Technology in Your Home

Everybody wants their homes to be perfect. Now, it is easy to achieve with some technological advancements. All you need is some imagination if you opt for readily-made solutions and some time and skills if …


Everybody wants their homes to be perfect. Now, it is easy to achieve with some technological advancements. All you need is some imagination if you opt for readily-made solutions and some time and skills if your choice is to modernize your home with your own hands.

Now, let us have a look at the improvements you can implement to improve your health and comfort level of your life. We will also give some details on how to make all those items on your own.

An Automated Bed for the Boosted Quality of Your Sleep

Automated beds are relatively new to the market. We all are used to traditional beds and some people cannot imagine switching to something else. But for sure you have suffered from pains in the back and neck after sleeping in a bad position. Also, you for sure know that sometimes, you cannot fall asleep properly because of a medical condition or a temporary discomfort.

Adjustable beds from eliminate the majority of uncomfortable sensations connected with improper position. A good adjustable bed can be adjusted to support your body in the most comfortable position and to provide you with an opportunity to have a proper rest whenever you need.

Making a good adjustable bed on your own is pretty difficult. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a ready item if you want to benefit from it.

A Height-Adjustable Desk for Better Health and a Higher Productivity

Another item that will have a significant impact on your health is a standing desk. This item is a must-to-have for those working in office jobs. As long as you work from home, getting such a desk is a matter of money, time, and your wish. It is a long-term investment and it pays off very quickly.

A height-adjustable desk delivers the following benefits:

  • It prevents or helps to solve the issue of weight gaining due to a sitting job. If you use a standing desk, you switch from a sitting to a standing position regularly. Additionally, you can use the desk to do some physical activities and thus, improve your health.
  • It helps you to forget about the pains in your neck and back.
  • It prevents obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and problems with joints.
  • In the long term, you will notice that you can work more without negative consequences to your health. It means a higher productivity level, a better motivation, and thus, you will be able to complete your tasks faster.

While it is difficult to make an automated bed on your own, things are easier in the case of an adjustable desk. To remake your favorite traditional desk into an adjustable item, you can just remove the desk top and fix it on a suitable lifting frame. The lifting frame can be purchased directly from the desk manufacturer.

If your choice is still to buy a ready desk, we recommend purchasing it online from a reliable manufacturer. Most of them will offer you an opportunity to virtually “construct” your desk by selecting the needed pieces.

Automation Ideas for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can also benefit from automated devices in many ways. One of the items you can benefit a lot from is an automated kitchen rack. This is something you can make completely on your own. Take your favorite rack and get an electric actuator. Fix the actuator below a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet, in the place where you would like to store the utensils, spices, or whatever you are going to use the actuator for. Attach the rack to the movable actuator side. Check if everything works as expected and tighten the screws.

An Automated TV Lift for Your Living Room

Another device you might want to have is an automated TV lift. Many people still believe it is a luxury rather than a necessity but if you like it or if your house doesn’t have enough space for a new TV set, a TV lift is the right solution.

You can fix it in your favorite cabinet to make the TV set pop out from the cabinet if you want to watch your favorite movie. Another option is to hide the device behind a furniture piece such as a bookcase or just to hide it higher on the wall. And finally, the most impressive installation is above the ceiling. For this installation, you might need to hire specialists.

Bottom Line

Automated solutions exist out there not only to facilitate our work at factories and enterprises but to make our homes more comfortable, beautiful, and to facilitate our domestic chores.

With a couple of actuators and some imagination, you can do many things to change your home completely. Check online the available ideas, compare them with your home, and pick those that you believe are the most suitable for you.

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