Steve Harvey: Unveiling the Secrets to His Success

Steve Harvey, born on January 17, 1957 in Welch, West Virginia, is a multi-talented American television host, producer, actor, and comedian. Rising to fame with his distinct observational humor, Harvey managed to thrive in the …

steve harvey
Real Name:Broderick Stephen Harvey Sr
Birthday:January 17, 1957
Net Worth:$200 million
Height:185 cm
Occupation:American Television Host, Producer, Actor, Comedian, Philanthropist

Steve Harvey, born on January 17, 1957 in Welch, West Virginia, is a multi-talented American television host, producer, actor, and comedian. Rising to fame with his distinct observational humor, Harvey managed to thrive in the entertainment industry by diversifying his career in multiple aspects, including comedy, television and radio hosting, acting, and authoring best-selling relationship advice books.

One of Harvey’s prominent achievements is hosting The Steve Harvey Morning Show, a popular nationally syndicated radio show. Moreover, he is also known as the face of Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, and its African counterpart, Family Feud Africa. Harvey has further expanded his hosting portfolio by leading the Miss Universe competition and the arbitration-based court comedy show, Judge Steve Harvey.

Beyond the realm of television, Harvey has also established himself as an author, offering his insights into relationships through self-help books. Despite his humble beginnings and struggles during his early years, Steve Harvey has become an influential figure in the entertainment industry, garnering admiration and respect for his unique sense of humor, astounding work ethic, and dedication to his craft.

Early Life and Education

Cleveland Roots

Born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia, Broderick Stephen Harvey was the youngest of five children of Jesse Harvey, a coal miner, and Eloise Vera. Although born in West Virginia, Steve Harvey spent most of his early years in Cleveland, Ohio, where his family relocated. Growing up in a middle-class Christian family, Harvey developed strong ties with the local community.

Steve completed his early education at Glenville High School, situated in the Glenville area on the east side of Cleveland. His time at Glenville provided him with numerous growth opportunities, and it was here that Harvey’s talent for humor and quick wit began to shine.

College Years

Following his graduation from Glenville High School in 1974, Harvey enrolled in Kent State University. He later transferred to West Virginia University. Despite not completing a degree, his college years played a significant role in shaping his future trajectory.

During this formative period, Harvey honed his comedic skills, which would eventually catapult him to national fame as a comedian, television host, and radio personality. The experiences gained during his time in Cleveland and his subsequent college years formed the foundation of the successful career that would follow.

Career in Comedy

Rise in Stand-Up Comedy

Steve Harvey began his career in stand-up comedy in the mid-1980s. He first performed on October 8, 1985, at the Hilarities Comedy Club in Cleveland, Ohio. Before finding success in comedy, Harvey held various jobs, including being a boxer, an autoworker, an insurance salesman, a carpet cleaner, and a mail carrier. In the late 1980s, Harvey faced significant struggles, including homelessness for three years.

Despite these challenges, Harvey persisted in his comedy career. In 1991, his appearance on “Showtime at the Apollo” marked a pivotal moment, as his observational humor gained widespread recognition. Harvey became popular for his unique take on relationships and self-help advice.

The Original Kings of Comedy Tour

In 1997, Steve Harvey joined forces with three other prominent comedians, Cedric the Entertainer, the late Bernie Mac, and D.L. Hughley, to form The Original Kings of Comedy. The tour was an immediate success and showcased each comedian’s stand-up routines, including Harvey as the host. Thanks to their combined talents and humorous perspectives, the tour gained immense popularity and eventually led to the taping of The Original Kings of Comedy, one of the most successful comedy specials in history.

Television Success

The Steve Harvey Show

One major contributing factor to Steve Harvey’s television success was his sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show. It was aired on The WB network from 1996 to 2002, showcasing Harvey’s talents as a comedian and actor. The show featured Harvey as a high school teacher and focused on his relationships with his students, colleagues, and friends.

Family Feud Host

Another significant milestone in Steve Harvey’s television career is his role as the host of Family Feud. Since 2010, he has been entertaining audiences with his charismatic personality and humorous interactions with contestants. The show’s consistent success has solidified Harvey’s reputation as a skilled and engaging television host. Under his tenure, Family Feud has experienced a resurgence in popularity, leading to spin-off versions in different countries.

Some notable achievements of the show during Steve Harvey’s time as host include:

  • Ratings boost: Thanks to Harvey’s unique hosting style, Family Feud has enjoyed higher ratings and increased viewership.
  • Syndication: The show’s success has led to its continued presence in syndication, bringing the entertaining quiz format to an even wider audience.
  • Awards: Steve Harvey has been nominated for and won multiple awards for his work on Family Feud, including multiple Daytime Emmy Awards.

Little Big Shots

In 2016, Steve Harvey expanded his television portfolio with the launch of Little Big Shots, a talent show featuring extraordinarily talented children from all over the world. As the host and executive producer of the show, Harvey has showcased his ability to engage with younger audiences, drawing attention to the incredible abilities of the young participants.

A unique attribute of this show is that the focus remains on the children and their talents, rather than on competition between contestants. In 2017, Little Big Shots: Forever Young was launched as a spin-off, this time focusing on remarkable senior citizens.

In conclusion, Steve Harvey’s television success can be attributed to his natural charisma, humor, and ability to build rapport with a wide range of audiences. His work on The Steve Harvey Show, Family Feud, and Little Big Shots exemplifies his talent and versatility as a television host and producer.



Steve Harvey, known for his successful career in comedy and television, has also dabbled in acting in feature films. One of his notable roles was in Johnson Family Vacation (2004), where he played Mack, adding his comedic talent to the mix. In the same year, he played a small but impactful role in the drama You Got Served which focuses on the underground dance scene.

Another significant film appearance is in Madea Goes to Jail (2009), a comedy directed by Tyler Perry. Steve Harvey contributes to the humor of the film with a cameo role, showcasing his ability to entertain within various movie genres.

Voice Actor

Apart from his on-screen acting, Steve Harvey has lent his unique voice to animated characters in films. In Racing Stripes (2005), he played the character Buzz, an animated fly. With his versatile voice acting skills, Harvey was able to bring life and humor to the character, further demonstrating his wide range of talents within the entertainment industry.

Radio Endeavors

The Steve Harvey Morning Show

The Steve Harvey Morning Show, hosted by the multihyphenate entertainer Steve Harvey, has been a staple of radio airwaves for years. In 2021, Harvey renewed his contract with Premiere Networks, iHeartMedia’s radio syndication arm, ensuring that the show will continue to broadcast through the end of 2026. The Steve Harvey Morning Show airs on more than 100 radio stations and features a blend of comedy, celebrity interviews, and music.

Steve Harvey Global, the entertainer’s multimedia company, further supports his presence in the radio industry by overseeing the production and promotion of his radio show. The show brings a fresh, real twist to radio, with Steve Harvey not being afraid to expose his own frailties as he reads listeners’ e-mails or gives straight advice in the “Strawberry Letter” segment.

Radio Personality Awards

Throughout his career, Steve Harvey’s engaging personality and unique content have earned him numerous accolades, including recognition as an esteemed radio personality. One of the most significant awards he has earned is the Marconi Award, a prestigious honor in the radio industry. The Marconi Awards are bestowed annually by the National Association of Broadcasters, recognizing outstanding achievement in the radio industry. Steve Harvey’s radio endeavors have certainly garnered acclaim, showcasing his wide-ranging talents and dedication to providing quality entertainment for his listeners.

Authorship and Literature

Steve Harvey is not only a talented comedian and TV personality, but also a successful author. He has written a collection of books on varying topics such as relationship advice and personal development. In this section, we will explore his best-selling works and their influence on readers.

Relationship Advice Books

Steve Harvey has penned two popular relationship advice books: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Straight Talk, No Chaser.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, published in 2009, offers a glimpse into men’s thoughts on love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment. The book gained immense popularity and even inspired a movie adaptation, Think Like a Man. Harvey shares practical advice and helps women understand what men truly desire in relationships.

Straight Talk, No Chaser, a follow-up to his first book, delves deeper into the subject of relationships by providing practical, straightforward advice for women looking to strengthen their connections with their partners. The book focuses on maintaining long-lasting, fulfilling relationships, addressing issues like communication, trust, and compatibility.

Personal Development Books

In addition to his relationship advice books, Steve Harvey has also authored a personal development book titled Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success. This book encompasses his journey from a struggling stand-up comedian to a successful businessman and entertainer. It offers readers valuable insights and actionable steps to help them achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals.

Through these books, Steve Harvey has played a significant role in the lives of many readers. His practical guidance, combined with his unique sense of humor and relatable stories, has made his literature a valuable resource for readers seeking personal growth and successful relationships.

Miss Universe Pageantry

Hosting Duties

Steve Harvey, a well-known television personality, has been associated with the Miss Universe pageantry as the host for several years. His involvement in the competition first made headlines during the 2015 Miss Universe event, when he mistakenly announced the wrong winner. This unforgettable incident occurred on December 20, 2015, when Harvey announced Miss Colombia as the winner, while the actual winner was Miss Philippines.

Later, Steve Harvey acknowledged and publicly apologized for his error. Since then, he has continued his hosting duties for the Miss Universe pageants and managed to maintain a professional, confident, and knowledgeable demeanor. Despite his initial blunder, Harvey has proven that he can handle the responsibility of this prestigious event.

In the following years, Harvey has hosted other Miss Universe pageants without major issues. He has showcased his neutral and clear tone of voice during the events, ensuring that the participants and audience can enjoy a well-presented show. His efforts have played a significant role in the continued success of the renowned international beauty pageants.

Entrepreneurship and Production

Steve Harvey has expanded his horizons beyond comedy and television hosting. As an entrepreneur and producer, he has founded multiple companies and produced television shows, earning recognition and success in multiple industries.

Steve Harvey Global

In order to manage his various ventures, Steve Harvey founded his own company, Steve Harvey Global. This company oversees all of his business pursuits, including television and radio production, live events, and various brand partnerships. One of the most notable productions under Steve Harvey Global is the popular game show Celebrity Family Feud. As the host, Steve Harvey brings his iconic humor and charisma to engage celebrities and their families in this entertaining and light-hearted competition.

Production Ventures

Apart from Celebrity Family Feud, Steve Harvey has also been involved in producing other successful television shows. For instance, he stepped into the role of both host and executive producer for Family Feud Africa. This initiative showcases his dedication to expanding the franchise and reaching out to new audiences across the globe.

Another groundbreaking venture is Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, a unique competition show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a live audience for funding. As the host and executive producer, Steve Harvey provides a platform for innovators to showcase their ideas and make connections with potential investors.

Below is a table summarizing some of the key productions linked to Steve Harvey:

Production Name Role Description
Celebrity Family Feud Host/Producer Game show featuring celebrities and their families
Family Feud Africa Host/Producer African version of the popular game show
Steve Harvey’s Funderdome Host/Producer Competition show for entrepreneurs to pitch ideas

Through his entrepreneurial efforts and dynamic production ventures, Steve Harvey continues to expand his influence and create engaging content for diverse audiences around the world.


Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation

The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing youth outreach services. The foundation aims to cultivate the next generation of responsible leaders by offering mentoring, educational enrichment, mental wellness support, life transformation skills, and global service initiatives.

Under the umbrella of SMHF, one of the key programs is the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program (SHMP). This program discusses and teaches young men the principles of manhood. The goal of SHMP is to help participants realize their potential, envision a robust and productive future, and break the misguided traits of manhood by introducing role models who provide positive examples.

In addition to the mentoring program, SMHF has been involved in several events and activities to raise funds and spread awareness for its causes. For instance, it organized a 2-Day Charity Golf Invitational presented by Lexus, which saw the participation of friends of the foundation and special guests. Another notable activity was a virtual meet-up called Girls Who Rule The World, joined by the CEO of Mielle Organics.

Furthermore, the Harvey Foundation surprised 25 nonprofit organizations with grants, showcasing its ongoing commitment to supporting other philanthropic efforts.

The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation has been instrumental in providing opportunities and resources to many young people, guiding them towards a path of success and responsible leadership.

Awards and Acknowledgments

Television Awards

Steve Harvey has garnered multiple awards for his work in television. He has won seven Daytime Emmy Awards throughout his career. He gained recognition as an outstanding talk show host and game show host, winning the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show / Informative in 2014, and the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host in the same year. His work on Family Feud has also earned him multiple NAACP Image Awards, including one in 2016 and another in 2017.

Radio Awards

In addition to his success in television, Steve Harvey has been acknowledged for his achievements in radio. Harvey won the prestigious Marconi Award for Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year. This accomplishment emphasizes his impact as a radio personality, further solidifying his place in the entertainment industry. In addition, he has been inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame for Radio in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the medium.

Special Honors

Beyond awards specific to television and radio, Steve Harvey has received other notable acknowledgments that demonstrate his humanitarianism and influence. One such honor is the BET Humanitarian Award, which highlights his committed efforts to positive change within communities. In addition, Harvey has been honored with a star on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame, signifying his lasting impact within the world of entertainment.

Digital Presence

Social Media

Steve Harvey has successfully established a notable digital presence through various social media platforms. The television host and comedian uses these platforms to engage with his audience, share insights, and promote his various projects. While he primarily utilizes Twitter and Instagram for direct communication and updates, he also leverages Facebook to broadcast his content to a wider audience, where he shares motivational messages and content from his shows.

A notable incident involving his social media presence occurred a few years ago, when a controversial tweet sparked conversations across platforms. This event is a lesson for public figures in managing their online presence carefully, as its impact can further reach as well as the consequences it may bring.

YouTube Channel

Steve Harvey’s presence extends to YouTube, where he manages a channel that allows fans and viewers to access his content easily. One of his endeavors on this platform includes Steve on Watch, a digital show produced in partnership with Facebook Watch and provided to his YouTube audience. This show is a continuation of his previous daytime talk show, Steve, offering inspiring interviews, captivating stories, and advice segments.

In addition to Steve on Watch, his YouTube channel features content from his other projects, such as Family Feud. Furthermore, Steve Harvey’s collaboration with HDNet and Anthem Sports and Entertainment led to the creation of the HDNet Takeover. This event allowed Harvey to share exclusive content from his own comedy and music festival on YouTube.

To sum up, Steve Harvey’s digital presence across various platforms showcases his adaptability to the ever-evolving media landscape. By engaging with his audience, sharing inspiring content, and forming strategic partnerships, he maintains a substantial online influence that promotes both his brand and his message.

Live Performances and Tours

Steve Harvey, a renowned comedian, actor, and television host, has a rich history of live performances and tours throughout his career. This section will cover two significant chapters in his career under the following subsections: Showtime at the Apollo and Kings of Comedy Tour.

Showtime at the Apollo

Steve Harvey began to gain significant recognition with his stint on the legendary talent show, Showtime at the Apollo. The show, also known as It’s Showtime at the Apollo, was an iconic platform for emerging artists and comedians to showcase their talents. Harvey’s incredible wit and endearing personality made him a fan favorite in the weekly program, securing his spot as one of the regular hosts from 1993 to 2000. During this period, Harvey proved himself as a versatile and commanding performer, entertaining the audience and interacting with the contestants.

Kings of Comedy Tour

After making a name for himself at Showtime at the Apollo, Steve Harvey took part in the influential Kings of Comedy tour. This tour, which also featured talented comedians like Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer, and D.L. Hughley, was a groundbreaking success in the world of comedy.

The Kings of Comedy Tour took place between 1997 and 2000, earning critical acclaim and becoming one of the highest-grossing comedy tours in history. Harvey’s involvement in the tour showcased his signature humor, coupled with unique personal experiences and observations that resonated with the audience.

In addition to their live performances, the Kings of Comedy Tour was also turned into a documentary film directed by Spike Lee titled The Original Kings of Comedy. The film further solidified Steve Harvey’s status as one of the top comedians in the industry.

Personal Life


Steve Harvey has been married three times and is currently married to Marjorie Bridges Harvey. The couple got married in 2007 and together they have a blended family. Steve has a total of seven children from his marriages. His children include three sons – Broderick, Wynton, and Steve Jr. – and four daughters – Brandi, Karli, Morgan, and Lori.

Inspirational Journey

Steve Harvey’s journey to success has been tumultuous yet inspirational. He left his job as an insurance salesman and pursued a career in comedy. Initially, he struggled to find gigs, faced financial hardships, and even experienced homelessness. However, his perseverance enabled him to conquer these challenges.

In 2000, Harvey’s life took a significant turn when he published his bestselling book, Jump. In this book, he shared valuable life lessons and inspired readers to embrace their potential and face their fears. Over the years, he has built a diverse career as a television host, producer, and actor. Some of his notable achievements include hosting The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, and the Miss Universe competition.

Throughout his personal life and professional journey, Steve Harvey has exhibited exceptional resilience and determination, making him an inspiration to many.

Contact and Official Channels

Steve Harvey is a renowned entertainer, radio personality, motivational speaker, and author. For anyone interested in connecting with him or keeping up with his works, there are several official channels and contact points available.

Social Media Presence

Steve Harvey maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including:

  • LinkedIn: iamsteveharvey
  • Twitter: @SteveHarvey
  • YouTube: The Official Steve Harvey

By following him on social media, fans can stay updated on his latest projects, events, and personal insights.

Steve Harvey Morning Show

To tune in and listen to the Steve Harvey Morning Show, which airs from 6am to 10am ET, one can find their local radio station or seek options for online listening on the official website.

Website and Newsletter

For a repository of information related to Steve Harvey, his official website is an excellent resource: In addition to various sections dedicated to entertainment, inspiration, style, and wellness, there is an option to subscribe to the Steve Harvey newsletter, which can help fans stay informed about news and events.

Contact Information

Reaching out to Steve Harvey or his team is possible through the following contact options:

  • Studio Line: 1-877-29-STEVE (1-877-297-8383)
  • Advertising with iHeartMedia and The Steve Harvey Morning Show: 1-844-AD-HELP-5 (1-844-234-37-45)

Please note that these contact numbers are primarily for professional purposes and may not be the ideal choice for general fan inquiries. Instead, engaging with Steve Harvey on social media or through the newsletter would be a more appropriate avenue for non-business related communications.

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