The perfumery industry is a big thing in Singapore, but to a customer, this only means that you need to be more vigilant.

No one would want to use an unsafe or unpleasant perfume after spending quite some amount on it. For this reason, you shouldn’t buy perfume in Singapore then move ahead to wearing it without doing some form of inspection. In this article, you’ll learn the top things you check after buying perfume in Singapore to know if you’ll proceed using it or not.

Top 3 things to check after buying perfume in Singapore

1. Packaging

The packaging is the first thing you see when you receive any online purchased product. While this is not a conclusive method on its own to determine the authenticity of a perfume, it can help you kick start the investigation. For fragrances, you should focus on spelling mistakes of the ingredients’ names.

No serious brand will dispatch their products before entirely confirming that the ingredients’ names are correctly written. Here, you need to refine your research to know what real vs. fake packaging of a particular perfume looks like.

2. Expiry date

The last thing anyone would want is to buy perfume in Singapore and wear it for quite some time, only to realize later that they’ve been using an expired product. While it may seem like perfumes don’t expire, they actually do, and this may put you at risk of serious skin rashes. Always check the expiration sticker and confirm that the perfume is not past its expiration date.

3. Actual scent of the perfume

When you buy perfume in Singapore, you should test its actual scent to know if it’s what you were looking for. The rule of thumb here is to do a comparison with what you’ve been using to see if the two match, if it’s the same perfume. On the other hand, if it’s a new perfume that you’re just testing out, check if the perfume will work for your natural scent.

What to do when you question the authenticity of a perfume in Singapore

If you have doubts about the authenticity of the perfume on doing the above checks, then there are three options to work around it:

  • Ask for clarifications- Some perfume brands are fond of re-formulating their products and you may miss an update. So, when you doubt the scent of the fragrance you got, you can confirm with the shop or the manufacturer to know the way forward.
  • Return the perfume and apply for exchange- Just like other beauty products, the return and exchange service works for perfumes too. If you just identified a minor error such as incompatibility of the perfume’s scent to your natural scent, you can always return and exchange it for another.
  • Return the perfume and apply for a refund- If you’ve lost your trust in the fragrance as well as the online store, you can return the product and find another shop to buy perfume in Singapore from.

Wrapping up

When you buy perfume in Singapore, don’t just go ahead and use it without doing these basic checks. If you are trying a new scent, a new brand, or buying a different perfume from your usual ones, you can’t afford to overlook these inspections. Take responsibility for checking the authenticity of the beauty products you buy online and you’ll never go wrong.