The Complete Guide to Traveling with Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Cryptocurrencies are spreading like wildfire among adults in the United States of America. Still, it’s fair to wonder if traveling with cryptocurrency is viable when you’re ready to head abroad. An estimated 22 percent of adults …


Cryptocurrencies are spreading like wildfire among adults in the United States of America. Still, it’s fair to wonder if traveling with cryptocurrency is viable when you’re ready to head abroad. An estimated 22 percent of adults in the United States of America are using different types of cryptocurrencies as of 2022. Your crypto can help you manage common travel expenses.

Don’t let your crypto debit card keep you from planning a vacation to some of those countries on your bucket list. Nothing is stopping you from booking a flight and having the time of your life abroad.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning more about traveling with cryptocurrency and the best tips to make your trip a blast you’ll always remember. Keep reading and start planning a vacation today!

Choose Crypto-Friendly Destinations

A wise move when traveling abroad with cryptocurrencies is to choose destinations that accept crypto as payment. You’ll run into issues if you can’t use crypto as a form of payment with local vendors. Investing in a crypto debit card is an excellent way around the problem, but only if you’re visiting countries that have vendors with card readers.

Some cities and countries will allow you to use your cryptocurrencies when you arrive at the airport. Brisbane, Australia, has the first crypto-friendly airport in the world. San Francisco, California, is another perfect area for traveling with crypto.

Germany is another country that is opening its doors to crypto users. Many local vendors and stores use crypto in major cities like Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt. Japan, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic are other fun options if you want to start traveling with a crypto debit card.

Get a Hardware Wallet

A hardware wallet is a tremendous investment if you’re planning to travel with cryptocurrencies. You’ll find several viable wallet options to keep your crypto safe as you travel the globe. It’s an extra layer of security for your digital assets, so you don’t lose them while exploring the world.

Use a Multi-Signature Wallet for Savings

Many travelers using crypto use a multi-wallet strategy for their cryptocurrencies. A hardware wallet is perfect for your day-to-day expenses. You must get a multi-signature wallet for your savings to keep them safe.

The best approach is to ask yourself “What If” questions before you catch your first flight. Most travelers have these thoughts for incidents where they lose their phone or their passport. You need to work through these scenarios if you lose your crypto.

Having a wallet that is backed up will get rid of some stress. Trezor is an excellent option if you need help figuring out where to start with a hardware wallet. Always back up your wallet to ensure that your hard-earned crypto is safe.

Implement Two-Factor Authentification

Two-factor authentication will save you some severe headaches when traveling with cryptocurrency. Headaches start if you’re not tech-savvy and you run into issues with your digital assets. Protecting your digital identity when you start using crypto to cover your expenses while traveling is a must.

Always set up two-factor authentication on your most important accounts and wallets before heading to the airport. These accounts include your social media, email account, bank accounts, and digital wallet. Even apps that list your home address need this extra layer of security if you want to keep your crypto safe from hackers and cyber thieves.

Use CoinMap

Finding Bitcoin ATMs is a struggle, especially when you’ve just landed in a foreign country. It’s essential to download an app before leaving your home country that allows you to search for Bitcoin ATMs near your location. CoinMap is a reliable option that will use your location to find the closest Bitcoin ATMs so you can easily purchase, sell, or trade crypto.

CoinMap is also beneficial because it lists crypto-friendly local vendors near you that you can use to purchase goods and essentials. It’s a wonderful app for traveling with cryptocurrencies, but you still need to confirm that these vendors are open. Many vendors abroad have closed their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reality is that CoinMap uses crowd-sourcing for its information. You should always verify that the vendor is still in business before heading there. It’s a great way to start planning a vacation based on using Bitcoin. You can learn more about finding crypto ATMs abroad before hopping on a flight.

Pay for Flights With Crypto

It’s also possible to book your flights to your vacation destination using cryptocurrency. CheapAir is the perfect resource to use if you want to book affordable flights using your digital currencies. CheapAir has allowed users to book flights with crypto going back to 2013.

Not only does CheapAir accept Bitcoin, but it also accepts Litecoin and Dash. Start looking for flights and take the first step toward planning a vacation you’ll remember forever.

Get Flight Insurance

Purchasing flight insurance might seem like an extra step and expense, but it’s the right move to make when your hard-earned crypto is on the line. Fizzy is the go-to option for flight insurance since it uses blockchain technology and smart contracts. Many travelers avoid travel insurance since it is often a major pain in the neck.

Blockchain technology allows for automatic insurance claims when you purchase insurance through Fizzy. Flight insurance is one of the most effective ways to use blockchain technology. You’ll get a reimbursement should your flight get canceled or delayed, offering peace of mind.

Find Crypto Meetups

Part of the fun of traveling is meeting new people and sharing new ideas. Something to look forward to when planning a vacation with cryptocurrencies is attending crypto meetups with other crypto users. One thing that all crypto users can agree on is the community of users is amazing and supportive.

You’ll feel a sense of belonging when abroad by meeting up with others who have the same interests and values as you. Many users find the community similar to individuals who love yoga or surfing. You’ll feel like you have a home no matter where you travel in the world.

It’s also a great way to find out about other travel destinations that are perfect for crypto users. You can start planning another vacation while you’re on the current one. Make sure you bring your crypto debit card to handle any common travel expenses and buy a round of drinks for your friends!

Get a Google Voice Phone Number

A Google Voice phone number is another essential you’ll need when you start traveling with cryptocurrency. It’s a great tool for travelers no matter where they go, and it offers stronger security than using a typical mobile number. Hackers will have a much harder time tracking your phone and transactions when you use a Google Voice number.

Travel With Other Crypto Users

Sharing the common travel expenses with friends allows you all to travel longer and makes your crypto go further. You may make some amazing friends during your travels, especially if you go to crypto meetups with other users. Don’t be afraid to travel with these adventurers for a shared experience that neither of you will forget.

You’ll also have friends to help you with transfers should a financial emergency arise. Having a crypto debit card can fix several issues, but having a friend you trust to help with transfers is difficult to beat.

Be Aware of What You Say

You never know who is watching and listening to you when traveling abroad. One of the worst things you can do is flash your Bitcoin and mention that you have a crypto wallet in front of strangers. You run the risk of getting jumped or robbed if you’re not aware of your surroundings at all times.

You’re at the whims of your environment and the people around you, so always be cautious when using and talking about cryptocurrencies abroad. Avoid talking about your Bitcoin investments with people you don’t know or trust. You’re not a Bitcoin missionary, so don’t make it your goal to spread the good word about crypto to strangers.

You should also avoid putting Bitcoin stickers on your laptop and other accessories. These stickers draw unnecessary attention to you and open the door to getting attacked or mugged. The same principle applies to wearing Bitcoin apparel, as this puts a target on your back when you’re out in public.

The worst thing you can do is mention how much Bitcoin you own with strangers. Avoid drinking and talking about your savings in places like hostels and bars.

Start Traveling With Cryptocurrency Today

Traveling with cryptocurrency is a great way to save money and maintain your financial security, but you must take the proper steps when planning a vacation. Always have two-factor authentication set up, and be aware of your environment when talking about Bitcoin. You should also download CoinMap to find Bitcoin ATMs and crypto-friendly local vendors upon arrival.

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