Top 9 Best Santorini Beaches for Tourists and Adventurers

Santorini is one of the most idyllic islands in the world. Some call it paradise on Earth. If you are a culture lover, food lover, or Instagram lover, you must visit Santorini at least once …


Santorini is one of the most idyllic islands in the world. Some call it paradise on Earth. If you are a culture lover, food lover, or Instagram lover, you must visit Santorini at least once in your life. Many newlyweds visit the island for their honeymoon. Millions arrive on the island by air and sea to visit the stunning scenery and picturesque villages.

Santorini doesn’t offer beaches like the famous ones in Mykonos, Zakynthos, or some other islands. But the island still has some of the most remarkable beaches. And you will find plenty of Santorini luxury hotels at the touristic beaches, giving travelers close access.

Beaches in Santorini range from black to red and white. Thanks to the volcanic formations, Santorini beaches offer a unique experience.

With red and black volcanic pebbles, these beaches offer tourists a picturesque ambiance. Add in the cliffs, and you have a unique beauty.

Tips for Visiting Santorini Beaches

  • At most of the bars at tourist beaches, you have to buy a drink to use sunbeds and umbrellas
  • You can find taxi boats connecting many beaches
  • We recommend visiting White Beach early in your trip, to make sure you make it due to weather conditions
  • Bring sandals or water shoes, pebbles can get very hot during the summer
  • Always bring a sun blocker, towel, and plenty of water no matter which beach you visit

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful Santorini beaches.

Perivolos Beach

This beach is a must-visit in Santorini. Located 11km (nearly 7 miles) south of Fira, the beach is the longest black sand beach of Santorini. The organized tourist resort offers many luxury hotels, beach bars, and taverns.

Covered in black sand and sparkling waters, the beach offers plenty of activities for adventure lovers.

Red beach

If you want a unique experience, you have to visit the red beach and its amazing hues. Located 12km (7 miles) south of Fira, it is the most beautiful and famous beach of the island.

This one has black and red volcanic pebbles, and plenty of hot water. With red-colored steep hills, cliffs, and sand, the beach offers wild scenery.

Enjoy the crystal blue waters. And if you like, you can get a catamaran cruise to swim further away from the beach and crowds.

Kamari beach

Another beach close to Fira, Kamari is also a black sand beach. It lies at the base of Mesa Vuono, and it offers plenty of trees and thick black sand and pebbles. The deep blue crystalline water serves as the perfect contrast to the sand.

The massive rocky mountain of Mesa Vuono separates it from Perissa beach. Kamari has excellent infrastructure, including lifeguards, wooden paths, and lots of watersport activities.

As one of the most popular beach, it is also one of the cheapest places for enjoying summer in Santorini.

Perissa beach

Family-friendly and partly organized, the beach is a tourist resort. The impressive beach offers black sand and crystal clear blue water.

Located 12km (7 miles) south east of Fira, the beach is at close distance to the remains of Ancient Thera.

Vlychada beach

This beach features a long stretch of volcanic black sand and pebbles. And some of the most incredible rock formations you can find on Santorini. The moon-shaped landscape will blow your mind. The beach looks like a sci-fi movie.

We also have to point this is one of the few “clothing optional” beaches in Santorini. You will also find plenty of homosexuals, as it is a gay beach as well. If you do not mind enjoying water and beach naked, feel free to visit this spectacular spot.

Agios Georgios beach

Partly organized, the beach is close to Perissa, just one and a half-mile away. You can say it is one of the most tourism-friendly beaches on Santorini, offering plenty of water sports and taverns.

We have to warn you, during the high season, you might have a hard time finding a spot there.

Cape Columbo beach

Looking for a wild beach? Visit Cape Columbo. One of the most unspoiled and wildest beaches on the island, the secluded beach offers powder black-grey sand and tiny pebbles to its visitors.

There are no amenities and only one basic restaurant at the beginning of the beach. Bring your own towels, umbrellas, and cooler with drinks.

And because you cannot access it easily, the beach offers plenty of peace and quiet to visitors.

Ammoudi Bay

Let’s talk about a beach with crystal-clear turquoise water. The tiny idyllic beach close to Oia got famous for its restaurants. Yes, it is a popular place for dining and watching the sunset. But the beach offers much more.

To dip in the water, you will have to walk south along the bay and follow a narrow treacherous path leading to a hidden beach between the rocks. There, you can also try some cliff jumping.

The downsides are this beach doesn’t offer space for sunbathing. And it is a rocky beach.

White beach

The white beach is one of the most remarkable and special beaches in Santorini. And you can only visit it by boat. Surrounded by white towering cliffs forming a beautiful and small cove, the beach has no facilities. You can find only some sunbeds with umbrellas and a store for necessary supplies.

The beach remains quiet and isolated, providing plenty of peaceful moments for visitors. You can get there either by boat from Red beach, or on foot from Cambia beach. But if you choose the latter path, you will have to cross an adventurous path.

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