Themed Party Ideas for a 10-Year-Old

Do you rack your brains on how to organize a lively and emotional party for your child? Why not throw a themed party to enthuse all the guests. You can come up with a bunch …


Do you rack your brains on how to organize a lively and emotional party for your child? Why not throw a themed party to enthuse all the guests. You can come up with a bunch of your ideas or find a suitable ready-made party solution.

No matter what theme you would choose, the bright and airy decor is an integral part. To adorn a kids’ party with balloons properly, pay attention to what your little one likes. Based on his/her preferences, you may embellish a venue with colorful flying products from foil, arches, colored helium balloons, huge surprises, or inflated names and numbers and order them on Listen to your child’s wishes in advance and create a rainbow mood. Your son/daughter and his/her guests are sure to appreciate your efforts and reward you with a happy smile, which can be captured in a photo along with the original balloon decoration.

Cowboy Party

The Western theme at a kid reception opens up huge possibilities in terms of implementation. If you want to create the atmosphere of the Wild West, you will need cowboy hats, boots, lassos, as well as horses (sticks with horses’ heads), pants or vests with fringe, and Texas country music. The scenario could be as follows: a bandit is hiding in the saloon where the cowboys are sitting, and you need to track him down. Then you can build a team game to catch the villain.

Gangster Shower

Kids and teenagers find a mafia idea fun. What to expect from the atmosphere of Chicago in the ‘30s? Gunfights, guns, robberies, jazz, money, jewelry, and casinos. A retro gangster shindig is easy to throw at home if you think of a dress code, gambling entertainment, and a bank robbery.

School of Magic

To arrange a little Hogwarts for hanging out of little ones, all you need to do is stock up wands and robes, prepare a distributing hat, contests and quizzes. Harry Potter night will be successful if you manage to make impressive theoretical and practical lessons in magic: tricks, shows, and science experiments.

Zombie’s Attack

It’s a funny and slightly hooligan birthday theme. You may arrange contests by assembling a cardboard zombie that has fallen apart or feeding the undead by throwing a ball right into the fangy mouth.

Kids will want to take pictures in the background of terrifying creatures. So, be sure to arrange a brightly colored area decorated with foil balloons depicting various evil creatures or order a walking figure of a zombie leader. When you decide on a scary theme party for kids, don’t overdo it with the entourage. The decorations should be fun, not scary as impressionable children might be in any company.

Music Festivals

Popular music kid’s celebrations are rock’n’roll or disco. That’s a very original birthday theme, which will be a complete surprise for most guests! A bright dandy dress will surely please the fashion girls, and the image of the king of rock and roll will inspire the boys to dance.

Any themed party, whether it’s a birthday or a less important occasion, requires serious preparation. A lot of decor stuff can be made with your own hands from off-the-shelf items. A wide selection of balloons will make it easy for you to get ready for the holiday. You can decorate any room with them, placing air products on the ceiling or fixing them on the walls, or you can make an accent for decorating only one element of the interior. Using bright helium balloons, you may create arches, 3D inscriptions, flower meadows, and stands. The main thing is bright and fun!

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