The Physical and Emotional Impact of a Vehicle Accident

Nearly 5.2 million people were disabled or hurt in car accidents in 2020. When it comes to accidents, it is not only about physical injury, but it also causes emotional damage and financial difficulties. Not …

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Nearly 5.2 million people were disabled or hurt in car accidents in 2020. When it comes to accidents, it is not only about physical injury, but it also causes emotional damage and financial difficulties. Not many people realize that the emotional damage from a car accident can last for years. If you have been in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, here are a few physical and emotional signs you must watch out for.

Physical damage

Experienced attorney Willie D. Powells III known by many in the Houston area as “Win with Willie Houston” for his unparalleled success in legal battles, states, “You will be able to notice the physical damage right away. It can be in the form of bruises, cuts, or other damage that will be noticed after the accident. You must not neglect any pain or discomfort in your body right after an accident.”

  • Cuts and burns are very common in car crashes and based on the severity of the crash, there could be debris, shards of metal or even broken glass that can cause cuts. In a lot of car accidents, there are hot car parts that can burn when they are touched. There is a possibility for the combusted fuel tanks or the fuel line to explode in the crash and it can cause more burns to the ones who are close enough. Hence, get the cuts and burns treated right away to avoid any chances of skin infection.
  • Fractures and tissue damage can be difficult to diagnose without medical help. Many people get an increase in adrenaline after the crash and start to think that they are physically okay. But you may not realize that you might have fractured a bone until there is pain or you undergo an X-ray. Tissue damage could become a long-term problem for many.
  • Spine and back injuries are common in car crashes, but they can vary to a big extent. Right from the sprains that heal immediately to the damaged nerve networks that could result in temporary or permanent paralysis. In case of back pain after the accident, it is important that you visit the doctor to be checked. A lot of people with spine injuries suffer from recurring pain even after the accident.
  • Accidents have caused death in many people aged between 15 and 29 years old. The majority of the people who die due to an accident are passengers.

Emotional Damage

Physical damage in a car accident is more obvious than emotional but emotional damage could last longer than any physical pain and could also interfere with your everyday life.

  • Anxiety is common after a car accident, but it can also slowly creep on you. Many people who have been through traumatic events tend to develop some anxiety and it could come in physical symptoms like nausea or panic attacks. A lot of people tend to become anxious about sitting in the car again or might not want to go back to driving.
  • Depression could impact your health and wellbeing long-term, but survivors of major car crashes have gone through depression. This is why it is important to give yourself the time to get over the traumatic events of the crash and move forward in life. If you are unable to sleep, constantly feel sad, and do not like to engage in daily activities, you need to see a doctor.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is also caused by a car accident. People who have gone through traumatic events often develop PTSD and they become hyper-aware of their surroundings and react immediately. Some people also feel emotionally numb and are unable to relax or sleep well. Do not try to self-medicate in this situation; try to see a doctor as soon as possible. Self-medication can also lead to other problems.

Behavioral changes

Those who go through traumatic events often change their behavior and this is easily noticeable. If there is someone with behavioral issues, they could seem confused or live in their own world after a car accident. Even disorganized speech or hallucinations are common. If there are any changes in behavior, they could lead to various disorders and need to be addressed through therapy.

Car accidents have bigger consequences than one can ever imagine and while physical and financial damage is talked about, not many speak about the emotional damage. It could leave life-long wreckage and could be devastating if not addressed at the right time. The moment you notice physical injury or pain, you need to visit a doctor and get it checked. But if you feel like you are going through anxiety, stress, or depression and are unable to get back to your routine, you will need to speak to a therapist. Lastly, seek the help of a professional personal injury lawyer to get compensation for the financial loss.

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