Ugg boots are popularly known for being the winter staple. It has gained immense popularity among men and women across the world. Its construction strikes the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetic. Gone are the days when these boots were confined to casual wear. Now, it has paved its way into leveling up a truckload of outfit styles. This guide has separate Ugg boot styling tips for men and women. Read on!

Outfit Ideas For Women (Let’s Cover LADIES FIRST)

Ladies, do you want to turn heads as you enter a room? Do you want to mark a statement? Well, this exclusive styling guide is just what you’re looking for. Here’s how to accentuate your appeal with the outfit choice to match the Ugg boots.

1. Skirts and dresses

As mentioned earlier, uggs are no longer confined to casual wear. Now you have got the option to team it up with dresses or skirts. It will create a classic style that won’t go out of fashion. There’s no limitation to your creativity when playing around with different textures, colors, prints, and lengths. Not comfortable enough to show your skin? Add tights and have some fun!

2. Jeans

You might want to call it a basic b**** style, but it works. Let’s call a spade a spade. Jeans and Ugg boots go together pretty well. This classic pairing remains relevant and very much in fashion. Pull up a pair of skinny jeans and tuck it into the boots. It also goes well with boyfriend jeans, bootcut, flared, and even mon jeans.

3. Oversized ensemble

Speaking of oversized themes, it can include puffer jackets, coats, cardigans, etc. Not because they’re trendy but because they allow layering up. It gives scope for detailing without adding accessories to further accentuate the look. Moreover, it will keep you warm and comfortable in winter. Go for leggings or skinny jeans for the bottom, and wrap up the look with Uggs. There you go! The perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

4. Chunky knits

Yet another mind-blowing combination of endless possibility and comfort lies in styling chunky knits. It goes just perfectly well with the Ugg boots. The best part is chunky knitwear comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, lengths, and styles. It opens up possibilities of styling it in endless ways.

Ideas For Men

Most men find solace in Ugg boots to warm their feet during winters. However, there’s a different approach for men when styling these boots. Let’s dive right in.

1. Dayout adventure

Ugg boots can go very well in outdoor environments, apart from urban environments. Here’s an outfit idea. Pair up a plaid flannel shirt with dark denim jeans, a quilted vest, and Ugg boots at the bottom. This outfit allows for adding layers. So, throw chunky knitwear on top for that extra protection and warmth. It’s a great ensemble for camping, casual outings, or hiking trips.

2. Minimalism

Ugg boots go well with a simple, streamlined look. Thus they can be worn with all-one-color clothing. Pick a single color scheme, like all-black or various shades of grey. Slim black trousers, a fitting black sweater or turtleneck, and a cut black coat go well with black or charcoal Ugg boots. This sleek appearance conveys refinement and works for both formal and semi-formal settings.

3. Layering

Ugg boots may protect your feet from the cold while keeping you stylish in winter. Layer a thick cable-knit sweater over a button-down shirt and match it with dark denim trousers for a winter-appropriate look. Include a nice wool coat, a thick scarf, and a pair of leather gloves as accessories. The Ugg boots will add style to the overall look while offering warmth and comfort.


Hopefully, this guide gave you ideas about what to wear on your next outing. Since its origin, ugg boots have come a long way to become versatile and trendy footwear. You can go all in with your creativity and incorporate it in formal and non-formal settings. Otherwise, stick to the outfit ideas we’ve laid out above, and you can never go wrong.