Cycling can be a great form of exercise, a rewarding hobby and an eco-friendly and free form of transportation, but it is also an activity which can be dangerous if you are not careful. This is why it is so important for cyclists to know how they can stay safe when out on their bikes, especially when cycling in traffic.

Road Positioning

In terms of your position on the road, you should try to maintain a primary position in the centre of the lane to stop people from overtaking you, but you must also be willing to move over on faster roads to let motorists by. Keeping away from the curb makes you more visible, helps you to miss things like debris and drain covers and gives you some space to move into if someone gets a little too close while overtaking.

Make Yourself Visible

It is the law that you must have working lights on the front and rear of the bike switched on between sunrise and sunset. It is also smart to wear high visibility clothing, which will ensure that you are seen by other road users in low visibility.

Monitor Speed

You must also monitor your speed at all times and ensure that you are travelling at a safe and appropriate speed for the traffic. Additionally, be sure to keep your hands on the brakes at all times and to brake as gently as possible so that you are more predictable to those around you.

Always be Alert

Following this point, you must also make sure that you are constantly alert and scanning what is around you. Traffic, car doors and pedestrians are all things that you need to look out for when cycling and staying alert will protect you, the bike and other road users.

Make Intentions Clear

As a cyclist on the road, you are more vulnerable than other road users which means that you need to make it clear exactly what your intentions are. This will include clear signalling with plenty of notice, always checking behind and making clear eye contact with other road users.

What to do if an Accident Happens?

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, other road users may be less alert, and accidents can happen. If you are involved in a collision when cycling, it is essential you know how to respond. Immediately after a collision, you will need to take the details of the other parties involved in the accident and ensure you seek medical attention as soon as you can. Seeking medical treatment is essential to ensure you are well and will also be crucial evidence if you decide to make a personal injury claim.

Hopefully, these tips will come in useful and help you to stay and feel safer while out cycling whether this is for exercise, simply exploring or as a form of transport. Cycling can be a great way to get around, but it can also be dangerous so cyclists need to make safety their priority.