The Recovering Economy & Hiring

As the economy recovers from the slump created by the COVID-19 pandemic, workers are going back to work and companies around the country are hiring new employees. With so many people looking for work, the …


As the economy recovers from the slump created by the COVID-19 pandemic, workers are going back to work and companies around the country are hiring new employees. With so many people looking for work, the hiring process is increasingly complex. There are more candidates to choose from, which can make it more difficult to filter out those you don’t want to find the right person for the job. Luckily there are a variety of mechanisms employers can use to determine who the perfect candidate is. Between the recovering economy, open positions, and millions of workers looking for jobs, it is an exciting time for hiring and being hired.

Economic Bounce Back

One of the most surprising parts of the economy post-COVID-19 is that it is already almost recovered. The national economy is operating at 92 percent of what it was in March of 2020. Millions of workers have had the chance to take a break, reevaluate their lives, and shift their priorities. Many are looking for a new vocation or a new employer. As people go back to work and companies hire new employees to expand their business, it shouldn’t be difficult to grow beyond where the economy was in 2020 when the first lockdowns were mandated.

No Shortage of Candidates

Not only are there millions of employees returning to work after unemployment benefits, there are also thousands of recent graduates. Almost half of college graduates from 2020 still hadn’t found a job in May, but now 2021 graduates are joining them. If you’re hiring for entry-level positions, you shouldn’t overlook college graduates. They will be motivated to work for less. They will have skills that older, more experienced workers don’t. When it comes to hiring for your business, you should think about what you are hiring for and what kind of person is the right candidate.

Expand Your Business

Every business wants to take their company to the next level. While you want to expand your reach to new clients, you will also need to hire new employees to get the job done. You may need to pivot when new opportunities and markets become available to you. That’s why it’s important to ensure room for growth. This is especially true when hiring recent college graduates but applies to any sort of hiring situation. Making room for employees to grow with the business will create a loyal, trustworthy team you can count on.

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Tips for Hiring

With so many candidates and positions that need to be filled, you probably want to hire the best employees as soon as possible. Luckily there are a variety of methods to find them. First, you should always run background checks on prospective employees. These checks don’t just offer the employer the candidate’s criminal record, they will provide information on any past names or addresses they’ve had, their education verification, and employment information. If the candidate is lying about something, you will probably be able to find out if something is up.

You should also use social media to get the word out that you are hiring for specific positions and to check on the profiles of prospective candidates. Another method you should make use of are job boards. These days the platforms that connect employers with candidates are remarkable. You can make specific searches that will enable you to filter through the candidates. Finally, attending college career events will help you connect with new graduates to hire for entry-level positions.

It is without question an interesting time for the economy. Companies need to fill jobs and workers need work, but there is still a disconnect between them. Priorities have shifted and some workers were making more money on unemployment than they were at their old job. Whether you’re hiring or need to get hired, finding the right match is integral.

There are more candidates than ever for a wide range of jobs. That’s why it is imperative to sift through the candidates and find the right people for the position. Whether it’s through a background check, career platforms, social media, a career event, or a referral from current employees, putting in the work to find the right employees will help everyone involved grow and prosper.

Ryan Beitler is a journalist, writer, and blogger who has covered the economy and business for a variety of publications.

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