Things Every Bodybuilder should know about Dumbbells

The most common equipment for workouts is known as dumbbells. Gym trainers heavily rely on dumbbells. No matter if it is an upper body, lower body, or full-body workout, dumbbells are the essential part of …


The most common equipment for workouts is known as dumbbells. Gym trainers heavily rely on dumbbells. No matter if it is an upper body, lower body, or full-body workout, dumbbells are the essential part of it and it has a massive presence in the fitness routine.

The best part about dumbbells is they are quite easy to use, unlike other equipment. Holding dumbbells allows you to develop full-body strength.

A lot of benefits are available but here we will discuss the most important ones are:

No ambiguity with dumbbells

Dumbbells are usually the favorite equipment of workouts for beginners and athletes. The most user-friendly equipment in the gym is dumbbells because it does not see your experience. The user just needs to select the size of dumbbells according to his potential.

Zero risk for injury

Whenever we talk about gym and weightlifting, we couldn’t resist the fact of high risk for injury. Dumbbells are the only equipment that is easy to lift and have zero risk for injury (when used appropriately). The selection of dumbbells is totally up to your experience and your weight. They are also easy to carry, which means less strain on your joints and muscles. So finally, if anyone is struggling from hardcore exercise then he/she can take bail from that and can lift the dumbbells for full-body strength.

Inter and intra-muscle coordination

Dumbbell exercise will let you create both inter and intramuscular coordination. Dumbbells also let you lead to greater levels of muscle activation. Intermuscular coordination means the ability of multiple muscles to work together to maintain joint motion. Using liter dumbbells for workouts improves coordination between different body segments. On the other hand, if you are using heavy dumbbells, it can increase the number of muscles fibers.

Muscle growth

The load or weight of dumbbells will provide you with two types of muscle growth: metabolic and mechanic. When a muscle is worked to fatigue that process is called metabolic overload. Eventually in the metabolic overload process muscle cells can store more glycogen which can help to increase the size of the muscle.

Whereas, any damage caused by muscle contractions is known as mechanic overload. The muscle size will ultimately increase by the process of mechanic overload. Heavy dumbbells can formulate mechanical overload and normal weight dumbbells can produce metabolic overload.

Money saver equipment for bodybuilders

Investment in good things never hurts! Dumbbell weight set investment is a long-term investment that is helpful for every sort of bodybuilder. Not only bodybuilders can take advantage of it, but also an ordinary person can also entertain himself and improve his full-body strength. An ordinary gym membership costs around $50 per month. If you are good at mathematics you will have an idea that how much you are investing in the gym annually. What would be the cost of a dumbbell? You will be maximum charged $30 for a pair of dumbbells which is a true lifesaver.

Adjustable dumbbells vs fixed Dumbbells

These are the two primary types of dumbbells that come into the market. If you are using less weighted dumbbells (10- 20 lb.), that will be fixed dumbbell and the weight cannot be changed at any cost. In another case, if you are willing to use weighted dumbbells, they all will be adjustable according to the user’s and trainer’s needs.

An adjustable dumbbell means you can adjust the external weight by simply sliding on the plates you want. Put on a collar or cap and start lifting it. Another option for adjustable dumbbells is to add another plate right next to the fixed plate. The plate could be of any size you want to lift.

There is a bit of difference in the prices of both fixed and adjustable dumbbells. A fixed dumbbell would cost you a bit expensive because it is made with iron and they are built to last. On the other hand, an adjustable dumbbell would be a bit reasonable at cost. You can add several plates of your own choice at any stage of life. So, these are the basic differences between fixed and adjustable dumbbells.

Do yourself a favor and purchase fixed dumbbells to save money and time. The time that you will apply to adjust the plates and caps would take your extra effort.

Steel vs Rubber Coated Dumbbells

Steel-coated dumbbells are the most reliable equipment for workouts. They never change their appearance and work as a lifesaver.

Rubber coated dumbbells are easy to lift and best for newcomers because at the start beginners don’t know the exact way to use them. Rubber is a good element for them because they will not get injured in the case of wrong lifting.

What are you waiting for?

Buy your choice of dumbbell and boost up your fitness!

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