A lot of people dream about traveling the world and trying to find a job that allows them to travel. They are still thinking in an old way that limits them. The reason is that you can work doing just about anything and be able to travel while you do it. Remote working is so common now that you can find a job or create a business online and then travel while you work instead of relying on a job that requires travel.

The people that have worked this out are called digital nomads and they work and travel full-time. They usually look for a place to be able to settle in and work for a few months at a time such as these furnished apartments Toronto has and then they move on. In this article, we will go over several ways that you can make money working as a digital nomad.

1 – Keep your current job

Because the pandemic caused a lot of people to have to work from home. Many jobs are now done completely remotely. The companies realized that there was little need to make people go into an office. Chances are that you are already working remotely from home for a company.

If you take things to their logical conclusion it becomes obvious that there is nothing tying you to a certain location. Home can be wherever you lay your head down at night. This is when people ask if they can work while traveling and it is often possible to do so with your boss’s blessing.

Some jobs won’t permit it since there are time zone issues. However, certain types of jobs are project-based and you only need to be available for meetings once in a while. In this scenario, you can often keep your current job and work as a digital nomad.

2 – Become a freelancer

In the case that your job doesn’t allow you to travel while working, you could quit and start working as a freelancer instead. Whatever your job was, if it was already done remotely then this can easily transfer to a freelance situation. For example, if you were a programmer then you can now work for clients instead of a company and do projects they hire you to do.

This is a tough way to make a living at first, but eventually, you can set yourself up nicely with a stable portfolio of clients.

3 – Start a business

There are a number of internet-based businesses that can be done anywhere you have a connection. A very popular one is running an e-commerce store since everybody is shopping online these days.

An e-commerce store can be run from anywhere since you don’t have to be physically present in a location. You hire a fulfillment company to pick, pack, and ship any of the orders so you don’t have to.

You could also go thrifting n the locations you travel to and use a poshmark sharing bot to list them on online marketplaces quickly, to make a living on the move.

There is also the possibility if you are already freelancing to outsource the work and create an agency out of what you do.