Top 7 Obvious Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back, But do You Want Him?

Many relationships end in huge fights. They can be diabolic and people do not want to come back together ever again. But that is not the case for every relationship. There are relationships that end …

Signs your ex will come back

Many relationships end in huge fights. They can be diabolic and people do not want to come back together ever again. But that is not the case for every relationship. There are relationships that end in minor hiccups. And if you work out the problem, your relationship might grow stronger and better. But you have to look at the signs your ex will eventually come back. If you notice them, great.

The question is whether you want your ex to come back? Do you want him back? Do you try to get him back? If you answer yes, you have to combine your effort to get him back by looking at the signs. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is on his mind. Does he want to come back? Do you need to push it or not?

Sometimes, your ex will come back, but he might leave shortly after. There are many things that go through the mind of the dumper. Also, you have to take a look at the circumstances surrounding the situation. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the obvious signs your ex will eventually come back.

Why is your ex quiet?

You are probably wondering why your ex won’t just tell you if he wants you back or not. Why is he quiet? Wouldn’t it be simpler to just tell you? Wouldn’t that save so much energy and time on both sides? And you can patch things up or break up for good? Well, it is not that simple. Your ex has many things on his/her mind. Here are a couple of reasons why he might hide it.

If that is the case, you have to pay attention to the signs your ex regrets dumping you. Also, look at the signs you and your ex are meant to be.


This might be the main reason why your ex is not calling you. If he/she is the one that pulled the plug, it is pride keeping them from calling you. People do not like to come crawling back. This applies to relationships, work, and anything else.

Pride is usually the biggest enemy of a happy relationship. It can keep people loving apart. Or break them apart. Or prevent them from getting back together. But think about this for a second. When someone wants something, he/she set pride aside and logic takes over.

Fear of rejection

You might have a gut feeling ex will come back. But what about him/her? Does he/she feel that you will accept them back? Fear of rejection is a real thing. Nobody likes to feel vulnerable and then get rejected. If you see signs you and your ex will get back together, it might be time to take a step forward as well.

Feeling you deserve better

Sometimes, your partner might leave you not because he doesn’t love you, but because he feels you deserve better. You know the saying “it is not you, it is me”. Well, sometimes, the saying is true. Or your ex knows what kind of heartache he put you through when he left you.

Is your Ex Coming Back? The Telling Signs

You can take all the quizzes. There are many of them. You name them. Will my ex come back quiz? Does my ex still love me quiz? And the most important, Should I Get Back with my ex quiz. Well, all that is nothing unless there are signs your ex will eventually come back. Here are some surefire ways to know it.

They ask your friends about you

This might be just a sign of friendship and good manners. But more often than not, it is a sign your ex is still interested. The term for this is leaving little breadcrumbs so the person follows along the trail.

After a long relationship, it is only normal to have common and mutual friends. Some of you are on your side, others are on his side.

And if your ex suddenly shows interest in communicating with your friends, it means one thing. He wants to establish communication with you.

They make some statement about your new partner

This is a popular theory in relationships, trading, and almost everything in life. The acronym is FOMO, and it means fear of missing out. It is one of the pillars to get someone to commit. It is the sense of urgency.

This theory only works if, after the relationship, you date someone new. And then try some light jealousy technique.

You do not to fully show you and your new partner. For example, you can just post a FB picture or Instagram picture with two glasses of wine. Or your date’s arm around you. Keep it subtle.

Your conversations become longer

You rarely develop true attraction instantly. It is something that happens over time. If you and your ex continue communicating the breakup, pay attention to your communication. Do your conversations become longer and more intense? Well, that should tell you something.

We build a new and recover a new relationship over time. Gradually, step by step. But also, quality matters. It is not only quantity. You can have a two-hour communication about useless things.

You share old jokes and old memories

The inside jokes are one of the most obvious signs your ex will eventually come back. Remember that time? Well, you remember. We did that. Or we talked about that.

But it matters which memories you recycle. Are they good memories? Did you feel good at that point? What were you doing?

They try to make you jealous

Jealousy works both ways. We talked about how you can see if your ex reacts to your new partner. He might be doing the same to you. Remember, exes have fear of rejection sometimes. He might want to come back but wants to make sure. If he tries to make you jealous, but still talks to you, he is checking you.

If you want him back, react to his actions. But don’t be the overly-jealous ex-partner.

He texts you when something happens

Whether it is good or bad news, your partner keeps you in the loop. You are still in the inner circle. The only text you do not want is a vengeful text. But if he texts you about promotion, family news, or other news, he wants you as part of his life.

You and his parents are still friends

If you have his mother on Facebook, he hasn’t cut ties yet. If you keep the virtual cord with his/her parents, there is a chance the relationship can work.

And if his/her parents like and comment on your posts, that is an even greater sign.

There are still photos of you on social media

After a breakup, people often remove pictures of the time together on social media. They want to scrub you out of their life on Instagram and Facebook. It is a courtesy thing. But it is not always the case.

If your ex keeps the vacation photos, he doesn’t want to pretend the relationship never happened. He wants to remember you were a part of his life.

Your ex remembers your birthday

You might say it is a courtesy thing. And that is true if the birthday card comes in the form of a lame Facebook comment. But an actual text and phone call is something else. If he wants to connect with you on his special day, it means you are still important.

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