Sacha Stacey – Wife of the Scariest Man in the World

Sacha Stacey is a loving mother and a fitness icon. She is known as the spouse of actor, boxer, and fitness guru Martyn Ford. The two share three kids, and their family seems to be …


Sacha Stacey is a loving mother and a fitness icon. She is known as the spouse of actor, boxer, and fitness guru Martyn Ford. The two share three kids, and their family seems to be content and harmonious. Fun fact: Her husband has proclaimed himself as the World’s Scariest Man. And it is all because of his athletic ability.

Sacha Ford is his loyal, admirable, and hardworking spouse. The proud wife takes care of their family and household.

Who is her famous husband?

Martyn Ford was born in England to parents Lorraine Ford and Stephen Ford. At a young age, he discovered his natural athletic ability and became passionate about it. He excelled in different sports as a young man. You can say his career path was decided early on.

Born in May 1982, he is the self-proclaimed world’s scariest man. He was born in Staffordshire, England, to Lorraine and Stephen.

Early on, he decided to pursue a professional fitness career. And he has managed to excel in it. And behind every successful man, there is a woman. We will talk later about his wife Sacha Stacey.

Ford’s physique has helped him win numerous bodybuilding competitions. And that is not all. He has also been able to land several television and film roles because of his amazing body.

He is a married man and father of three children.

Speaking of his physique, he stands at 6 feet 8 inches, weighing 320 pounds. His body measurements are 52-39-35 inches. He has displayed a natural athletic ability and flexibility from a young age.

Nowadays, people also recognize him as a fitness influencer and online fitness coach. The professional fitness coach has also signed a professional MMA contract with KSW and starred in several acting roles.

In April 2022, he was set to battle the Iranian Hulk, Sajad Gharibi. Their fight was scheduled at the 02 Arena in London. Yet, Martyn pulled out on late notice, after he began fearing for his rival.

Later, he revealed to KSW that he called off the bout due to fear for the mental well-being of Sajad Gharibi, who appeared to be struggling with it since their clash in Dubai.

He has since talked about his wish to join the MMA and compete. He said, “One hundred percent, I am planning on getting involved in MMA. I am already speaking to KSW. This is something that was set pre-covid. I have still been doing pieces of Jiu-Jitsu and stuff. They are looking at coming to London in October, and that is an event I would love to get involved with.

If you search Martyn Ford on YouTube, you might find things like Martin Ford vs the Mountain Thor Bjornsson, Nathan Jones vs Martyn Ford, and Brock Lesnar vs Martyn Ford. But those are not fights. Those are fan videos made to display the physiques of different giants.

Who is bigger Martyn Ford or The Rock?

Speaking of his dream fight, Martyn has said that would be against Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. The rumors of the World’s Scariest Man fighting the Rock have been spread by Martyn.

Before the scheduled fight against the Iranian Hulk, Martyn spoke about challenging one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

He shared a post featuring articles about the fight and stated, “You say one thing, and it kind of explodes. I was asked who would be your dream fight. There is only 1 for me, The Rock. For me, he is an idol, a legend, and what he has and is achieving inspires me daily”.

He continued by saying, “Why fight him? Because it would be UNREAL to share a ring, and the hype would be insane… he’s an incredible athlete, a winner, and a grinder. It would be one hell of a showcase. Do I dislike him??? HELL NO. Would I want to win? HELL YES”.

There is no denying that would be a historic fight. And it would be a clash of titans. Martyn stands at 6 feet 8 or 9 inches, and weighs between 290 and 320 pounds, depending on the period. Dwayne Johnson stands at 6 feet 5 inches and weighs between 260 and 280 pounds. But Dwayne would have experience on his side. He spent 8 years in the WWE.

Quick Bio

Now let’s move to Martyn’s spouse, Sacha Stacey. She has been spotted in the gym with her husband quite often. And it raises the question of whether she is a gym trainer as well.

While she doesn’t seem to be a personal trainer, she does appear to work at the gym with Martyn. The two got married in 2019.

We have to say, it is hard to find anything about her birth date, educational background, or early life. There is almost no information about Sacha before her marriage to Martyn. The two are a unique couple, but that is always the case with a big man like Martyn. She stands at 5 feet and 9 inches and weighs between 150 and 160 pounds. That is almost two times less than her husband.

But she definitely has a figure packed with well-defined muscles. According to some reports, she is from the UK as well. The devoted mother, fitness icon, and spouse of the famous actor likes to keep her personal information private.

According to some reports, her husband is seven years older than her. That suggests she is in her early 30s.

Marriage to Martyn

Here is a fun fact: Sacha and Martyn had three children before they got married. In February 2017, she announced on Instagram her pregnancy with her second child. She wrote, “So happy to announce that @martynford1982 and I are expecting baby Ford Number 2!” In the post, the celebrity spouse also shared an ultrasound image of the unborn baby.

And then, in August 2017, she posted again, saying, “So happy to announce the safe arrival of our second princess, couldn’t be happier”.

Regarding their marriage, Martyn proposed to Sacha in September 2018. It was a romantic proposal that happened in Disneyland. She was the one to break the news, again on Instagram, saying, “So this just happened. Happiest girl ever”.

In March 2019, they exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony attended only by close friends and family. Fun fact: Eddie Hall, who won the title of World’s Strongest Man in 2017, was among the attendees.

In December 2019, she announced her third pregnancy, and the couple welcomed their son Maddox Ford in July 2020. A few months later, she returned to training at the gym. Despite being a mother of three children, Sacha Stacey finds ways to balance motherhood, work, and her workout routine.

The family lives happily together with their dog.

Is she on social media?

As we said before, Sacha often shares updates about her family on social media. You can find her on Instagram under the handle Mrs Sacha Ford. Her bio reads, “Family first always, my children are my world, wife to @martynfordofficial”.

Sacha has little more than 43k followers on her profile. And that is nothing compared to her husband, who has 4.4 million followers. But hey, her husband was in Fast and Furious 9 with Vin Diesel and John Cena. That definitely boosted his popularity.

Net worth

While we might assume that Sacha is a fitness coach, there are no authentic reports of that. With that in mind, we cannot talk about possible earnings and net worth without knowing her actual job. As we said before, she rarely talks about her personal life.

On the other hand, we do know the net worth of her husband. According to some reports, the English bodybuilder, actor, and fitness coach has a net worth of more than $9 million.

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