Susan Kellermann: A Comprehensive Look at Her Career and Legacy

Susan Kellermann is an esteemed American actress with a career that spans several decades across stage, film, and television. Recognized for her versatility and presence, she has left a tangible mark on the performing arts. …

Real Name:Susan Kellermann
Birthday:July 4, 1944
Net Worth:$2.5 million
Height:178 cm
Occupation:American Actress, Voice Actress

Susan Kellermann is an esteemed American actress with a career that spans several decades across stage, film, and television. Recognized for her versatility and presence, she has left a tangible mark on the performing arts. Kellermann’s background in English literature, which she pursued at Randolph College, set the stage for her deep understanding of narrative and character development. Further honing her craft, she studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre under the guidance of the legendary acting teacher Sanford Meisner.

Her professional journey in acting took off when she made her Broadway debut, earning her visibility and acclaim in the theatrical world. With an impressive resume, Kellermann’s performances have been distinguished by her ability to embody a range of personas, from comedic to dramatic roles. Her appearances in notable productions and films like “Beetlejuice” and “Last Holiday” have showcased the breadth of her talent and her commitment to bringing nuanced characters to life. Through her performances, Susan Kellermann has become a recognizable and respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Education

Susan Kellermann’s early years paved the foundation for a distinguished career in acting, with a background marked by a solid academic base and a supportive family environment.

Family Background

Born on July 4, 1944, Susan Kellermann’s entry into the world was in the United States. She is the daughter of Dr. Heinz Josef Kellermann and Mignon Lunt Pauli. Her family’s support and intellectual environment undoubtedly influenced her pursuit of the arts from a young age.

Academic Pursuits

Kellermann pursued higher education with a focus on English Literature, a field that deepened her understanding of language and storytelling. She graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, cementing her academic journey. Additionally, her dedication to her craft led her to study acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre with Sanford Meisner, which played a significant role in her development as a professional actress.

Acting Career

Susan Kellermann’s acting career spans several decades and encompasses stage, television, and film. She is recognized for her versatility, having received a Theatre World Award, and for notable appearances in both comedic and dramatic roles.

Stage Beginnings

Kellermann’s journey into acting began on stage, where she honed her craft and made her Broadway debut. Her theater work quickly earned her acclaim, highlighted by the prestigious Theatre World Award, which signaled her promise as a notable stage actress.

Television Breakthrough

Her transition to the small screen was marked by her participation in popular television series of the time. Kellermann’s role in Laverne & Shirley (1976) marked her television debut, leading to subsequent appearances on shows like Dear John and Monk, where she showcased her range as a character actress.

Filmography Highlights

In film, Susan Kellermann made a memorable impact with her role in Beetlejuice (1988), which remains one of her most recognized performances. Her filmography also includes Death Becomes Her (1992), Last Holiday (2006), the evocative Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl (2016), and In The Family (2011), each role contributing to a diverse and substantial body of work.

Notable Roles and Awards

Susan Kellermann’s contributions to theatre and film have earned her significant recognition in the form of critical acclaim and esteemed awards. Her adept portrayals of diverse characters across various media highlight her versatility and deep understanding of her craft.

Critical Acclaim

Susan Kellermann’s dynamic performances have garnered acclaim, most notably her Broadway debut where she earned a Theatre World Award for her role in the play “Last Licks.” This prestigious commendation reinforces her reputation as a distinguished actress in theatre.

Iconic Characters

Kellermann has embodied various iconic characters throughout her career. Her television and film presence is marked by memorable roles such as:

  • Marge Hawks in the movie “Beetlejuice,” where she played the droll and no-nonsense real estate agent.
  • Gunther in the well-known TV show “Cheers,” showcasing her skill in a recurring comedic role.
  • Maria Disher in the series “L.A. Law,” where she depicted a strong and compelling character.
  • Greta Gravis in the film, a character that solidified Susan Kellermann’s presence in the industry due to the complex nature of the role and her profound execution.

Her legacy in theatre is just as eminent with roles such as Dora in “Equus,” further establishing her as an influential figure in the performing arts. Kellermann’s ability to bring depth to the characters she plays has made her a respected and memorable figure in her field.

Personal Life

Susan Kellermann has maintained a discreet personal life, yet certain aspects are known to the public. She highlights the importance of preserving her privacy, which is reflected in the limited information available about her relationships and private interests.


Susan Kellermann is recognized for her versatility as an actress but keeps her marital status and love life private. There is little public information regarding any potential husband or partner, and she is often perceived as single due to the absence of public details about her personal connections.

Private Interests

Away from the screen, Kellermann’s private interests remain largely unpublicized, and she reveals little about her hobbies or passions. In regards to her sexual orientation or private preferences, Kellermann has chosen not to discuss these publicly. Born on July 4, which aligns with the Cancer zodiac sign, she may share traits often associated with Cancerians such as emotional depth and intuition. However, her personal identification with these traits, if any, remains unknown.

Public Profile and Net Worth

Susan Kellermann’s presence in media and her financial status exhibit a stable career with a notable net worth. She has established herself in the entertainment industry through various roles that have defined her professional journey.

Media Presence

Susan Kellermann has made a recognizable mark through her performances in film and television. Her contributions include memorable roles in productions like “Beetlejuice” and “Laverne & Shirley.” Despite having a solid professional foundation, her media presence is moderate, with the actress maintaining a relatively private personal life. Kellermann does not boast a vast social media presence, reflecting a preference to keep her life outside the limelight.

Financial Outlook

Susan Kellermann’s financial outlook is a testament to her industry tenure with an estimated net worth of around $2.5 million. While specific figures regarding her salary are not publicly disclosed, her wealth is likely accrued from a combination of her acting roles, consistent work in theater, and film engagements over the years. Kellermann’s height and weight, often a focus in actor profiles, do not directly influence her net worth but are testament to her distinctive presence on screen. Her IMDb page chronicles a diverse portfolio, which indirectly supports her financial success. Her physical attributes, including body measurements, are often highlighted in casting decisions, implying industry demand for her particular profile, thus contributing to her financial security.

Legacy and Influence

Susan Kellermann’s distinguished career has left a significant mark in both theater and film. Her contributions span several decades, showcasing her versatility and enduring presence in the performing arts.

Contribution to Theater

Kellermann’s theatrical work, especially on Broadway, stands as a testament to her dedication and skill. She made her Broadway debut in “Last Licks,” a performance that earned her a Theatre World Award. Her classical training at the eminent Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre under the guidance of Sanford Meisner, one of the most respected acting teachers of the 20th century, equipped her with a robust foundation that would resonate through her stage work.

Impact on Film and TV

Beyond theater, Kellermann extended her influence to both film and television. Her transition to the screen allowed her to reach a wider audience, bringing nuances developed from her stage experience. Her acting prowess garnered roles that would be remembered for their depth and complexity, contributing to the cultural landscape of American entertainment.

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