The 7 Best Chess Sets of 2021

Are you searching for the best chess sets to buy in 2021? No doubt, chess is among the oldest board games in world history. It was the Roman Empire’s daily ritual while sharing a good …


Are you searching for the best chess sets to buy in 2021? No doubt, chess is among the oldest board games in world history. It was the Roman Empire’s daily ritual while sharing a good time with friends and family. To date, many people worldwide are playing chess and own chess set at their home.

Though modern players still use chess sets, it is not the same as the traditional one. Modern chess sets come with additional features and functionalities. These add-ons help chess players to advance their gaming tactics and harness their experience. However, the aspect also poses a challenge.

With many types of chess sets on offer, players cannot easily determine the best one. But you have no reason to worry. If you are looking to buy a chess set, here are the top seven sets to consider in 2021:

Wall Chess set

Probably, you understand chess as a table game. But this is no longer the case. You can revolutionize your chess playing style by getting yourself a wall chess set. A Wall chess set comes with a perfect design to enable you to hang it on the wall. The set features some locks that keep it at its place as you make your moves. So, it is an excellent piece to have in 2021.

Digital Electronic Chess Set

Technology is taking shape everywhere, and chess is not exceptional. You can now get various digitized chess sets that use technology-powered features. In 2021, owning a digital electronic chess set should be your priority. This set comes with features for recording, storing, and retrieving your previous game. It is a good component for monitoring your progress.

Also, you will find sets to power your learning as they feature a tutor mode.  The DGT or smart chess sets will revolutionize how you play chess. So, if you dream of becoming a grandmaster, buying one will be a nice idea.

Octagon chess set

Maybe you are a fan of the square-shaped chess set. As you know, normal is boring. Trying a new chess design can inspire your mood and reignite your gaming spirit. Octagon chess set is a perfect choice to have in 2021. The set features an octagon-shaped chessboard with magnets underneath for sticking the chess pieces.

Some come with a drawer for chess pieces storage. If you love playing on the go, you will have the best piece in this set. It has travel size, while some feature a foldable design for easy portability.

Umbra Wobble Chess Set

Style is moving into the chess world. You, too, can match your style with a robust chess set. Umbra Wobble chess set feature a unique concave design that aligns with different fashion styles. It will work as a good idea for use at home or chess clubs and adds an extra décor to the space.

Themed Chess set

Do you love matching your game with the prevailing ambience? Maybe, you want to play chess in a vintage-themed environment. Or else, you seek to match the chess set with your house décor. All these desires are achievable through buying a themed chess set.

Themed chess sets come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and themes. You will find themed chess set to fit with your environment and desired experience. So, do not purchase any chess set; consider one with a particular theme.

Personalized Fancy Chess Set

Everyone love being unique, and chess players are not exceptional. You want a chess set that features your personality.  This is what personalized fancy chess sets offer you. The set allows you to get a chess set made for you. Such a set features your name and other personal aspects. As such, you can consider one in 2021.

In a word, you now know the best chess sets to buy in 2021. Pick your choice and enjoy playing chess like a legend.

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