Synthetic Urine vs Drug Tests: Everything You Need to Know

Drug tests have become very common, with more and more companies introducing zero-tolerance drug policies. It seems easy: you pee – you pass – you get a job; but even if you’re not a regular …


Drug tests have become very common, with more and more companies introducing zero-tolerance drug policies. It seems easy: you pee – you pass – you get a job; but even if you’re not a regular user, a urine drug test can become a problem. THC – a psychoactive compound found in marijuana – can be detected in your system for up to 8 days. So even if you only try weed once, and the next day you need to take a drug test, the situation doesn’t look very promising.

But don’t give up on your goal right away – there are methods to cheat on a drug test. And experts from Buy Fake Urine – a shop that specializes in helping people pass drug tests – told us about the most popular one, synthetic urine. Here’s everything that you wanted to know but hesitated to ask – read on!

What Exactly Is Synthetic Urine

Simply put, fake urine is a substance that looks and smells like human pee, has the same chemical properties as human pee, and composition like human pee. Everything that your urine consists of can be found in the synthetic pee: creatinine, uric acid, urea, ammonia, sulfates, and even the pH level is almost the same.

In most states, except for New Hampshire and Indiana, the sale of fake urine is legal. You’re not going against the law by buying it. However, if you’re caught, you may lose your job (or fail to get one, if it’s a pre-employment drug test), so it’s essential to be extremely careful.

Can Labs Detect Fake Urine?

Most often, the point of collection – or, simply speaking, the moment you’re using fake pee in the toilet – is when you have to worry. Fake urine is not very easy to detect, but only if you did everything right. The urine has to be heated to the proper temperature, and the components should be exactly of the same value as they’d be in human urine – which is why it’s important to find a trusted dealer.

Of course, the risk is always present – if your employer asks, the lab can use some advanced tests to detect fake urine. However, it doesn’t happen often, and it’s usually during the “pee process” when you’re under strict scrutiny.

How to Choose Synthetic Urine

Nowadays, many companies sell synthetic urine in various forms. Prosthetic penises, fake urine kits, powdered and liquid fake urine – the choice is pretty broad. But even a small mistake – whether made by you or by the dealer – can get you caught. Fortunately, to prevent this, you just need to know how to choose synthetic urine.

First things first, find a trusted dealer with good reviews – only then can you be sure of the fake urine quality. Then, always check the product’s label and ensure it has uric acid: labs test for it. And make sure the urine hasn’t expired before using it!

How to Hide and Use Fake Urine

And that’s when it gets tricky. The first thing you should do is to relax. When you act suspicious, you can easily get caught, and if you’re nervous, it’s not hard to make a mistake during the process. Different products can work differently, so always read the instructions. However, with the fake urine kit, the principle is often similar: attach the heating pad to the belt (they usually come together in a package), close the clips, cut the tube to the necessary length, and wrap the belt around your waist. Make sure it’s covered by all your clothes!

Ensure the tube’s pointed towards the ground. And remember about the temperature strip: it should always touch your skin. The labs check the temperature first, and if it’s a little lower or higher than the normal, you won’t pass. The process can be pretty embarrassing, but don’t worry: if you stay relaxed, everything’s going to go as planned.

Tips For Using Fake Urine

Of course, there are some things you need to remember to reduce the stress during the process and make it go smoothly.

  • Take care of the temperature: it’s better to place the sample onto your body at least an hour before the test.
  • Use kits with belts or prosthetics penises to avoid getting caught during the physical evaluation.
  • Be very quick during the process: the sample loses its temperature very fast.
  • Buy only the “good stuff.” Avoid unscrupulous dealers.

A Final Note

With drug tests in the workplace becoming more and more common, many people are looking for ways to pass them. Nobody can be sure they won’t have to take a drug test after a first-and-only weed try. Fortunately, there are many methods to cheat on the drug test – and fake urine is the most popular one.

Of course, it can be tricky – especially if you’re doing this for the first time. However, it’s not as hard as you can imagine, and if you know how to choose, hide and use the fake pee correctly, no problems should occur. So be careful, stay safe, and good luck!

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