Shari Jordan: What Happened To Jaffrey Dahmer’s Stepmother?

Shari Jordan, born in Columbus, Ohio, became entwined with a dark chapter in American history through her relationship with the Dahmer family. Her life took a dramatic turn when she married Lionel Dahmer in 1978, …

Real Name:Shari Jordan Dahmer
Birthday:May 8, 1953 - August 11, 2023
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Stepmother of Jaffrey Dahmer

Shari Jordan, born in Columbus, Ohio, became entwined with a dark chapter in American history through her relationship with the Dahmer family. Her life took a dramatic turn when she married Lionel Dahmer in 1978, subsequently becoming the stepmother of one of the world’s most infamous serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer.

As the daughter of Howard M. and Olive Jean Miller, much of Shari’s early life remains shrouded in mystery. It was her marriage to Lionel Dahmer and integration into the family that propelled her into the public eye. As a stepmother, she spent a significant amount of time with Lionel’s two teenage sons, Jeffrey and David, never suspecting the gruesome secrets that would later unfold.

Through her connection to Jeffrey Dahmer, Shari Jordan’s life became intertwined with a chilling series of murders and events that made headlines across the globe. Despite the harrowing circumstances, she remains a key figure in understanding the personal life and family dynamics surrounding one of the most notorious criminals in history.

Early Life

Shari Jordan was born in 1953 in Columbus, Ohio. She was welcomed into the world by her loving parents, Howard M. and Olive Jean Miller Jordan. Growing up in the northeastern state of Ohio, Shari enjoyed a joyful upbringing surrounded by the warmth and affection of her family. Her early years were marked by modest beginnings, which laid the foundation for the remarkable journey she would later embark on in life.

In Shari’s childhood, Ohio offered her a tranquil and nurturing environment where she developed strong morals and values instilled by her parents. Although her early years were relatively uneventful, her life took a dramatic turn when she entered into marriage with Lionel Dahmer. Through this union, she would become a significant figure in one of the most notorious true crime cases in American history.

As a young woman, Shari took various opportunities to grow and learn, reflecting the guidance of Howard and Olive Jean in her choices. Living in Ohio provided the backdrop for her development into a strong and compassionate individual, ready to face unforeseen challenges later in life.

While much of Shari Jordan’s early life remains shrouded in mystery, it is her deep connection and unwavering support for her family that truly defines her strength of character. Despite the unimaginable difficulties she was destined to face, Shari’s early upbringing prepared her to navigate these hardships with unparalleled grace and resilience.

Marriage to Lionel Dahmer

Shari Jordan married Lionel Dahmer in 1978, becoming his second wife and the stepmother to Jeffrey Dahmer, who later gained infamy as the “Milwaukee Cannibal” for his gruesome crimes. This marked the beginning of her association with the Dahmer name and a life-altering journey for Shari.

The couple met in the late 1970s, after Lionel had separated from his first wife, Joyce Dahmer, who was the biological mother of Jeffrey Dahmer. Shari fell in love with Lionel, and the two formed a bond that would eventually lead to their marriage. Their union brought Shari into the complex and haunting saga of the Dahmer family, with her taking on a unique role in their lives.

Throughout their nearly 40-year-long marriage, Lionel Dahmer and Shari Jordan welcomed a son named David Dahmer, making Shari a mother figure for both Jeffrey and David. Despite the challenges that came with her new family, Shari remained a supportive presence in their lives and tried her best to offer love and understanding.

Shari’s marriage to Lionel Dahmer provided a glimpse into the troubled family dynamic that surrounded Jeffrey Dahmer’s upbringing. Though faced with tremendous adversity and heartbreak, Shari remained steadfast in her love for Lionel and her role as a figure in the lives of the Dahmer brothers.

Relationship with Stepson Jeffrey Dahmer

Understanding Jeffrey

Shari Jordan became Jeffrey Dahmer’s stepmother in 1978 when she married his father, Lionel Dahmer after he had divorced Jeffrey’s mother, Joyce Flint. As his stepmother, Shari faced the challenge of understanding her stepson, who would later become an infamous serial killer. Jeffrey’s monstrous acts started in the same year Shari married Lionel, spanning between 1978 and 1991, during which he committed 17 brutal murders.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s behavior undoubtedly affected the entire family dynamic. At the time, however, no one, including Shari, could have foreseen the dark and twisted path he would eventually follow. Being a stepmother to a troubled child is already a challenging endeavor, but being connected to a serial killer has brought Shari Jordan’s life into the spotlight.

Dealing with Tragedy

When the true nature of Jeffrey Dahmer’s actions were finally discovered, Shari Jordan had to face the horrifying reality that her stepson was a serial killer. As a result, she was forced to confront the impact of the tragic events that had unfolded within her family. The media attention not only affected Shari and her husband Lionel, but it also cast a shadow over the Dahmer family’s life.

While there are limited details available about Shari’s personal feelings and experiences during the aftermath of Jeffrey’s crimes, it is clear that the revelations had a profound impact on her and the rest of the family. The burden of being connected to a notorious and repulsive figure must have been immense for Shari Jordan, but the fact remains that her role as a stepmother was truly an unforeseen journey into darkness.

Family Dynamics

Step Mother to David Dahmer

Shari Jordan entered the Dahmer family as a stepmother in 1978 when she married Lionel Dahmer, who was previously married to Joyce Dahmer. While Jeffrey Dahmer, Lionel’s son from his previous marriage, became the center of attention due to his eventual crimes, Shari also played a significant role in the upbringing of David Dahmer, Lionel and Joyce’s younger child. Shari took on the responsibility of being a stepmother to both Jeffrey and David with grace, providing emotional support and guidance to both boys.

Role of a Stepparent

Stepparents’ roles can vary but usually involve forming a solid bond with their stepchildren and assisting in their upbringing and emotional well-being. In Shari Jordan’s case, her step-parenting role in the Dahmer family involved navigating complex and troubled family dynamics2. As a stepparent, Shari was dedicated to ensuring the well-being of both her stepsons, Jeffrey and David, and providing a stable, nurturing environment for both of them to grow up in. While it is impossible to predict how the presence of a step-parent will impact the future of any individual, it is clear that Shari was an important figure in the lives of her stepchildren.

Public Scrutiny and Media

Interviews and Appearances

Shari Jordan, stepmother to the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, has faced an incredible amount of public scrutiny and media attention due to her connection to her stepson’s heinous crimes. She has been interviewed by various outlets, including a notable appearance on Larry King Live, where she candidly spoke about her perspective on Dahmer’s actions and their impact on her life.

Navigating this level of media exposure has been a challenge for Shari, as the public’s perception of her and her family is heavily influenced by the intensity of Jeffrey Dahmer’s actions. Despite her circumstances, she has been able to maintain a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral tone in her interviews.

Book: ‘A Father’s Story’

Shari’s former husband, Lionel Dahmer, wrote a book called “A Father’s Story,” which delves deeper into the life of their family and their complex relationship with Jeffrey. The book offers a unique insight into the family dynamics and reveals Shari’s role as a supportive stepmother amidst the overwhelming public scrutiny. This is a reminder of the immense burden both Lionel and Shari have carried as they faced their son’s heinous crimes and navigated the intense media spotlight.

Throughout this process, Shari Jordan has demonstrated an unwavering resilience in facing public scrutiny and maintaining her clear, neutral stance during appearances and interviews, showcasing her strength during one of the most trying times in her life.

Life after Jeffrey’s Crimes

Dealing with Legacy

In the aftermath of Jeffrey Dahmer’s horrifying crimes, Shari Jordan, his stepmother, grappled with the heavy burden of being associated with a notorious serial killer. The media’s relentless intrusion into her life magnified the trauma and disbelief she experienced upon learning the extent of Dahmer’s actions.

Shari’s relationship with Lionel Dahmer began in 1978 when they got married. She played a significant role in Jeffrey’s life and, by extension, found herself in a challenging position, struggling to comprehend her stepson’s heinous acts.

Resilience and Human Spirit

Despite the harrowing ordeal that Shari Jordan faced, her resilience and the strength of the human spirit helped her navigate the difficult times. She showed remarkable fortitude in dealing with the horrific legacy her stepson left behind.

Understanding and working through the complex emotions associated with such a tragedy is an arduous task, yet Shari has demonstrated determination in trying to heal and lead a life beyond the shadow of Jeffrey’s crimes. Her ability to endure the trials presented by this dark chapter in her life illustrates the profound resilience of the human spirit when confronted with unspeakable atrocities.

Later Years and Death

Shari Jordan, the stepmother of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, remained married to his father, Lionel Dahmer, until her death. She dedicated her life to her family and tried to maintain a sense of normalcy despite the dark shadow cast by her stepson’s crimes. Shari’s relationship with her husband and children stood as a testament to her resilience and love.

In her later years, Shari continued to provide support to her husband and other children, demonstrating unwavering strength and compassion. Despite the public scrutiny and notoriety associated with her family, Shari managed to lead a private life away from the media’s glare.

Unfortunately, Shari Jordan passed away on August 11, 2023. Her death was a great loss to her family and loved ones, who remembered her as a kind, loving, and supportive presence in their lives. Shari’s memory will continue to live on through her family, and her life serves as a reminder that the actions of one individual don’t define the character of their entire family.

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