A record number of buyers are looking to purchase a property now. After a year at home in lockdown, many Brits are keen for a change of scenery and a new property. However, you need to sell your current home first and get onto the property ladder.

You can improve the value of your home with a few simple renovations or bigger structural developments. You can decide how much to invest in your property to improve its overall value. Before you schedule any major renovations, you should consider the maximum value your home can reach. Do your research and find out the maximum property price on your street.

Here are a few small improvements that are likely to increase the value of your property.

Keep your garden in good shape

In a recent Hammonds Furniture study, over a third of people said they would reconsider a purchase if the home next door looked messy. You need to consider the kerb appeal of your home and whether your time would be better spent on exterior renovations. Clean up your garden and scrub the outside of your windows to make everything look neat. While you can’t change your neighbour’s home, you can distract buyers with a stunning garden setup. Add an outdoor seating area and a few pendant lights to make your garden the perfect entertaining space.

Paint and decorate with neutral colours

It’s normal for interior walls to become worn with scuff marks, fingerprints, and stains over time. While you may not notice them after a while, new buyers will immediately find any irregularities. Give your home a fresh lick of paint to make it look brand new and refreshed again. Stick to a neutral colour palette and add a few accent colours to add a little personality. You could research the latest interior colour trends and switch up a few accessories to match,

Improve the look of the kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathrooms are the most important rooms in the house. Poor quality plumbing and wear and tear are likely to show up in these spaces especially. You need to deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms to remove any mould and dirt creeping through. Scrub the grout between the tiles, repaint the walls and make sure everything sparkles.

While mild cases of mould may not impact the value too much, severe cases could drastically impact your home’s selling potential.

Upgrade flooring

You could install a new carpet or clean up the hardwood flooring in your property”, could you say instead “You can upgrade your kitchen installing hardwood flooring. It is easy to clean, durable and adds a beautiful natural look to the room. Hardwood flooring also provides excellent insulation, keeping your kitchen warm and comfortable in colder months. You could install a new carpet or clean up the hardwood flooring in your property

Give your home a little care, so someone else can fall in love with it too.