Thryv Announces Dates and Keynote Speakers for Its Small Business Conference Connect21

Thryv is excited to announce its two-day virtual conference, Connect21, on November 10 – 11. This small business conference is geared toward owners and managers who want to network, learn, and pay homage to the …


Thryv is excited to announce its two-day virtual conference, Connect21, on November 10 – 11. This small business conference is geared toward owners and managers who want to network, learn, and pay homage to the entrepreneurial spirit. It couldn’t have come at a better time. After running its own survey, Thryv found that about 60% of small business owners believed a recession was on the horizon.

Featuring keynote speakers Ramon Ray (Smart Hustle) and Jonathan Morris (Host of Magnolia Network’s “Self-Employed”), the conference is getting a lot of buzz in the small business community. CEO Joe Walsh is especially proud to debut this line-up in the wake of COVID-19. These are difficult times for many entrepreneurs, and the last thing they need to hear is more doom and gloom.

Thryv Holdings Inc. is the provider of Thryv software, an end-to-end customer platform that challenges the traditional obstacles of small businesses and emerging franchises. See how the conference, keynote speakers, and philosophy of the company can help owners drive sustainable profits.

Who Is Connect21 For?

Connect21 was made for small business owners and entrepreneurs across industries. This includes established businesses who have succeeded in competitive markets for decades as well as up-and-comers who haven’t even filed for a business license yet.

The conference will focus on up-to-date strategies that can help business owners grow in a digital environment. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill tips, but proven paths to stronger annual revenue. Said one previous attendee, “Thryv brought greater value to my business by having national level resources/speakers to the table, useful and actionable advice. The Thryv workshops were fabulous, including [ones] with Thryv users.”

Today’s business climate is one that talks a big game, but can’t always live up to the hype. Joe Walsh wants his clients to know that real success doesn’t come down to platitudes. This conference was built from the ground up for professionals who can’t afford to waste resources. This is an environment that was built to increase the ROI of every attendee.

What Can Attendees Expect?

Connect21 is a virtual gathering place where attendees can:

  • Listen to inspiring keynote speakers. These are experts in the delicate act of managing and balancing a business. From attracting new customers to securing financial success, there are plenty of takeaways to be found in their speeches.
  • Watch practical demonstrations of the types of digital technology that customers increasingly expect today. Software can go a long way toward clearing up stumbling blocks, but it needs to be used properly first.
  • Network with other small business owners and learn more about the larger trends that are driving different industries. This is a chance for people to share their own stories and hear tales from other professionals who are in the same boat.

In an ever-changing business landscape, it can be difficult to suss out the larger context behind the small business landscape. Particularly when conglomerations are vacuuming up nearly everything in their path, small business conferences like Connect21 encourage people to talk about what they’re seeing on a daily basis — not what speculators or outside parties are predicting. This is an empowering way to trade knowledge and potentially even spark long-lasting partnerships.

Get to Know the Speakers

Connect21 is featuring some of the most dynamic keynote speakers in the game today.

  • Opening: Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and the founder of Smart Hustle. After starting four companies and authoring four books, his dynamic presence is welcome at nearly any event in the world. He gets the party started with inspiration that would make even the least confident professional recognize their true potential.
  • Closing: Jonathan Morris is an entrepreneur and the host of Self Employed on the Magnolia Network. He’s been involved in any number of efforts over the course of his career, including hospitality and personal services. He knows what it means to turn nothing into a whole lot of something.

In addition to the keynotes, Connect21 will also feature the following breakout speakers:

  • Kelly Roach: Business strategist and author of Unstoppable, Roach teaches people how to build their own empires.
  • Stephen Bienko: The President of 42 Growth Strategies, this professional focuses on how love and loyalty make for better leadership (and better businesses).
  • Malia Morales: This Sr Vice President at Merrill Lynch may work for a larger company, but she has unique insight into how small business owners can become more effective at managing their wealth.

Ramon Ray expressed his honor at being chosen for this event. “I look forward to sharing my best growth tips with attendees to help them grow their business and take it to the next level.” The conference continues to attract both seasoned and green entrepreneurs precisely because it offers opportunities that are unique to Thryv’s clients. The speakers have all been carefully chosen to shed light on anything from personal branding to speaking to customers on their level.

The Agenda of Connect21

Thryv has built a truly unique platform for its clients, one that addresses everything from ratings and reviews to invoice generation to database organization. The agenda for their conference is also aimed at covering a wide range of topics, including financial wellness, customer connections, and how to build high-performance teams (who can get along just fine without the small business owner).

This conference is as much about customers as it is about employees and the technology that holds it all together. CEO of Thryv Joe Walsh knows that now is a critical time for companies to start prioritizing retention. Real loyalty can’t be bought with a paycheck, nor can it be earned without sincere efforts over time.

Space for Connect21 is limited, so register today to get access to this inspiring event.

The Power of Thryv Software

Thryv Software is used in more than 40,000 businesses today and has won numerous awards for its intuitive navigational features and practical benefits. With Thryv, small business owners don’t have to rely on the workarounds of inferior programs anymore. The developers at this company have done more than guess at what professionals are looking for, they’ve gone out and done the research.

This nitty-gritty approach has earned the company a stellar reputation in the industry and a slew of clients that stretch around the world. At Connect21, CEO Joe Walsh will discuss how this past year is affecting small businesses, and Ryan Cantor, VP of Digital Marketing, will share what’s on the horizon for the company. This is an excellent way for attendees to evaluate new products and consider how they could streamline and improve their operations.

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