Meeting people online is more common than ever in our increasingly digital world. We maintain a lot of our social connections through online platforms, so it makes sense that we also start some of them there as well. Read on for some essential advice on navigating dating online, from what platforms to use to how to maintain safety.

Sliding Into Their DM’s

Messaging someone you follow on a social media platform can be an excellent way to reach out to people with whom you share similar interests. It’s also great for reconnecting with previous acquaintances. You need a good opener, but one that doesn’t come across as creepy. Crafting your opening line can be quite a skill and so always think before you post if it could be interpreted the wrong way; if so, don’t send it.

There’s an App for That

You can find an app for almost anything nowadays, and dating is no exception. You can find round-up guides for all the popular dating apps that will explain the pros and cons of each app. Everyone will find different apps better than others depending on their conversation style, age and area and what they are looking for.

All apps will ask you to create an account and share some pictures and a short bio before you can start getting matches. Don’t worry; plenty of tips help you make an enticing profile and put your best foot forward.

Chat Lines

Chat lines are what some might consider the retro option, but they are still thriving today. However, they can be done through your computer and mobile phone rather than by calling a landline. Sites like list several chat lines for different audiences.

A phone call is a fun way to meet people in your area and can be a way to avoid the awkwardness of messaging by moving straight to a more natural conversation flow.

Reddit and Interest Groups

For some people finding a similar interest is a way to go. There are also many subreddits devoted to the subject of dating where people post profiles online. A benefit of this is that people are less restrained by an app’s character limit or format of an app, and so you can include pictures or videos to show your personality. However, this is the online dating route to be most cautious of. You run the risk as groups and blogs can be anonymous; there’s no way to tell who you are dating.

Staying Safe Online

Standard rules for staying safe online don’t give out personal info like bank details, addresses, or passwords still apply. But there are some additional considerations when it comes to online dating.

Watch out for the catfish! Move to a video call before meeting or move from the original platform to another.

When meeting, pick a public location, for example, a cafe or restaurant, rather than a private residence. You will be more secure, and if you get there and feel uncomfortable or find the person is not who you were expecting, you can leave. Many places also have an angel shot policy that allows you to get help if you feel unsafe.


Have fun. Dating should be fun and about making personal connections. Use online apps, chatlines, or direct messaging to make the initial connection with people with similar interests and values and enjoy watching it flourish in person too!