Shem Bowman – Everything You Need to Know about the Accident

Shem Bowman was an ordinary man who passed away in a driving accident. Yet, his name appears in several searches, because of everything that transpired. Shem Tyler Bowman passed away as a result of injuries …

Shem Bowman

Shem Bowman was an ordinary man who passed away in a driving accident. Yet, his name appears in several searches, because of everything that transpired. Shem Tyler Bowman passed away as a result of injuries sustained in a driving accident near the Chevelon Canyon Bridge, located 30 minutes outside of Holbrook, Arizona.

At the time, Shem was only 26 years old. Born in September 1995 in Holbrook, Arizona, he was a local boy. His death was viral at one point, and people were concerned about the safety of the area. Let’s talk more about what happened, how it happened, why it happened, and of course, who was Shem?

Who was Shem Bowman?

Born Shem Tyler Bowman in September 1995, to parents Dr. Samuel Kent and Marian Louise Bowman, he was a native of Holbrook, Arizona.

He was a young man who learned from his parents the meaning of hard work and the importance of having a good and solid education.

During his young years, he became an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. During high school, Shem excelled in his academic, but also athletic tasks. He was an All Star football player and an Arizona State Wrestling Champion.

He graduated from Holbrook High School in 2014 and then attended Grand Canyon University for one year. During his time in college, he decided that the military would be a great avenue for him. He wanted to achieve his education goals in the military.

So, Shem enlisted in boot camp for a year and then went back to his studies at Grand Canyon University. Once he was back in college, he joined the United States Air Force Reserves and served faithfully for four years.

Once he got his honorary discharge, he went back to University and got his Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences in 2019. He graduated Summa Cum Laude and was prepared for pre-med. Shem was a smart and gifted boy who made his family proud.


Now let’s talk about his career after graduating. While he graduated in biological sciences, he worked as a lifeguard in Holbrook during his younger years. Shem was giving swimming lessons to many young people in the town and taught them how to swim.

He also worked as an Ophthalmology Tech 1 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital and other private ophthalmologists while living in Phoenix and attending college.

But it was his ambition to work in pediatric medicine, and just before his death, he worked as a plant operator for Enterprise Products.

It is clear that he was a young man who enjoyed life. He enjoyed it to the fullest and reaped every benefits life had to offer. Bowman enjoyed being outside and the playground he found there.

Water was his favorite area, as he loved to swim and play in any waterhole. And he started getting involved in kayaking.

During the winter months, Shem tried snowboarding, another activity he enjoyed.

Was he married?

No, Shem was not married at the time of the driving accident. But he was dating someone. At the time of the Shem Bowman accident, he was dating Camille Griffith. His girlfriend is still alive and shared an emotional post about her former boyfriend on Facebook the day he passed away.

The two were dating since early 2018 and were exclusive. Looking at their social media posts, you can see they were quite happy.

Shem’s girlfriend, Camille Griffith, graduated from Waukee Senior High School and attended Lowa State University. She became a dance coach at CHAPTS, Chaparral High School in 2018.

What was the cause of death?

As we said before, Shem Bowman passed away as a result of a driving accident. He was a young prodigy who will be missed for sure. Many people relied on his show and skills. Now that he is gone, it is up to his parents and former girlfriend to continue his legacy. They will tell the stories of how Shem lived.

How did he die?

The Shem Bowman driving accident happened in 2021. He was 26 years old at the time. The young man passed away as a result of injuries sustained from the driving accident near the Chevelon Canyon Bridge. His death left his family in shock.

Speaking of the accident, Shem was paddle boarding with friends and family when he went missing. He went missing after jumping into Chevelon Creek during the night. Authorities were quickly dispatched to the accident site. And around 1:30 pm, dive teams from the Joseph City Fire Department and the Puerco Valley Fire Department arrived on the scene.

They quickly tracked down the young man. According to authorities, the young man, a Holbrook resident, was paddleboarding with friends and family. And then, he leaped off the bridge into the creek.

He is survived by his parents, Sam Bowman and Marian Bowman of Holbrook, and many of his siblings. According to some reports, he had 8 siblings, Kalob Bowman, Michael Bowman, Seth Bowman, Luke Bowman, Alyssa Bowman, Jedde Bowman, Kaylee Bowman, and Shad Bowman.

His girlfriend, Camille Griffith, also survived and was left in shock after the accident. The two were very much in love.

Social Media presence

Here is an interesting aspect of Shem Bowman’s story. There is still an Instagram account in his name. It is a private account, with almost 1,700 followers. And there is also a LinkedIn profile in his name.

This is just proof that while people die, their social media presence remains.

Reason of death

The reason for Shem’s death remains unknown two years after the accident. It remains a secret, and people are still trying to know what happened and why it happened. There are no reports regarding Shem’s death.

It left his family members and friends in shock. And his untimely demise shattered his loved ones. The reality is nothing can repay the loss suffered by the family.

The Bereaved Family

It has been two years since the accident, and his family is still not in a state of talking to someone. This is one of the reasons why publications cannot gather that much information.

To this day, no one has been able to believe in his death. It was a sudden death that left people around him in shock. We have to admit, life is unpredictable, and anything can happen. Shem Bowman accident is a true testament to that. A healthy young man like Shem disappeared without any reason and left people around him in shock.

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