The Importance of Mindset in Success

It’s a simple concept, but it’s true: thoughts affect results. Mindset is the one thing that influences your levels of success and how you live your life more than anything else because your thoughts impact …


It’s a simple concept, but it’s true: thoughts affect results. Mindset is the one thing that influences your levels of success and how you live your life more than anything else because your thoughts impact behaviour. Develop the right mindset and you can enjoy a much better reality.

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Connecting mindset with success

One of the most famous people in the field of understanding the connection between mindset and success is psychologist Carol Dweck. Professor Dweck is renowned for her theory of the existence of two types of mindsets: the fixed mindset, the belief that traits intelligence, talent and other characteristics and unchangeable; and the growth mindset, the belief that it’s possible to develop skills and talents if you persevere.

One example of the growth mindset is dealing with failure. Failure is a setback, but the story doesn’t have to end there. Seeing failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, a challenge to overcome, can transform negative experiences into more positive ones.

How to change your mindset

Your mindset doesn’t have to stay fixed. Change your mindset and you can change your life.

Form a winning perspective

Events carry the meaning you attach to them. The beliefs, attitudes and biases you hold affect how you process information and experience the world. A positive mindset increases the chances of developing a winning perspective and of achieving success.

Eliminate negative self-talk

Be kind to yourself. Telling yourself ‘I’m so bad at this’ or ‘I shouldn’t have done that’ internalises these feelings and, eventually, solidifies them, doing you no good at all. If you catch yourself thinking of yourself negatively, turn that talk into something more positive. For instance, ‘I’m so bad at this’ could become ‘With a little more practice at this, I’ll be better.’

Build good habits

Good habits, those little decisions we make each day, are essential for success. It’s possible to change from bad habits to good ones. Exercising every evening instead of watching TV is one good habit. Going to bed early and observing a healthy sleep routing is another one. If you’re having trouble sleeping, your mattress could be the problem. A visit online to the Divan Beds Centre could help you put that right.

Read books

Reading gives you stronger analytical thinking skills, builds vocabulary and aids comprehension.  However, you don’t have to limit yourself to books only. You can read online magazines and blogs, where you can also find real-life experiences. An example is The Doe stories. It allows you to form your own perspectives on issues and to see topics from other perspectives. Reading is important for growth and success.

Channel your drive

Drive is crucial for achieving goals. If you have no drive, success is likely to evade you. Positive people don’t waste time blaming their circumstances: they work hard to get out of them. If you can direct your focus and commit to a purpose, you stand a better chance of accomplishing long-term aims.

Focus on the present

Life is so busy that sometimes people forget to focus on the present. Forget about the past, even if it’s just a few minutes ago. Forget about the future, even if it’s just an hour into the future. Just focus on what’s happening right now.

Sometimes when something bad is happening, it’s not as bad as you think. The negativity comes from memories of recent events or from exaggerated imagination of something that could happen in the future. Keep in the present moment.

Surround yourself with positive people

It could be a friend, work colleague or mentor. But surround yourself with positive people. You’ll hear positive stories and statements… stories and statements that encourage you to think more positively. Negativity in life can consume so you, so try to stay away from negative people.

How you think influences the outcomes you achieve in life. If you’re experiencing bad results constantly, reflect on your mindset and the impact it could be having. It’s never too late to change. Don’t let your mindset hold you back from the success you deserve.

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