The Benefits of Tantric Massage for Londoners: A Complete Guide

Do you want to explore the depths of your sensuality? Well, then you should allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of a tantric massage. This body massage will invite you on a provocative journey where …


Do you want to explore the depths of your sensuality? Well, then you should allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of a tantric massage. This body massage will invite you on a provocative journey where you can experience all the seductive juices of heaven on earth.

There are so many tantric massage London studios and agencies where you can book a massage service. Before we get there, let’s explain what it is, what the benefits are, and how to book one.

What is a therapeutic massage?

Tantric massage has many names. Some people call it erotic massage, body massage, tease massage, sensual massage, and everything in between.

The goal of this type of massage is to eradicate muscle tension and body ailments, all while stimulating and enhancing sexual pleasure.

During the massage, a professional will focus on different states of energy and intensify sexual awareness and excitation.

What is the purpose of such a massage?

People live with so much stress in their daily life. We can be overburdened with an unhealthy lifestyle, environmental toxins, problems, diseases, stress at work, responsibilities, and everything in between.

That all can result in depression and anxiety. And when you are depressed, you can feel disconnected from your sensual and sexual self. This can lead to problems in the relationship, feeling unfulfilled in life, and feeling hopelessness.

Such a state can result in forgetting your true power. We have to remember we are all-capable humans with great potential.

Every one of us can have blockages. They can be physical, energetic, mental, emotional, sexual, or anything else. Blockages can feed your subconscious mind, and dictate your actions.

An authentic tantric massage can change all that. This type of sensual massage uses powerful forms of energy to touch beyond the physical body.

Think of it as a professional and efficient cleanser. The tantra massage will eliminate all the stress and burden from your life.

How expensive it is?

We cannot have a clear idea of what is the price. We can have some estimates. After all, there are many different masseurs in London. Getting a London tantric massage can differ depending on the duration, whether it is an incall or outcall massage, and the level of intimacy you want.

With that in mind, a one-hour premium massage starts at $250 and can go up to $350 for an outcall tantric massage service.

What happens during the experience?

What happens during this experience? What should you expect? Well, it depends on the facility. Generally speaking, during a massage, a tantric massage therapist will massage and stimulate your entire body, including your genitalia, all while doing breathing exercises, meditation, and other spiritual practices.

Some specific forms are the yoni massage, which focuses specifically on the vulva, and the lingam massage, which focuses specifically on the penis. During a Lingam massage, masseurs also pay attention to the sacred spot or the prostate. This is why many people sometimes call it a prostate massage.

Yes, people do experience an orgasm and it is acceptable. But that is not the goal. During a tantric massage, it is more about sexual pleasure, releasing the tension, and connecting spiritually.

You can practice it at home with your partner as a couple. Or you can book as a couple. We have to mention that intercourse is not part of the tantra massage. Yet, it can be incorporated into your sexual experience as a couple.

What are the benefits?

When you indulge in total sensual relaxation, you are not getting just sexual pleasure. You are reaping many long-lasting benefits. Here are some benefits of an authentic tantric massage. Let’s go one by one.

Improves breathing

An underrated aspect of a tantric massage session is improved breathing. This service incorporates many breathing techniques that will teach you how to control natural bodily responses.

Eliminate blockages

One of the main reasons people go to tantric massage therapy is to eliminate blockages in their entire body. That includes physical, mental, and sexual blockages.

Help with sexual dysfunction

Usually, sexual dysfunction stems from imbalanced or excessive sexual energy and blockages. But tantric massages deal with the root of the problem and restore balance and harmony. This can help with erectile dysfunction, frigidity, sexual aversion disorder, premature ejaculation, and similar problems.

Improve mental health

Mental health is an important part of your life. And a lot of us do not pay much attention to it. Tantric pleasure can help by stimulating your body to release hormones like dopamine and oxytocin. One of them is known as the happiness hormone while the other is the pleasure hormone.

Improved sex life

A good tantric massage session can help you understand your body and realize your full potential. And all thanks to touch. Men find parts of them awakened that they never knew existed. Give up control of your body and enjoy the exhilarating experience.

Learn how to touch and be touched. That can have an amazing effect on your sex life.

Boost your confidence

Intimacy is all about confidence in the bedroom. The more confident you are, the better you perform. And the better your sex life will be. Men and women can suffer from lower confidence due to challenges like frigidity and premature ejaculation. They can be solved with a few sessions.

How do you book one?

Now let’s talk about the final aspect. How to book sensual tantric massage London? Well, first you have to begin your search for an authentic school.

This can be tricky, but there are several tantric massage London agencies. Research about true and authentic tantric massage therapy. If you are new to this world, and you do not know whether what you pay is an authentic experience or not, start by reading about it.

A simple Google search can help you understand the real tantra and then evaluate agencies and schools in your surrounding.

Then, do some research about a good school. You can easily notice the difference. Real tantra agencies promote the health and healing benefits of the therapy first and foremost. If there is a strong emphasis on sexual desire benefits and orgasms, chances are you are not getting a good value. Those agencies are not offering authentic knowledge.

Last, but not least, verify their credentials. Read the biographies in the “about us” page or watch videos of the school’s YouTube channel. Do not go and book the first service you find online.

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