) by LeSportsac, has gone viral. Connor Brashier directed the ’70s retro spot starring model Charlotte D’Alessio.

LeSportsac is bringing the ’70s back with the social media commercial spot. The legendary handbag brand has gone viral promoting their new collection of retro-style handbags. TikTokers were impressed by the way the creative team was able to capture life back in the disco days.

One comment read, “I genuinely think this is the best thing I’ve seen on this app.” Another comment said, “I want to live in this ad.” Another questioned the content itself, “Did she put the cereal in her bag!?”

In the ad, D’Alessio is running late in the morning. After pouring a big bowl of cereal, she grabs her large white-and-blue shoulder bag and puts the bowl in it as she darts off. In one shot, there’s an AEC Large Zip Tote with “1974” prominently written on the side in a bold black design. According to LeSportsac, Arc En Ciel by LeSportsac bags feature iconic ripstop nylon styles in bright colors, premium hardware, and delightful threads of nostalgia.

Brashier was extremely pleased with the ad’s outcome.

“Was a blast to create this ’70s inspired spot fueled by the dynamic color and luminance of the rainbow. Proud of this one and the whole team who helped bring it to life,” he posted on Instagram.