Should You Get a Tummy Tuck?

You may be thinking about getting a tummy tuck. For a lot of people, both men and women, losing weight can be hard, or for women specifically, pregnancy can change your body and make it …


You may be thinking about getting a tummy tuck. For a lot of people, both men and women, losing weight can be hard, or for women specifically, pregnancy can change your body and make it hard to get back in shape. Whatever your reasons are, if you choose to get a tummy tuck that is a decision you have to make for yourself with the guidance of your doctor. If you are wondering if you should get a tummy tuck, this list may help you make your decision.

Do You Have Excess Skin?

Pregnancy can cause the abdomen to stretch and the skin to lose its elasticity. For men, if you have had a massive weight loss, that too can cause loose and drooping skin. If you find that no amount of abdominal workouts, stomach crunches, or lotions are tightening your skin, you may want to consider a tummy tuck.

With a tummy tuck, your excess skin will be removed so that your abdominal skin is taught and firm. For some, this is the only alternative. Schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon you trust or has been recommended to you, and find out their opinion and what the procedure will look like.

Do You Want to Remove Fat Fast?

Diet and exercise are the most popular ways to remove fat from your body. For some, however, your body has changed and burning fat doesn’t come so easy. Also, working out may not be in the cards for you if you have sustained an injury and can no longer run, do other cardio, or lift weights. A tummy tuck is a good alternative that will remove excess fat fast.

Your plastic surgeon will cut the fat out of your stomach and pull your skin tight and firm. This will enable you to lose the weight you are looking to lose and then your diet can take over from there. Remember, 80% of your look is directly affected by what you eat, so if you can get the fat removed, stick to a strict diet to keep the weight off because if you don’t, it will come back.

Do You Have Scarring?

Child birth can leave a woman with a lot of stretch marks and scars if she has had a Cesarean section. The combination of the loose skin and the scar from surgery can make your abdomen look misshapen and make you feel insecure. A tummy tuck can solve that problem and make your abdomen look closer to before pregnancy.

The same goes for men as well. If a man has had any kind of abdominal surgery or any injuries to their abdomen that has left scarring, a tummy tuck can cut that damaged skin out and a plastic surgeon can rebuild the area to look as it did before the previous surgery or scarring.

Have You Had a Hernia?

Hernias cause damage to the muscular wall of the abdomen, and if you have had hernia surgery or if a corrected hernia left behind a misshapen abdomen, a tummy tuck can correct the damage. Hernias can be painful and fixing a hernia can be aggressive leaving behind the need to have a corrective surgery.

Work with your doctor and make sure that your hernia is healed and your stomach is strong enough for a tummy tuck surgery. There are many stages of tummy tuck recovery, and you want to make sure you will be strong enough to go through all of them back to optimal health.

Do You Have Urinary Incontinence?

For many, more often women, urinary incontinence is an issue. What some people may not know is that a tummy tuck can solve that problem. A lot of times, urinary incontinence is caused by a lot of stress or pressure on the bladder, and when you have a tummy tuck, that pressure can be reduced.

A tummy tuck can restructure the abdomen so that there is not so much pressure on your urinary tract and your urethra. Once the pressure is removed, you will feel less pressure and pain, and you won’t have to worry about urinating when you laugh, sneeze, or cough.

Are You Experiencing Back Pain?

Back pain can be caused by several factors. As a result, relieving back pain can also be done by several methods. One of the most popular methods is a tummy tuck. When the abdominal muscles are loose, they can cause a lot of pull on the spine and lower back causing pain and discomfort.

By having a tummy tuck, or an abdominoplasty, that weight can be taken off of your abdomen relieving the stress being placed on the back. Think of it like a breast reduction, there is a lot of weight on the front pulling on the back, but when the weight is removed, the pulling stops.

Do You Need a Confidence Boost?

For some, getting a tummy tuck is simply to feel good about one’s self. If your abdomen is an area that makes you self-conscious, getting a tummy tuck will make you feel better. You will feel more confident in a bathing suit, having your shirt off, and being intimate with another person. A tummy tuck will also help your clothes fit better and give you a better overall shape to your body.

There’s nothing wrong with having this confidence boost, and if it’s something you are searching for, consult with a plastic surgeon when you feel ready.


A tummy tuck can provide both cosmetic enhancement and potential health benefits by removing excess abdominal skin and tightening the abdominal muscles. Remember there are several reasons why you many want to consider a tummy tuck:

  • To remove excess skin
  • To remove fat
  • To remove scarring
  • To fix a hernia
  • To fix urinary incontinence
  • To correct back pain
  • To boost your confidence

Also, remember that there is also a healing process that will take some time. After your surgery, remember to:

  • Rest as long as you have to
  • Eat a healthy diet for your recovery
  • Stay hydrated
  • Give yourself time to fully heal
  • Stay in constant contact with your doctor

Whatever your reason for surgery, you’ll feel a world of difference after your tummy tuck.

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