Tips to Know When Building Out Your Silver Jewelry Collection

Owning silver jewelry is a great way of adding variety to your collection and your wardrobe’s appearance. However, knowing a few key bits of information will help you impressively build out your silver jewelry collection …


Owning silver jewelry is a great way of adding variety to your collection and your wardrobe’s appearance. However, knowing a few key bits of information will help you impressively build out your silver jewelry collection while keeping it shiny and untarnished.

Account for Proper Storage

Before purchasing your first piece of silver jewelry, you should already ensure that you have proper storage for it. This will help you avoid any deterioration of your jewelry from day one. Leaving storage for another time will inadvertently lead to wear and tear.

Many casual jewelry owners will just buy a jewelry box and throw their collection in it. However, proper storage requires following a few simple criteria.

Keep Cool and Dry

Keeping your silver jewelry away from moisture and heat will maintain your collection shiny and beautiful. Even though it may seem convenient, avoid storing your jewelry in the bathroom. You may have easy access to it there but the moisture will tarnish it.

A closet or drawer in your bedroom will make a better option. Make sure the location you choose isn’t humid, something you can usually tell from checking damp surfaces or the presence of mold.

Prefer a Jewelry Box or Jewelry Bag

While a properly lined jewelry box will do the trick, a jewelry bag can also serve as your storage place. The soft lining will not only keep your jewelry from scratching but will also absorb any moisture that gets in.

Take Extra Separation Measures

If you’ll be keeping multiple pieces of jewelry in the same storage container, you’ll want to add extra protection. Anti-tarnish paper strips will keep your jewelry from damage resulting from rubbing against each other.

Check Alloy Content

Pure silver is hypoallergenic. This means that it will not trigger an allergic reaction upon contact with your skin. However, Sterling silver is an alloy that includes a small percentage of other


You may hear doctors refer to metal allergies as metal hypersensitivity. These types of allergies may produce redness, tenderness, swelling, itching and warmth in the affected area. Some people will experience dry patches or blisters that resemble burns.

If you are allergic to certain metals, find out the content of the jewelry you are thinking of

buying. This will help you avoid the grief of owning a piece you adore but cannot wear without

triggering your allergy.

Avoid Corrosive Chemicals

This might seem unworthy of mentioning since you don’t intend on dipping your silver jewelry in any type of harsh chemical. However, substances that can prove corrosive to silver can find their way onto your jewelry.


When you’re preparing to go out of the house, you may use any number of chemicals on your body. These include body washes, hand soap, lotions, perfumes, sunscreen, self-tanners and other beauty and cleaning products. While these substances will make your skin look smooth and smell good, they may react with silver, causing your jewelry to tarnish.

Keep Your Silver Jewelry Dry

For the same reason you should store your silver jewelry in a dry place, keeping your swimming and bathing habits in mind. One of the rules of proper silver jewelry care that people break most often is allowing their jewelry to get wet. Water may seem harmless to your piece of silver jewelry but the resulting chemical reaction will end up tarnishing your bracelet, earrings or necklace.

Make it a habit to take your silver jewelry off before washing your hands, doing the dishes or even going to the gym. Sweat can be just as bad for your favorite piece as chlorinated water from the sink or the swimming pool.

Learn Proper Cleaning

The better care you take of your silver jewelry, the less you will have to clean it. When you do get around to cleaning your collection, it’s best to follow best practices to avoid damaging it.

You can choose to use a jewelry cleaning machine that will ensure you get the best results while taking only a few minutes to complete. If you’ll be cleaning your silver jewelry by hand, it’s best to buy a proper polishing cloth. You may also want to buy or make a cleaning solution that will help remove grime while keeping your jewelry shiny and smooth.

Become an Expert at Maintaining Your Silver Jewelry Collection

Building out your silver jewelry collection is fun and will lead you to compliment your wardrobe nicely. Spend some time on the proper silver jewelry education that will turn you into an expert that your friends will turn to for advice.

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