The art of curating a premium dish and 7 tips to do so

It is not necessary to attend months at a cooking school in order to treat your guests or family to a premium dish. There are many easy and uncomplicated ways which can help you in …


It is not necessary to attend months at a cooking school in order to treat your guests or family to a premium dish. There are many easy and uncomplicated ways which can help you in becoming a better cook and facilitate in getting a professional output in this regard. By following these tips, one can treat oneself and the family with a premium level dish at home which is healthy and cost-effective. So read on if you are interested in preparing tasty and nutritious meals.

The main concept that one needs to have in mind while preparing a dish  is that in order to maximise the taste and nutrition value, high quality ingredients should be taken care of with respect to their quality and quantity. High quality ingredients need not necessarily be the costly items. In addition, overcooking needs to be avoided at all costs. To look at other such tips in some detail, we have prepared a list.

1- Season cold foods properly : Keeping foods in a chilled state dulls their flavour and aroma. Therefore this loss needs to be compensated in some way. This is done by seasoning foods. It has to be done wisely though so as to not overdo it. Before chilling foods, add a normal amount of salt and taste the dish and then add more salt before serving as per taste.

2-  Let the chef’s knife talk  : Invest in a high quality chef’s knife. A chef’s knife like the full tang knife used in a proper way will help you achieve your target of making a perfect dish. It can be controlled better by applying the following tip: “Choke up on the handle to the point of putting your thumb and the side of your index finger onto the side of the blade right above the handle”. Keep its edges sharp. The longer and wider blade of a chef’s knife gives a user speed and a feeling of confidence and control.

3- Use of flavour intensifying techniques: One can make the flavours of non vegetarian dishes i.e meat, poultry and fish more intense  with high-heat cooking techniques lik pan-searing or grilling. But care should be taken so that charring or burning does not occur.

4- Present, proportion and style : Presentation is important if you want to make your dish perfect. The first step to that is proportioning

the plate in a way such that each ingredient should be in the right quantity and place. The plate size or bowl should be chosen according to the dish. This has to be given proper thought. The plate should neither be messy and overcrowded nor look too big for the dish. At least 1 cm of space should be left between the edge of the plate and the food.

The main ingredient should be the centre of attention on the plate. Also, bring the artist inside you to the fore and play with the textures and colours when it comes to styling your dish.

5- Garnish your dish : Garnishing the dish adds to the look and taste of a dish. It may appear to be a simple task, but one must do it carefully to make the dish perfect . The taste and feel of the garnish will add another dimension to the food if done properly.

6 – Reduce liquid quantity : Reduction in liquid quantity helps in concentrating the flavour.If liquid quantity is more, try to reduce it by boiling over heat.

7- Use of small ingredients with bold flavours : This always adds to the aroma and taste of the dish. We recommend pomegranate seeds, chipotle pepper or cilantro.

Use whatever suits your dish the best.

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