For many people in the UK, it’s been a long time since they’ve had a good trip abroad, whether for business or for pleasure. The grounding of international flights rocked the tourism industry and inspired wanderlust in many of us – but international travel is once again on the increase, with recent changes to travel rules cementing the uptick. If you’re anticipating a trip abroad in the near future, you may be understandably rusty when it comes to planning it. These suggestions can help you prepare for a successful and stress-free trip abroad:

Advance Planning

The key to any successful international trip is planning – as much of it as you can manage, as far enough in advance as possible. Planning can help eliminate existential threats to your trip, such as fully-booked flights and extortionate accommodation, as well as relieve the stress of travel by minimising the amount you need to do on the day of departure. Planning equates to peace of mind!

Some of the key ways in which you can help future-you lie in advance bookings. Ensuring your flights are booked well in advance will give you a much clearer picture of your holiday, enabling you to draw up schedules for departure and arrival home. Planning out travel beyond your flights is also key: how will you get to your accommodation? Island destinations like Corfu can be underestimated in size, and with one major airport serving the entire island you could find yourself struggling to travel across it with your luggage. Thankfully private airport transfer services are available at Corfu International Airport, the advance booking of which can make the first few hours of your trip seamless and stress-free.

Effective Packing

The next step in your preparation is to figure out packing. With many of us having travelled no further than the corner shop, it’s easy to see how this might be a more stressful experience than it once was. Anxiety will be running especially high about the important stuff, such as passports, currency and visa documents if you need them – so pack these first! Make sure you keep them together and in something you know you’ll have on your person all day when you leave.

With these safe and secure, you can turn your attention to less essential items like clothing and toiletries. Packing cubes or dry-bags as used by backpackers can help you condense and organise your packing, so more will fit in your luggage case. You’ll also benefit from being able to find everything when you land at your accommodation, a severely underestimated boon when it comes to travelling abroad.

Travelling Post-Covid

Between planning and packing, you’ll find the date of travel for your trip a breeze – but it’s important to address the elephant in the room, being the ongoing presence of Covid-19. Even though restrictions in the UK have all-but disappeared, there still may be restrictions on travel or even in the country of your destination. Do some research before you leave, book tests if required by your destination and ensure you have masks and sanitiser on your person.