Teenage is the most critical time of life, in this specific time frame, individuals need freedom but simultaneously need guidance as well. Therefore, all parents should take care that their children are not getting into any bad thing that might spoil their future. Below we have mentioned some of the things and behaviors that college-going students should avoid.

Sending inappropriate pictures

With every passing day, teenagers who are using technology in the wrong way are increasing. According to a survey, 70% of teens in the USA send nude pictures of themselves to their girlfriends/boyfriends.

The alarming number of teens actually don’t know that they cannot control who can see these photos and how it will affect them later in their professional life.

“Sexting” is another type of improper technology use, where teens send each other sexually suggestive messages.

If these messages get revealed to their employer in the future or their family members, it can have a terrible impact on their reputation. Parents should talk to the internet providers and keep a check on their kids’ mobile phones to save them from future disgrace.

Porn addiction

This is the time when you should keep a particular check on the browser history of your college-going kids.

Porn addiction is something that starts from this age, and it never goes away. People who get addicted to porn stops enjoying the real moments, which makes their married life difficult.

Moreover, the teens who get into this will know what they are not supposed to know. Due to this, they can develop specific fantasies that do not exist in the real world. To avoid this situation, parents should tell the kids the reality of porn that how it is filmed in a controlled environment, and it has no link with real life.

If you fail to guide your kids at the right time, they will spoil their life forever.

Parents should teach their kids that they should never be a slave of sexual desires. Instead, they should control and master it.

Dangerous adventures

Teens are full of energy, and they love to explore new things. To some extent, it is a good thing, as we all know, few people started to think out of the circle to bring us where we are now.

However, unnecessary adventures are deadly, and they can take your life forever.

Young individuals forget everything when they are together, and that results in fatal accidents. Just like that, a young teenager in Nepal who was doing cliff jumping asked his friend to do that too, although he had height phobia, yet his friends forced him to do that, which resulted in the wrong jump, and he was found dead after 3 hours in the dam.

Before doing adventures like cliff jumping, plane jumping, scuba diving, jungle exploring, etc., you should always take special training from professionals. Moreover, in your teenage never try anything alone. Always do such things under the supervision of an elder sibling or parents.

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is getting common day by day in teens. According to a recent survey, every teen in America has tried ecstasy (illicit drug) once in his/her life.

The party trend is increasing in every country, and this is when individuals are ready to take new challenges and try new things. Control your children at the right time; otherwise, these chemical substances can spoil their lives or even kill them.

Understanding alcoholism is important and it is imperative to curb this evil right there in the bud.

There are multiple dealers and drug manufacturers that force teenagers to try drugs, heroin, cocaine, meth, etc., once.

However, if you start consuming it once and get addicted and dependent on the drug, the way back is extremely difficult. Because to keep our body and brain happy, we will be dependent on drugs, which is the start of our destruction.

If a person gets into drugs, don’t worry; it’s never too late; you can always look for a good rehabilitation center and wait for the results. You should keep your kids under the surveillance of doctors because you cannot fix them yourself, and leaving drugs immediately can have fatal effects on their health.

Physical Relationships

When you get into college life, you met new people, and you might develop feelings for them. However, this does not mean that you should keep a physical relationship with them. It can harm you in multiple ways.

The risk of pregnancy is the biggest reason you should never be physical until you get married. Other than this, there are numerous other problems caused by Having sex with someone else.

HIV is also a sexually transmitted disease, and you might not know who can put you into this, and it is not curable till now.

You might also get attached to a certain person, and when he/she leaves you, you will get into a severe depression, resulting in a nervous breakdown, anxiety, depression, etc.


Maturity comes with time, and maybe that’s why college-going students are very immature, and they love to fight. These fights will not take you anywhere; in fact, they can spoil your future.

You might not take these fights seriously, but actually, they are the reason for the death and lifelong injuries of multiple individuals.

IF the fights get severe and the police come in, your name will be written in the criminal record that will disturb you if you plan to go anywhere outside the country. In fact, no good university will give you admission. They all want a clearance report from the local police station.

Never get into the fights; instead, stop people who are fighting with each other because no religion teaches us to fight with each other.

Final verdict

We all love our children and always think in their favor. Yet, we need to understand them and guide them in a way that their freedom should not be disturbed. Above mentioned things are prevalent, and mostly every parent knows about them, but the problem comes in when we take extreme steps to guide our children. Always be gentle and soft with them no matter what the mistake is. This will never let them rebel against you.