Taking Care of Your Hands Like an Expert: What to Do

When the pandemic struck in 2020, one simple instruction acted as our top tool against COVID-19: wash your hands. So much more has happened since then, but proper handwashing (and the use of face masks) has remained an …


When the pandemic struck in 2020, one simple instruction acted as our top tool against COVID-19: wash your hands. So much more has happened since then, but proper handwashing (and the use of face masks) has remained an effective measure to prevent the spread of the virus. It has also resulted in a lot of drier hands around the world.

Since cleanliness has become an absolute must today, the care aspect of things often takes a step back. But clean hands don’t have to come at the expense of their softness!

When your hands are both clean and soft, it feels much more comfortable to get things done. It also gives you more confidence to express yourself by wearing things like nail polish, personalized bracelets, and even rings with birthstones for August (or any other month!) because you know your hands are in good shape.

But aside from washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, how can you take good care of your digits? We have awesome tips for you!

The Best Ways to Keep Your Hands Spotless

Your hands are essential tools that help you get things done. That is why you need to put in significant effort to take care of them.

1. Be gentle when washing your hands

The need to always wash your hands is not an overstatement in the middle of a global pandemic. However, all this hand washing can dry out your hands significantly.

One way to help your hand retain moisture is not to wash with hot water. Match this practice by using a gentle soap or cleanser that moisturizes your hands. Look for ingredients such as shea butter and aloe, which have hydrating effects.

2. Moisturize your hands regularly

You may be no stranger to the ugly feeling of dry, sensitive hands after washing. This occurs because hand washing strips the skin’s outer layer of its natural oils. Since washing your hands is non-negotiable, respond to these skin concerns by moisturizing just as often as you wash your hands.

Make a habit of using a hand cream after every time you wash your hands. Get fragrance-free lotions, too, to avoid skin irritation. You may also want to go for brands that have non-sticky formulas because greasiness can get in the way of your activities throughout the day.

Sometimes, your hands also need extra moisture, like when the colder months come in. DIY a hand mask treatment by slathering your trusty hand cream on your hands and then wearing cotton gloves through the night to help them retain moisture.

3. Choose your sanitizer wisely

When you are in a rush, a hand sanitizer is a great alternative to keep your hands clean. Unfortunately, these sanitizers are also usually highly drying, especially since the CDC recommends alcohol-based sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol.

Aside from applying hand cream regularly, choose a sanitizer with a gentler formula. There are sanitizers in the market that have niacinamide, a kind of vitamin B-3 that helps build the skin’s ceramide barrier. This helps the skin retain its moisture and can reduce inflammation.

Since many sanitizers have a strong smell, there are also amazing sanitizers today that are moisturizing and offer a pleasant scent. Your hands won’t just feel soft and clean. They will also smell great!

4. Be careful when you do chores

Hand washing and sanitizing are not the only opportunities for your hands to be exposed to drying elements. You may also be hurting your hands by using them to handle harsh detergents and household cleaning products.

Wear rubber gloves when cleaning the house, washing the clothes, gardening, and doing other chores that require cleaners. Wear cotton gloves underneath the rubber ones to keep the sweat at bay and avoid itchiness. Don’t forget to wear gloves during the colder months, too, to avoid drying.

5. Treat yourself to a good manicure

Your hands deserve tender loving care after all the work that they do on a normal day! Once in a while, treat yourself to a manicure and let the experts pamper you with a good spa, paraffin wax, or maybe even some nail art! Pretty nails can highlight soft and clean hands.

Since you can’t get a manicure all the time, take care of your nails by trimming them regularly and doing your own manicure at home. Nail polish is nice, but don’t have them on your nails all the time as they could cause discoloration.

Just remember that your hands require just as much skincare as your face does. Handle them with care to have the best and softest ones!

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