Summertime Is Party Time!

For some people, winter is a time of seclusion, basically because it’s too cold to even want to go outside. That’s why, when winter turns to spring and spring to summer, many are ready to …


For some people, winter is a time of seclusion, basically because it’s too cold to even want to go outside. That’s why, when winter turns to spring and spring to summer, many are ready to let loose and party hardy. Some don’t need an occasion, but the season is ripe with reasons to celebrate. If you need to plan a summer bash, you’ve come to the right place for tips and tricks.

Step One  — The Occasion or Theme

Knowing the reason for the get-together is vital before you get too far along in the planning process. This will guide the rest of the decisions you make along the way. You might be planning a bridal or baby shower, or maybe a gender reveal party. If so, your food and decor choices will be different than if you are planning a graduation party or a retirement bash.

The best option for any type of summer party decoration can be adding custom decorations to help create a distinctive and personalized ambiance for any summer party. An enjoyable and festive atmosphere can be made with the help of inflatables, banners, replicas, and other themed elements.

Particularly customized inflatables can be a fantastic way to spice up your party. Your guests will have a great time if you use an inflatable that is specially made, whether it’s a jungle setting or animal mascots. For the ideal look at your summertime celebration, order your custom inflatables and make your event truly memorable.

Other great summertime party occasions include the last day of school, wedding receptions, birthdays, and anniversaries. Of course, you can’t forget the ever-popular “just because” party. Those are some of the best every year.

The occasion also often dictates how formal or casual your event is. A shower could mean dresses and fancy hors d’oeuvres with tablecloths and wine glasses. In contrast, a child’s birthday party could be pizza, cake and a bouncy house.

Step Two — The Venue

There’s more involved here than just picking a location for the party. You’ll need to know how many people are coming and plan accordingly. If you are hosting at home, this part is easy. Just be sure there’s enough room for everyone. If you have a pool, you may want to host a party where everyone can swim and have a general good time splashing around.

When looking for a third-party location, there are several things to consider. Will the venue allow you to bring in outside food? Some don’t. Others may not allow alcoholic beverages. It’s good to know this beforehand, so you can plan the budget accordingly.

Step Three — The Menu

Once you know how many people are coming and where the party will be, you can start planning the food and drinks. Remember, summer can mean hot weather, so you’ll want to have plenty of cooling refreshments. For an adult party, consider fancy alcoholic treats like rum popsicles. These are a simple way to add fun and cooling refreshments to your party. Simply freeze them a day or two in advance, and on the day of, they’ll be ready to go. If the party is for kids, regular popsicles are a great idea. You can also do frozen yogurt pops for a healthier alternative.

Beverages are also going to be important so your guests stay hydrated. Be sure to keep plenty of bottled water or pitchers of ice water available throughout the day. Soft drinks and punch are great for younger guests, and beer, wine and cocktails are all good for an older crowd.

Your food should reflect the theme/occasion. Finger foods might be a great option for a shower, whereas a full-on barbecue might work better for pool party. The key to success is making as much of the food in advance as possible — or hiring a caterer — so you can enjoy your guests without having to spend all day in the kitchen.

Your next summer bash can be as laid back and relaxed or as formal as you want. Planning it, however, doesn’t have to be stressful. Start early, take the job in steps like the ones above, and you’ll soon have all the details in place. All that will be left to do on the day is sit back and enjoy your guests.

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