The Best Types of Footwear to Wear Flare Jeans With

Flares, or as they are known by some Bell-Bottomed Jeans, can trace their origins back to the early 19th century when they were originally worn by sailors in the US Navy who had no official …


Flares, or as they are known by some Bell-Bottomed Jeans, can trace their origins back to the early 19th century when they were originally worn by sailors in the US Navy who had no official uniform.

In terms of popular fashion, it wasn’t until the 1960s and 1970s though that they began to be worn by fashion conscious members of the general public. Synonymous with flower-power and the hippie movement, flares eventually lost their appeal, barring a brief revival in the 1990s.

Believe it or not, this classic fashion style is on the way back; you can get ahead of the trend by grabbing a pair of modern flares here. Buying a modern pair of flares is just one half of the solution, the other is getting your footwear right.

Read on to find out the best types of footwear to pair with your modern flares.

Converse Vintage Canvas Chuck 70 High Top

This release from Converse is an update on their classic 1970s canvas sneakers design and is a shoe that will look good with almost every type of flare. They were all the rage when flares were last worn so they’re as good an option as any now.

Cariuma Canvas OCA High Sneakers

Brazilian footwear label Cariuma have been making waves in the US for some time now and are a good, affordable option to pair with your flares. Coming in a range of colours, they are versatile, comfortable and won’t overshadow your jeans.

Axel Arigato Dice Hi Sneaker

Swedish brand Axel Arigato have looked at some of the most popular vintage sneaker styles in the US and done their best to recreate them. This Dice Hi Sneaker is the perfect accompaniment to your flares as they scream retro cool.

Air Jordan 1 Mid

A lot of the new flares on the market go beyond simple jeans, making fashion statements in their own right with intricate detailing and patterns. If you’re going for a loud pair of jeans you want footwear to match which is exactly what Air Jordan 1 Mid’s provide. 

To complete your stylish ensemble, consider pairing those loud jeans with a matching Jordan t-shirt from illCurrency, adding a cohesive touch to your fashion-forward look without overpowering it.

Timberland Premium 6 Inch Boot

Coming in white and classic yellow, these Timberland boots are eye catching and impactful, which makes them the ideal partner for your equally impactful flares.

You’ll feel ten feet taller wearing these shoes and you quite literally will be taller too thanks to their raised platforms.

What Not to Wear With Flares

Now you know what types of footwear work well with flares, let’s take a look at some of those fashion faux-pas’ waiting to happen:

Dress Shoes: There are no circumstances where dress shoes and flares are a good option, unless of course you’re going to a fancy dress party as a psychopath. Seriously though, avoid flares and dress shoes at all costs.

Low-Top Sneakers: The low top sneakers that have proved so popular over the last decade were designed for tapered jeans and pants to show off their intricate details. Wearing them with flares will just leave them looking swamped.

Suede Shoes: You may find some guides recommending combining suede shoes with flares but do NOT pay any attention to them. This is one combo that is guaranteed to make you look ridiculous.

Crocs: Unless you’re a healthcare professional or someone who regularly wanders into the sea, you shouldn’t be wearing crocs period. 

In Summary

Flares are on their way back and sooner or later you’ll walk down the street and notice everyone wearing them. It’s time to get ahead of the trend and buy yourself a pair and start thinking about how you’re going to style them

That way when your friends are still debating whether or not to combine their flares with low-top sneakers or suede shoes, you’ll already know that that’s a bad idea.

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