Tips For Enjoying Sunny Holidays!

After the winter everybody is looking forward to their much loved summer holiday. After a winter in the harsh weather, most people look forward to nothing more than getting rid of their jeans and jumpers …


After the winter everybody is looking forward to their much loved summer holiday. After a winter in the harsh weather, most people look forward to nothing more than getting rid of their jeans and jumpers and putting on the long awaited swimwear. Taking time out with the family and having some fun is very important in the busy life people have today.

Before going on holiday, it is now the fashionable thing to do some self tanning before going. When preparing to go away it is now a priority to get pampered and ready before leaving. Getting nails prepared, buying new makeup, the list can be endless. There is quite an expense being spent even before leaving the country.

Looking good, and making sure you are looking fabulous is important. People taking more care of what they look like daily has become part of many routines across the world.

The sun and your skin

When traveling abroad some good items will be helpful in making your trip go more smoothly. When away there are things you may not be able to get or will be so expensive that you will have wished you got them before you left.

Sun cream always seems to be one of those things that seem very expensive when abroad. This is normally because the shops that sell it are near to hotels, this automatically puts the price up. Shops within walking distance are always a little more money.

 Your skin needs protection, so if you are not wanting to turn up to your holiday looking pale then apply a self tan before going. This will ensure that you do not lay out in the sun for too long in the first few days. tempting as it is laying out in the sun for hours will only result in one thing, you getting extremely burnt.

Using good sunscreen is important especially for children. Opt for a high factor and waterproof, letting this take effect before attempting to get in the water is paramount in obtaining effective results.

Things you may need around the pool

Being around the swimming pool or near the sea is a key point in people’s holidays. Some things will be helpful when going to these places.

  • Pack enough water
  • Bring enough sunscreen
  • Bring a spare pair of flip flops (they break and can get washed away often)
  • Pack a couple of pieces of fruit ( this will help hunger till its time to get food)
  • A packet of cards / colored pencils and a doodle pad
  • Small ping pong ball
  • Plenty of change
  • A towel
  • A book

This may seem like a lot to pack but honestly, it will save you money when you are out. These things are small so with a decent size rucksack or hold bag this will seem like no mean feat.

The things people pay out for in extras add up when away so if on a budget get these before you go. Look in cheap shops for a pack of pencils or playing cards. When using the hotel shops or shops specifically aiming at tourists the things you have forgotten will be more money.

Children can be a big challenge when away, you are wanting to relax and they unfortunately for you want to be children! Children have a lot of energy, so while you may want to relax, they however do not. Bringing some items, keeping them entertained when you need five minutes of peace may seem like a pain when packing that neverending suitcase, but it will save you lots of hassle. The less bored they are the happier your tanning time will be.

If you are not going away

With lots of people’s schedules not matching or fitting into family trips, there are ways to enjoy your sunny holidays without leaving the country. Making the most of using outdoor space available to you will give you plenty of air, the feeling like you have escaped the home will show as your day goes on.

Invite friends or family members to spend the day at the park, organize a picnic and bring some games will certainly make you feel like you have escaped everyday life, pocket games that can be easily packed are available to buy everywhere. Sharing the responsibility for bringing refreshments will do two things. It will share the cost out and the preparation out, you all want to enjoy the day.

Just because you haven’t left the country does not mean you have to neglect things like your skin or hydration. These can make or break a day. Keeping everybody entertained is also important if you want your day to go smoothly.

If day tripping alone, taking a good book will relax you and pass your day while occupying your mind. If you want to save some money, making lunch and preparing drinks will cut costs. If you want to sightsee or take a trip to a nearby town, look at what train or pass tickets are on offer if this is the quickest way to travel.

Look at what there is to do

Before booking days out whether being at home or away, look at the special offers, ticket prices, for instance, buy one get one free, family tickets, and under a certain age go free. Looking around for offers or vouchers can and will save you money. This can be used for extra treats.

Sometimes it is cheaper to book in advance but if you are attending an outdoor activity and the weather is going to be unpredictable, then it may not be worth the risk, after all, it is worth paying that little bit extra than losing a whole ticket price.

If you are unable to venture an outlook at what can be done in the home or garden. Occupying yourself in the garden is not as hard as you may think, especially in the sunshine. Inviting friends for afternoon tea, or champagne brunch is a wonderful way to feel the day. Arranging it so everyone brings a treat.

Bbqs are another way to have fun in your garden. This can be anything from a small simple family arrangement enjoying a few sausages on a roll or a full-on party involving everyone you know. The choices are up to you and there are endless ways to enjoy your time off, whether it is just you, a few close friends or the whole contents of your phone book, there are plenty of ways to fill your sunny holidays with lots of memories and plenty of fun.


Planning your holidays may seem like a boring or rigid task, it does and can have some good advantages. Time off from the busy life you lead is few and far between, so by being organized you can fit some fantastic things into the time you have. The organization does not even have to be your strong point, you are not making a punishment list, you are just getting a few things in place to make things go smoothly.

You do not need to leave the country to have a good holiday, coinciding your time off work with friends, your children or a family member does have its positive sides. Buying things you need before the holidays start is helpful. Many places run out of things associated with sunshine. Reusable cutlery, ball games, outdoor pools, and such like. Grabbing essentials before going abroad will save you money.

All these things will make for a far happier and stress free time for you. Time saved on other things will give you extra pamper time to paint your nails, get a spray tan, shave those legs that have been neglected all year. Make some well deserved time for you! Delegate the work if everyone pitches in it will be half the work.

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