Social Media Security: Important protection tips

Having security on social networks is essential to protect information and data. Nowadays, it is difficult to know a person or company that is not present in these collaborative communication platforms. They are essential channels …


Having security on social networks is essential to protect information and data.

Nowadays, it is difficult to know a person or company that is not present in these collaborative communication platforms. They are essential channels for interacting with people and building professional relationships.

The greater the popularity, the greater the danger of falling for online scams carried out by cybercriminals. Therefore, learning to navigate safely is paramount.

I’ve separated some tips for you to browse social media without falling into traps. Check out!

Social Media Statistics

The use of social networks has increased every year. Influence of social media on people’s lives

Nowadays, we share moments of our lives through the internet constantly. Have you ever stopped to think about the influence of social media on your people’s lives?

They are part of our everyday life. They influence people’s behavior and the way they dress, communicate and live their lives. Its propagation is fast and reaches everywhere in just a few minutes.

However, while it provides many benefits, it also harms this interaction.

With the ease of access, many people stop going out with family and friends or do not fulfill their work tasks to stay connected in networks.

If you are present in digital, analyze everything carefully and responsibly in social media security. This will prevent you from falling victim to lies and dangers in the virtual environment, such as “ Fake News ” and cyber crimes.

Reaching power of social networks.

After social networks emerged, a lot has changed in the relationship between people. This new form of communication allows the sharing of content and experiences instantly. They bring together groups from all over the world, through shared interests, in the commercial and personal spheres.

Be active on Social Networks.

We already know the power of reach and influence of social networks. The message in these digital environments can depend on how they act.

It’s no wonder that agencies and marketing departments work strategically in content production and customer relationships. They know that there’s no point in having cool content if you don’t answer the customer’s questions and offer security on Social Networks.

Security in Social Networks

To increase security on Social Media, here’s a tip: consulting!

There are several social media consulting agencies in Brazil. They have trained professionals who study the behavior of users and thus produce content of greater interest and acceptance on the internet.

Problems related to lack of security are frequent, and with that possible material damage is easier to happen. In addition, cyberattacks can partially or permanently tarnish your company’s image with abusive or illegal content. Don’t risk your business.

Here are some safety tips on Social Media

Strong Passwords

Having a secure password on Social Media keeps your privacy protected, especially if you market in the digital environment. They are composed of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters such as “@” and “$”, with at least 14 characters. I advise that passwords are updated every 30 days and that you make use of a password manager .

Nowadays, it is possible to use social networks to connect to other services, eliminating the need to create new user accounts and passwords, such as social login . Therefore, you need to be extra careful.

Security Settings on Social Networks

Make sure anyone can access your data and review their privacy. Make sure only your friends can see private information like your email and phone number. If the platform does not have this item, it is better not to expose your data to anyone. Think twice before posting photos and videos of your children and if possible monitor their social media activity.

The profile must be private. Only show other people what they really need to know from you.

Social networks offer options to limit who will access what you post. Thus, it only releases the publications of those you authorize.

It is a good initiative so that not everyone shares what you write.

Do not click on unknown links.

Unknown links may have viruses, which will harm your machine or expose your information. By sharing malicious links to your friends, you may be contributing to the spread of some  Malware.

So check the source of your shared posts and don’t click on everything you read. There are many people with ulterior motives taking advantage of this naivety to commit infractions.

Don’t add people you don’t know.

Check that the person who added you is an acquaintance of yours. Be cautious about accepting the friend invite if you don’t know him. Some fake profiles are created to access data that only your friends can see.

Pay attention to what you post

Watch your posts. Avoid photos that detail your home, expensive, or major purchases. Criminals are online looking for these profiles.

Another thing that needs attention is the location.

I just took that selfie and marked where I am. Careful, don’t do this!

The mobile application can include geolocation information in the photo, identifying where the photo was taken. This will be unnecessarily exposed, and your privacy will be vulnerable to the actions of criminals.

When expressing your opinions, measure your words. Just as you can seek your rights, if you are offended, so will others.

If you are offended by someone online, don’t forget to print their screenshots and notify the social network.

Apps ask for personal data

When using an application such as games, tests, or sweepstakes, analyze who is behind the development of that app and what data is requested. Even if you restrict some personal information, the app may request access to your photos, emails and address. Check if the information is relevant to the downloaded application’s operation.

Social networks grow every day. The amount of personal and professional information that can be obtained through them is enormous and very varied. Despite this, users care little about the data they make available on the internet or whether this information is adequately protected.

Through this post, we hope you can do everything you learned here. And that you can, take security on social networks to another level.

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