Should You Adopt or Buy a Poodle?

Though it is highly encouraged to get a dog from a rescue, there is a notion that getting dogs from a breeder means promoting dog cruelty. Well, getting your pup from a breeder is not …


Though it is highly encouraged to get a dog from a rescue, there is a notion that getting dogs from a breeder means promoting dog cruelty. Well, getting your pup from a breeder is not all that bad if you are getting it for the right reasons.

When Should You Buy a Poodle?

If you are getting a poodle to take part in the show ring, you should buy one from a breeder. You need to check all their parents’ traits and other details before you decide to get one. However, if you simply look to adopt a dog for companionship, a shelter is a great place to look for one.

Benefits of Breeders:

Buying from a breeder is not that bad if you are looking for a show or sports dog. If you get your dog from a reputable breeder, you can be confident that you are bringing home a healthy animal. The breeder will have excellent information about your dog and will help you throughout their age. You also get to know the parents’ history, which is important for show dogs. But you should also be ready to spend a good amount of money to buy a dog from the breeder, especially if it is a designer dog. Also, the puppy you will receive might have got only one round of vaccination; hence you will have to add up the vaccination cost as well as spaying or neutering cost.

While getting a puppy from the breeder, make sure to keep a few things in mind.

Avoiding Puppy Mills:

Whatever you do, do not buy dogs from puppy mills as these breeders do not have the best interest of dogs in their minds. They only aim to make more money and do not really bother about keeping a check on the parent’s health. They over breed the dogs and then abandon them, which is why strictly avoid such a place. If you are buying the dog from a breeder, visit their space to check the condition in which they keep the dog to understand if this is the right place to get your puppy.

Be Ready to Wait:

If you are looking to get a puppy from a reputable breeder, most of them have a waiting list; hence you should be prepared to wait to get your puppy. Reputable breeders take time to test the dogs and do not over-breed. This is why the wait time is long. However, the wait is worth it as you will bring home a healthy puppy. They will also make sure to give you the right quality breed and help you throughout the process.

Benefits of Rescues:

Getting a poodle from the rescue has not one but several benefits. The dog is in the shelter, which means someone already trained it a little. Shelters test the dog’s nature over time; hence, you will be well informed about the dog’s friendliness. While there is a possibility that the dog was returned by the previous owner because of a behavior problem, but in reality, it is the incompetency of the owner, which is why most of the time, the dogs end up in the shelter. Shelters also have dogs of different ages; hence, if you wish to skip their puppy phase when it is the toughest part to take care of them, you can directly adopt an adult dog who is house trained.

In fact, if you wish to compete in dog sports, several organizations allow mixed breeds and rescues to take part nowadays to promote adoption. This means you can easily adopt a dog from a shelter most times. Adopting one from a shelter also means you are saving a dog from euthanization, and as a dog lover, you will know how important that is.

Poodles are expensive dog breeds, but you will be surprised to find several abandoned poodles in the rescue. If you are looking to adopt a Poodle but cannot afford one, getting a poodle rescue is your best bet for both you and the dog.

There are a few factors you should take care of if you adopt a rescue.

Learn About the Dog’s Nature:

It may not be possible to completely know everything about the dog but learn as much as you can from the rescue workers to understand if that dog is the right fit for your family, especially if you have other pets or kids.

Know their Medical Background:

The rescue may not have all the information but know as much as possible about any health issues of the dog so that you are prepared to handle this condition and understand if the dog needs to go to the vet.

Learn About the Dog’s past:

Get to know how the dog ended up in the shelter. This will clear any anxiety the dog has. Most of these pets are abandoned because of the incompetence of previous owners or relocation. The abandoned dogs get insecure as they fear losing the people they love. Also, several rescues get abandoned multiple times, which multiplies this fear. You should know about all these to handle the dog better and offer a loving home.

Adopt Only If You are Sure:

As mentioned above, abandonment can create anxiety. Dogs are loving animals who get attached to their owners really quickly. When they are left in the rescue, it breaks their heart, and they may become depressed. If you decide to adopt a dog, be absolutely sure of it. You do not want to be that person who abandons a dog.

The Bottom Line- Should You Adopt or Buy?

Well, this is a personal choice based on what is your requirement. We strongly suggest that you consider adoption first as you will be providing a home to an abandoned dog, and it will be financially easier and manage adoption. Still, if you choose to buy a dog, make sure to opt for a reputable breeder only, so that dog cruelty is discouraged.

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