Real Name:Susan Kellermann
Birthday:July 4, 1944
Net Worth:$2.5 million
Height:178 cm
Occupation:American Actress, Voice Actress

Susan Kellermann is an accomplished American actress with an extensive career in theatre and film. Born on July 4, 1944, she discovered her passion for acting at a young age and pursued her dreams by obtaining solid academic foundation. Kellermann earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Randolph College and furthered her studies at the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, where she trained under the renowned acting coach Sanford Meisner.

Kellermann’s dedication to her craft paid off in 1979 when she made her Broadway debut in the play “Last Licks,” a performance that earned her a Theatre World Award. Over the years, she has built an impressive résumé, appearing in numerous stage productions and films. A notable role that brought Susan Kellermann to the spotlight is her portrayal of Greta Gravis, the mother of the lead character, in the 1992 movie “Death Becomes Her.” Her undeniable talent and versatility continue to make her a respected and sought-after actress in the industry.

Early Life and Education

Susan Kellermann is an American actress born on July 4th in the United States. Information about her family and birthplace remains undisclosed, maintaining the privacy of her personal life. From what is known, Kellermann holds an American nationality and her ethnicity details are not revealed.

Susan Kellermann pursued her college education at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. While at college, she diligently focused on her studies and harnessed her passion for literature. This solid academic background provided her with a foundation that would later support her acting career.

Following her graduation from college, Kellermann decided to venture into the world of acting. She enrolled at the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre to further sharpen her skills. Under the tutelage of the esteemed acting coach, Sanford Meisner, Kellermann honed her craft and prepared herself for a successful career in the entertainment industry.

In summary, Susan Kellermann’s early life and education reflect her dedication to literature and her passion for the performing arts. Her journey from studying English Literature at Randolph-Randolph-Macon Woman’s College to learning acting under the guidance of Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, contributed greatly to her growth as an accomplished actress.

Career in Theatre

Susan Kellermann, an accomplished American actress, made her mark in theatre with her captivating performances. Her career took off when she made her Broadway debut in the 1979 play ‘Last Licks.’ This role garnered her a Theatre World Award, recognizing her as an exceptional talent with great potential.

Kellermann’s training as an actress at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, where she studied under Sanford Meisner, positioned her for success in the world of theatre. This background coupled with her Bachelor’s degree in English literature from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, provided her with the tools to interpret and embody a wide range of dramatic characters.

Throughout her career, Susan Kellermann has showcased her acting skills in numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. She has taken on diverse roles, from the free-spirited Dora on stage to the fiercely independent Marge Hawks and the sophisticated Maria Disher. These roles have allowed her to demonstrate her range as an actress and contribute to her extensive body of work in theatre.

Kellermann’s dedication to her craft and consistent delivery of memorable performances have solidified her reputation as a talented and respected figure in the world of theatre.

Television Career

Susan Kellermann began her television career with appearances in episodes of popular TV shows such as Starsky and Hutch in 1975, and Laverne & Shirley in 1976. She continued to make guest appearances on various well-known TV series, including Taxi, Hill Street Blues, and Remington Steele.

During the 1980s, Kellermann made appearances in several episodes of The Jeffersons, Perfect Strangers, Knight Rider, and Simon & Simon. She also appeared in the drama series Cagney & Lacey as Helen Neuwirth and had a role in the comedy series Hail to the Chief.

In the 1990s, Kellermann’s television career continued with roles in A Family for Joe, L.A. Law, and The Bronx Zoo. She had a recurring role on the popular mystery series Murder, She Wrote, and made an appearance in the sitcom Babes. Additionally, Kellermann guest-starred in an episode of the NBC sitcom Dear John.

Entering the new millennium, Kellermann was seen in Law & Order and its spin-off Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. During this time, she also guest-starred on the medical comedy series Doctor Doctor. Another noteworthy appearance includes her role in the critically acclaimed drama series Monk.

Throughout her television career, Susan Kellermann demonstrated versatility and skill as she took on a wide range of roles across various genres, contributing to the success of many beloved TV shows like Another World, A Family for Joe, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Susan Kellermann, a talented actress, has appeared in a variety of films and television shows throughout her career. Born on July 4, 1944, she made her television debut in episodes of Starsky and Hutch and Laverne & Shirley. She continued to work in both comedy and drama genres, accumulating an impressive filmography.

One of her most notable roles is in the cult classic Beetlejuice (1988), where she played a German clerk. She also appeared in Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (1988) and Death Becomes Her (1992), further showcasing her skills in both dramatic and comedic roles.

Kellermann has worked with various renowned actors and actresses, including roles in Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) alongside Steve Martin and John Candy, and The Secret of My Success (1987) with Michael J. Fox. She took on a variety of different characters, from a waitress in 1986’s Down and Out in Beverly Hills to Greta Gravis in Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988).

Throughout her career, Kellermann continued to take part in various film projects such as The Couch Trip (1988), In Sickness and in Health (1992), and Heart and Souls (1993). In 1997, she appeared in the thriller The Devil’s Advocate starring Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino.

Her work in television also spans multiple decades, with appearances in shows like How to Murder a Millionaire (1990), Swallows (1995), Partners in Crime (2000), and The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch (1982). Her performances consistently showcase her range as an actress in various genres.

In recent years, Kellermann has continued to work in film, such as her role in Last Holiday (2006) and receiving high praise for her performance in Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl (2016). Throughout her career, Susan Kellermann has showcased her ability to adapt to diverse roles and genres, making her a versatile and enduring presence in the film industry.

Personal Life and Relationships

Susan Kellermann, an accomplished American actress, has managed to maintain a private personal life. She has had a fruitful career in the entertainment industry. However, information about her relationships is scarce.

As of now, Susan Kellermann’s marital status is single. There are no public records of past relationships or a husband. Her love life has remained under wraps throughout her career.

Regarding her sexual orientation, Susan Kellermann is straight. Although details about her personal relationships are minimal, it is evident that she prioritizes her career and personal privacy.

In summary, Susan Kellermann’s personal life and relationships are closely guarded, and she has managed to maintain her privacy while still enjoying a successful acting career.

Health and Wellness

Susan Kellermann, an accomplished actress, has maintained a healthy lifestyle throughout her career. Despite her age, Kellermann exemplifies wellness and vitality, which reflects her commitment to self-care.

While specific details about her body measurements are not publicly available, Susan Kellermann’s height is 5’10” (1.78m), giving her an elegant and commanding presence. Weight management and overall fitness play essential roles in her health regimen. Regular exercise and a balanced diet contribute to maintaining a proportionate body weight, which is vital for an actor’s career and longevity.

Kellermann sports a distinguished hair color that embraces her natural aging process. Opting for a natural look rather than succumbing to societal pressures to dye her hair showcases her confidence and acceptance of her aging journey.

As far as we know, Susan Kellermann has not encountered any significant health challenges, such as cancer, in her life. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle comprises various aspects, from physical fitness to mental well-being. A holistic approach to health and wellness helps Kellermann maintain her stamina and continue her successful career even as she gracefully ages.

In summary, Susan Kellermann’s dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle has contributed to her successful career and overall well-being. Whether it is her balanced diet, regular exercise, or embracing her natural hair color, Kellermann’s approach to health and wellness is inspiring and sets an excellent example for others to follow.

Net Worth and Earnings

Susan Kellermann, a talented actress with a career spanning multiple decades, has managed to accumulate a significant amount of wealth from her various acting projects. Her net worth is currently estimated to be around $2.5 million.

Kellermann’s primary source of income is her profession as an actress. Throughout her career, she has successfully landed numerous roles in both television shows and films. Some of her most notable appearances include Starsky and Hutch, Laverne & Shirley, and the cult classic Beetlejuice. However, specific details about her salary have not been disclosed to the public.

In terms of financial security, Susan Kellermann appears to be extremely cautious and private. There is limited information available concerning her investments, properties, and valuable assets. This discretion and focus on privacy demonstrate a level of responsibility and maturity when it comes to managing her finances.

Legacy and Impact

Susan Kellermann is a respected American actress with an extensive career in television, film, and theatre. As a graduate of Randolph College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature, Kellermann also studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre with Sanford Meisner. Her education and professional experience showcase her dedication to the arts and contribute to her impressive legacy.

Kellermann’s body of work demonstrates her versatility, with notable roles in television shows such as Starsky and Hutch and Laverne & Shirley. Her appearances in popular films such as Beetlejuice (1988) and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (1988) have solidified her reputation as a talented actress in the industry. Kellermann’s impactful performances have elevated her to a prominent position in the American entertainment landscape.

In addition to her screenwork, Kellermann has shown great dedication to the theatre. Her theatrical performances and commitment to the craft have earned her a lasting legacy not only in Hollywood but also in the hearts of theatre enthusiasts.

Overall, Susan Kellermann’s unwavering passion and talent in the world of acting have left a long-lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Her diverse body of work continues to inspire young artists and contribute to the rich tapestry of American film, television, and theatre. With her remarkable career, Kellermann’s legacy is one of dedication, versatility, and excellence.