Shaiden Rogue – Adult Film Star and Journalist

Shaiden Rogue is an adult film actress, model, and famous person from Germany. In the modern world, we live in, people are finding new and new ways to earn money and make a living. And …

Shaiden Rogue

Shaiden Rogue is an adult film actress, model, and famous person from Germany. In the modern world, we live in, people are finding new and new ways to earn money and make a living. And Shaiden definitely reaps the benefits of the modern world.

She is a TikTok celebrity living in the United States. But she is originally from Germany. Rogue made her adult industry debut in 2019 and has since established her name in it.

Her biography is scarce, and there is little we know about her biography. Let’s take a look at it.

Quick Bio

As we said before, Shaiden has shared little about her biography. According to some reports, she was born in March 2001. That would make her a 22-year-old lady as of June 2023. But there are not many reports that confirm her birth date.

She has said she is Aries in the zodiac, which would fall right into the March birthdate. The actress was born in Germany, and the only friend who might know more about her is certain Gemcutter V2. He moderates her profile on Reddit.

Born to German parents, there is no info about possible siblings or anything like that. Logically, Shaiden doesn’t want people to know more about her family life. There is no info on the names of her parents.

When you are part of the adult industry, you want people to know as little as possible about you. The fine actress emerged from Germany and has been gaining recognition lately.

In 2019, Shaiden Rogue made her adult entertainment debut. She relishes her niche and rose to fame by being a popular figure on the Internet.

While she is part of the adult film industry, she also does TikTok videos. For example, her dance routines and blazing relief provide more info about the young woman. You can say she is an excellent dancer and athlete. As a dancer on TikTok, she provides some competition to profiles like Baby Ariel and Jacob Sartorius.

Regarding her education, many people believe she attended a private school in Germany. The adult industry introduced her in 2019. Since then, she gained quite a lot of recognition and attracted thousands of people to her profile. Most of her fans are Germans, but Shaiden is an international star.

Once she began posting videos to TikTok, people became even more aware of her. Her videos garnered millions of views thanks to her creativity and dexterity.

Before she became a popular figure in the adult entertainment industry, she was known for her dancing and athletic talents in school.

Despite many people considering her a porn star, she also does charity work. Rogue works with charities that support and promote causes like youth empowerment.

It might be strange to see someone who posts adult content likes crazy double blow, big dick videos, group sex, and similar sex stories promote charities. But hey, there have been stranger things. Like a porn star becoming a religious personality.

Career journey

As we said before, Shaiden is a porn actress who emerged from Germany. She began gaining attention after making her adult film debut in 2019. There is no info on her real name.

But the adult industry is not her only profession. The young woman knows how to expand her ventures. Speaking of her adult film industry career, her first film role was in a short movie produced by an independent production company.

But since then, she has released an NFT collection named Private Insights in December 2021. That collection has five items people can buy. She also runs a clothing brand called the Shaiden Shop.

As for her TikTok career, after becoming popular, the social media platform compiled her videos and released them on other social media sites, including Facebook.

While she began her film career appearing in a short movie for an independent company, Shaiden has since collaborated with top production houses. Her first video appeared when she was only 18 years old in 2019.

Immediately, she gained fame and popularity among the Internet audience thanks to her amateur Shaiden Rogue videos. Nowadays, you can find her sex stories on big porn websites like Pornhub and Xvideos.

Fans have sometimes criticized the porn actress for her overly large lips. She enlarged them in 2020. But while some fans were shocked by the change, she responded by saying, “It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste”.

She films most of her videos in an amateur style. So far, she has not filmed a movie for a professional studio. She shoots both indoors and in public places like streets, shops, forests, rooftops, and cafes.

Regarding her work, she has this to say, “I am not ashamed of what I do and I am fully involved in it. That’s why I’m so happy that my closest people next to me support me and give me the support I need to go my own way!”

Her videos are hosted by Shaiden herself, most of them on her official page. Most of her work is paid content. According to Shaiden, amateur models and amateur actresses can make money. And without money, there is no content.

Some of her content includes cum swallow, double blow, pov doggy, tight ass, and more.

In one interview, she said, “I often asked myself how I would react if I was recognized on the street. And I have to say, don’t be shy and just say hello. It’s much better than people talking behind my back”.

Does she have a boyfriend?

It is hard to maintain a romantic relationship when you are part of the porn industry. Most actresses will tell you that. Shaiden might have a boyfriend, but she maintains that she is single and never married.

After all, her job requirement is to make men horny, not make them sad that she is taken. Now in her 20s, Shaiden is obsessed with making plenty of money.

Officially, on her social media platforms and websites, her bio indicates, “without a relationship” or “without a boyfriend”.

But she might keep that information to herself.

Is she on social media?

Of course, she is. You cannot maintain a successful porn career without being present on social media nowadays. Her Instagram account has more than 462k followers. She also runs a YouTube channel with several thousand subscribers.

There is no info about a possible Twitter or Facebook account.

An aspiring writer

Most models and actresses in the adult industry care only about their sex careers. But it seems like Shaiden wants more out of life.

You can say she is an aspiring writer. That might be her profession after she earns enough money from porn.

On her website, she maintains a section called “Diary”. There, she often writes about her day-to-day activities and experiences.

The actress began her website in 2020. Initially, she wanted a website where she can post her videos and new content. It also has an online store. But she keeps a section for some “professional work” as well.

In her shop, Shaiden sells underwear, sex toys, and everything else used in filming her videos. The range of products is impressive and includes hoodies, T-shirts, stickers, and more.

Only Fans Account

While Shaiden posts most of her adult content on her website, the famous actress also has a profile on OnlyFans. After all, that is the place to be if you want to earn money from erotic modeling.

There, you can find amateur Shaiden Rogue movies like cum hungry girlfriend, hot girlfriend, double blow, cum swallow, unexpected creampie, and more.

Her bio reads, “Just a 178cm slender girl who loves porn and gets crazy with big dicks. NO BULLSHIT CONTENT ON MY ONLYFANS! REAL NUDES! SEXY TEASER! FAN SUCK CLIPS! NAUGHTY SOLO AND COUPLE VIDEOS! NO ESCORT! NO MEETING!”

And she is not a cheap one. The subscription for her profile on OnlyFans begins at $15 per month. As with most other models, she gives discounted prices for longer subscriptions. For example, for a 3 monthly subscription, fans pay $31.5 or a 30% discounted price. That percentage goes to 40% for a 6-month subscription or $54, and 50% for an annual subscription at $90.

Net worth

How much can you earn by being an amateur porn star? Well, according to some reports, the famous YouTuber has a net worth of more than $750,000. Not bad for a 20-something girl, right?

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