Tips on buying a Motorhome

Getting away on holiday or an adventure is something we all look forward to doing but the idea of being away from our home comforts and sleeping in a tent doesn’t appeal to everyone. Over …


Getting away on holiday or an adventure is something we all look forward to doing but the idea of being away from our home comforts and sleeping in a tent doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Over the years motorhomes have become a great home from home for many people. With advances in technology and comfort they have become a major part of the leisure industry in the UK and across Europe. Whilst many enjoy the benefits investing in a motorhome it can be a daunting task if you are new to the market.

Here we take a look at things to consider to make an informed decision on your purchase.

Are bigger motorhomes better?

This answer to this question can influence where you are able to take your bailey motorhome as many country lanes can be a struggle to navigate in a large vehicle and motorhomes over 3500 kg mean extra licences may be needed to drive them.

Most models offer a wide selection of layout options with innovative solutions to storage, toilets,showers and sleeping arrangements. The larger you go tends to give you more luxuries and space. You will tend to find that one model will have a selection of layouts to suit your needs with double beds, sofas that convert into beds and drop down beds.

Another useful solution to space can also be an awning which you would have seen more often on a caravan but there is now a wide selection of awnings available for motorhomes. The benefit is an additional room which you can remove any wet or muddy shoes/clothing and an extra room to enjoy dining or just relaxing. Drive away awnings have become popular so you can just unclip the awning from the motorhome and head out for your day’s adventures without the hassle of taking it down each time you wish to pop out.

New or pre-owned

Always a tricky decision when buying anything whether that be a car,bike, tv, house and the same applies for a motorhome. The decision will be very personal to you so consider all your options and your circumstances so you can choose a motorhome that will meet your needs.

If you look to go used then buying from a reputable dealer is recommended so you know that the vehicle has been checked over before sale and you can return to them for anything further you might need.

The main benefit to buying new is that you are the first owner and you’ve been able to choose a motorhome from all the current models available on the market, rather than what might be available preowned at any one time.

Consult the professionals

Doing your research can only take you so far and nothing beats touching and feeling a motorhome in person. Finding a reputable manufacturer and dealer of motorhomes helps answer any questions you may have and they can show you the different options you are interested in.

Bailey of Bristol have been manufacturing leisure vehicles in the South-West England for 75 years Based in Bristol, they are experts in the leisure vehicle industry and employ over 570 people. Their motorhomes and caravans can be purchased from Bailey Approved Retailers around the country.

Some of the larger manufacturers and dealers now have the facility to view layouts and other options virtually from the comfort of your home with 360 virtual tours on the computer giving you a feel of what suits you before you make the trip in person.

Figure out the costs

When you’ve narrowed down your decision on the type and size of the motorhome, there are other costs that need to be considered. Motorhomes require annual maintenance like any other vehicle, so factor in ongoing costs such as servicing, MOTs, insurance, road tax, storage, and warranties. To give you an example of the cost of warranties, here is the cost of an RV Extended Warranty.

On top of that, you need to consider extras such as gas, water tanks, electric hookup, waste tanks, and additional accessories such as awnings and bike racks. All these factors add up, so make sure you budget accordingly.

Hire before buying

Hiring a motorhome for the odd week or weekend is a great way to check that this really is what you are looking to do. An affordable way to have a holiday before you make the larger investment on your next holiday home and enables you to gain experience changing the gas bottles, toilets and attaching the electric hook up and grey waste.

At the same time socialising with fellow campers on site will give you a chance to gain an insight on why people love owning and spending time away in their motorhome year after year.

Final thoughts

Getting out there and asking questions and seeing what is on offer is the best way to pick the right motorhome for you as there is only so much you can learn online.

Owning a motorhome really is a great way to explore the UK and with Europe just over the Channel places to travel to are endless.

Go explore!

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