The Best Ways to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat for Free

Facebook is a global platform where people start debates, share their opinions, watch relaxing images and videos, and connect with friends and family. Users can also video and audio call others on their friend lists …


Facebook is a global platform where people start debates, share their opinions, watch relaxing images and videos, and connect with friends and family. Users can also video and audio call others on their friend lists with its Messenger app.

But is there a way to spy on Facebook Messenger? Read on to find the answer.

Reasons to Spy on Someone’s Facebook

Many people have reasons to read someone’s Facebook messages secretly. 

1. Protect Your Kid

It is easy to fool kids on social media and bully them. Kids often hide their worries from their parents because they are afraid of a possible response. If you have a child, you will want to keep them safe from predators and bullies online. So, you may need to read their Facebook chats to ensure their safety.

2. Stop Your Child

Parents may also be worried about their child turning into a bully. For this, they may need to see someone’s Facebook messages and stop problematic behavior at the start.

3. Keep Your Business Safe

If you own a business, you will be anxious about its safety. You may want to monitor the social media chats of your employees to check if they are leaking sensitive information about your business to anyone online.

4. Save Someone from Scammers

If your relatives and friends are using Facebook for the first time, they may fall prey to many scammers lurking on Facebook. They may be embarrassed to tell you the truth. In that case, you might want to see their Facebook messages to make sure they are safe.

5. Reveal an Unfaithful Partner

Are you afraid that your partner is unfaithful? The only way to know for sure is to check their Facebook chats without them knowing. If you’re wondering how to spy on your wife’s Facebook messenger, read along.  

6. Know About a Surprise Plan

Curious to know about what your friends are planning for you? You can use some monitoring apps to spy on their Facebook messenger and find out what’s going on. 

Apps to Spy on Facebook Messenger

Then, how to see someone’s messages on Facebook without getting caught? The only answer is spy apps.

Spy apps are software that lets you access the data on someone’s phone remotely without notifying the user. With these apps, you can access the target phone’s messages, media, call logs, and social media conversations.

You can also track the user’s location secretly. Some spy apps even allow you to put a geo-boundary and limits on screen time for your children.

Many best apps to spy on Facebook messenger are available on the market. For them to work, you need to purchase a subscription package that suits your needs. Once you finish buying the app, you have to download and install it on the target phone. Then, log in to your spy app’s control panel, and with one click, you can access all the data you need.

Most spyware works on both iPhones and Android gadgets. Here is how to check someone’s Facebook messages.

mSpy – a Review of the Best Spy App

mSpy is the best app to spy on Facebook messenger. However, this app also gives you access to other instant messaging chats, call logs, web history, photos and videos, and the GPS location of the monitored phone. You can also access deleted messages with time and date stamps.

  • Why mSpy?

This app is known for its affordability and its 24/7 helpful customer support. It works stealthily in the background and does not notify the target user. It also collects and updates data from the monitored phone every 5 minutes so you can get up-to-date information.

  • mSpy for Facebook Messenger

mSpy has the best tool to spy on someone’s Facebook. With this app, you can look through your target user’s Facebook messages and group chats. You can also access time and date stamps. mSpy gives you complete information about each of the monitored user’s contacts.

Facebook now has vanishing messages. But mSpy’s screen recording feature captures and sends screenshots to your dashboard every time the screen changes so that you can also see disappearing messages.

  • How Does mSpy Work?

mSpy has various subscription packages on their official website. To use the app, you need to buy one that suits your purposes. When the purchase is complete, you have to physically access the target phone to download and install the app. Don’t worry; this is a one-time thing only.

After installation, you can log in to your mSpy dashboard and start seeing chats, photos, videos, social media interactions, and the live location of the target phone remotely.

To access advanced spying features, you will have to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android device.

Final Thoughts

There may be some software online that promises to spy on Facebook Messenger for free. Most of such services can download malware onto your device or steal your personal information. Some direct you to unnecessary advertisements. Our suggestion is you stay away from them.

For best results, we recommend that you try mSpy. It has reliable advanced features to suit all your spying needs. Read Facebook messages on the sly. Protect your children, your relatives, and your business. Choose mSpy.

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