The Best Budget Places to Live in London for Students

It won’t be wrong if London is called a hub of international students. Being home to more than 40 top-quality educational institutes, the number of students residing in London is inarguably hundreds of thousands. The …


It won’t be wrong if London is called a hub of international students. Being home to more than 40 top-quality educational institutes, the number of students residing in London is inarguably hundreds of thousands. The important point is that all of them need a place to stay.

As London is one of the world’s most famous capitals, the rent prices here are touching the sky. In such circumstances, renting a good place that won’t break your bank becomes an arduous task for students who are already living on a tight budget.

However, not every area in London is too expensive. There are places where the majority of students live, and rents are quite reasonable. All you need to do is find such an accommodation place near your university, and you will be good to go. This guide aims at assisting you in this very task.

Such student-friendly areas offer a fair amount of student self storage facilities alongside storage discount packages to further make them a viable option financially. Use of student self-storage facilities is recommended for saving space in your apartment and keeping out the extra clutter.


If your university is anywhere near central London, then the best choice for a student accommodation area for you with reasonable rent will be Stratford. You have probably heard of this area as it gained popularity during the famous 2012 London Olympics.

Quite a good number of recreational facilities are available in the area, including sports, concerts, and shopping places. The average rent for a person is around £500 per month.

The Queen Mary University of London and the University of East London are in the vicinity so that you will find most students from these two institutes in Stratford. A couple of student self-storage facilities are also available in the area.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is mostly crowded by students from the London Metropolitan University, Queen Mary University of London, and the London School of Medical and Dentistry. It is honestly a great place to live for those who want to enjoy the modern city as well as the old historical version of London at the same time.

You will find tons of tourist attractions just a walk away from your doorstep. Sights like the Tower of London, Southbank, the Globe Theatre, etc., will always be in your reach should you want to visit them.

Rent might be on the higher side but considering the perks, choosing Tower Bridge as your next living area is a no-brainer if you are a history lover. Student self-storage facilities can be found in the vicinity, but it is impossible to find a storage discount package.


If you are the one for beautiful landscapes, Richmond is the best place for you. Richmond has been the favorite destination for those looking to escape from their tough student life and relax right in the heart of mother nature.

Richmond is host to the largest of London’s eight royal parks. It has a beautiful riverside setting with grasslands and gardens offering you a peaceful environment to study and relax anytime you want.

Mostly, students from the Richmond University are found living in the area. However, students from the other universities can also live here as Richmond is on the district line; reaching universities around the city does not take much time.

If you are looking to save your extra stuff in Richmond storage facilities for university students, do not forget to ask for a student storage discount package to save some money.


Most people know Deptford because of its dockyard. However, they are unaware of its excellent reputation as a great accommodation place for students. Deptford’s main highlight is that it is situated at a distance of only 20 minutes from Central London, making daily commute relatively easy.

The area is quite lively as most students live here. Nearby universities are the Goldsmiths University of London and the University of Greenwich. You will find most of the student artists living in Deptford.

Rent in Deptford is on the higher side, being around £540 per month. However, one can opt for a smaller sized apartment keeping extra stuff in student self-storage services, making use of the storage discount packages readily available.


If you are looking for an absolutely bang for the buck area on a tighter budget, Woolwich has got your back. With average rent being as low as £400 per month, accommodation cheaper than this can’t be found anywhere in London.

The daily commute to Central London takes less than half an hour which won’t be hectic considering the comfort of London’s new Queen Elizabeth Train Line. Nearby universities are the Ravensbourne University London and the University of East London.

Other than these, you will find plenty of students from universities around London in Woolwich because of its excellent location and low rent. To further make things easy, storage services offer good storage discounts for student self-storage facilities.


With the Goldsmiths University of London in close vicinity, one could easily guess what type of students can be found in Streatham. Yes, that is absolutely right. Streatham is home to a vast international student population studying art, media, and design at the Goldsmiths University.

Streatham is a trendy area, as one would guess, thanks to the artists, models, and writers living here. Rent can get as high as £600 per month, but it comes with a lot of benefits, so sacrifices are to be made if you are choosing to live in Streatham.

St. George’s University of London also happens to be in the area. Student self-storage services can also be found in the neighborhood.


If there is one thing Leytonstone will always be proud of, it is being David Beckham’s birthplace. It is a good thing that you do not need to be a Beckham fan in order to live in Leytonstone because that would have been a shame for those who are not. Leytonstone is one the best places to live in London, being a student.

The average rent is just under £500 per month. Leytonstone is a peaceful area away from the hustle and bustle of Central London. Leytonstone is a blessing for students looking for a quiet and peaceful residential area as the combo of students’ residence and quietness never sits well.

Queen Mary University and the East University of London are in close proximity of Leytonstone. You will find a good deal of student self-storage facilities around as well with an excellent storage discount package too if you are lucky.

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