These 13 things won’t let your skin glow

How many of you want to have glowing skin? Everyone wants this but unintentionally we are doing such things to our skin which is harmful and taking such diet that ruins the skin glow. In …

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How many of you want to have glowing skin? Everyone wants this but unintentionally we are doing such things to our skin which is harmful and taking such diet that ruins the skin glow. In this blog, we are going to share some of these things that won’t let your skin glow. If you have been incorporated these things since years, then skip immediately because it would only give your skin dullness. Take a look

High intake of soda drinks

We all have added soda drinks in our daily routine but do you know it has a high sugar amount that can damage the collagen formation? Yes, it ruins the skin elasticity and makes your skin saggy. We should immediately skip these things and moved on to water and unsweetened beverages.

Fried food items

We all sometimes crave for fried food items but do you know how much it is bad for the skin? Consuming too many high fat food put adverse effects on blood circulation. It also increases the skin puffiness that looks bad and no one wants to have so try to keep yourself away from the fried food items as much as you can.

Sleeping over dirty bed sheets

Do you know dirty bedsheets cause more harm to the skin? The sheet shouldn’t be any longer than a week. Always use silk covers for pillowcases because silk material is naturally hypoallergenic work as a temperature regulator, which is fantastic for skin and hair.

Hot baths

If you people are looking for relaxation, then hot baths are best because it makes you stress-free, but hot baths dry out skin moisture and natural oils of the skin and make your skin dull. Never rub your skin vigorously. Cold baths always retain the skin’s natural oil and locked the moisture of the skin.

Skipping sunscreen

Harmful rays of the sun can damage the skin faster because of the exposure of harmful UV rays. It causes wrinkles and sunburn. It also shows premature ageing, which is not a good thing for skin. All you need to do is to make a habit of using sunscreen daily before going into the sun. Use maximum SPF 30 or more for skincare and let it absorb before applying any makeup products. Sunscreen is a must for indoor or outdoor so never skip this.

Alcohol intake

Alcohol is terrible for your skin health. High intake of alcohol wreaks your skin by sucking out moisture from the skin and make it dull. If you people are having a high intake of alcohol, then leave it today because it is going to leave a destructive impact on your health. Replace alcohol with other extra fluids. Higher intake of alcohol cause alcohol poisoning so avoids getting alcohol too much because it is going to cause so many skin issues.

Processed sugar

You may like candies and other snacks that are made of processed sugar but do you know how much it is unhealthy for you? These processed sugars damage your skin by increasing inflammation. Just take out excessive sugar from your diet and see the result because it is only going to ruin your skin.


If you people are one of those who can’t live without coffee, then it would be difficult for you to hear that coffee arise so many skin issues. An abundance of coffee with sugar will show up on the skin and interrupt sleeping patterns. Coffee contains antioxidants that are going to make skin condition even more worst. It dehydrates the skin and increases fine lines as well. Reduce the intake of coffee if you people want to make your skin healthy and glowing.

Sleeping patterns

For all those who want rejuvenated skin, they need to work on sleeping patterns. Take sufficient sleep because waking up late-night leaves eye bags and dark circles. You won’t look refreshed, and it will be shown on the skin. It doesn’t matter how much challenging routine everyone has but try to manage the work routine.

Lack of water

We usually don’t pay attention to water intake, and in winters intake is reduced to an extent level. Lack of water cause dehydration and won’t promote healthier skin. Water solves so many skin issues, so everyone needs to make it compulsory by taking 3-4 litres daily to see the results. It flushes out toxins from the body and leaves your skin healthy and supple.

Stress and anxiety

We all are surrounded by stress and anxiety in our lives and do you know it shows quickly on our skin. When you people will be calmed and relaxed it lets your skin shine otherwise negative thoughts and energies cause stress and anxiety and steal glow from the face. Self-care is essential, and we should not let the negative thoughts ruin our skin.

An irregular routine of exercise

It would be difficult for many of you to take out some time from busy routine for a workout, but for healthy skin, everyone needs to sweat out. Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body. It makes skin glowing and clear. Go for the cardio, jogging and dancing to see the effective results.

Over exfoliation

People who are used to do heavy exfoliation are ruining their skin because over-exfoliation is the enemy of your skin. Try to do only once or twice in a week to remove dead cells. For all those who have sensitive skin, they can set the routine after consultation of dermatologists.

These things are going to ruin your skin if you people have been repeating these things for years. If you are not getting exactly what to do then ask your dermatologist for advice. They will suggest you the best facial products along some tweakments in your diet and lifestyle. No worries, you all will shine and glow soon. Always stay positive and stay away from negative people because negative energies will wreck your mind and its difficult to look fresh and healthy.

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