Keep it minimal is the rule of thumb when it comes to dressing your little one for summer. No matter if it’s chilly winters or scorching summers – your little one has the energy to burn. Even if the sun is on the top, the tiny toddlers want to play outside.

The guide will help you ensure that your baby is dressed properly in comfortable clothes like 100% cotton toddler dresses by SweetHoney Clothing.

Take Note of Layers 

When the temperature is milder ad changes often, wrap your baby in the same number of layers as yours. Make sure your toddler is not sweating as hypothermia can be dangerous and can happen in cold temperatures too. When the temperature turns warmer, a single layer should be just fine for your little one.

Wear a Hat in the Sun

Try to stay home and keep the tot inside when the sun is shining high. However, wearing a sun-protective hat can protect you from the boiling weather by reducing the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the head, face, and neck. Make her wear it for all outdoor activities. If your little one restrains from wearing a hat, buy matching accessories and then try.

Apply a Layer of Sunscreen

During the summers, it’s quite common to see parents chasing their little ones around with SPF 30. Never forget to apply sunscreen on your kid’s skin as it protects the health of the skin – both externally and internally. Consistently wearing SPF 30 sunscreen limits direct exposure to the sun and reduces the risk of skin damage to a great extent.

Pick A Breathable Fabric

As mentioned earlier, nothing can give a more comfortable fit than a 100% cotton dress. These dresses are designed keeping in mind the soft and sensitive skin of your little one. the fabric is light and Convenient for your baby to carry her fashion. Whether you are looking to buy a retro jumper or sleepwear, buy vibrant colors to gain your baby’s attention.

Grab the Perfect Pajamas

What your toddler girl is going to wear to bed in hot weather depends on how high the temperature is. If you keep the AC on, short-sleeve cotton pajamas and a cotton blanket is probably the right choice to keep her comfortable all night. You can also dree the tot in full sleeves if the temperature tends to dip during early mornings.

Taking note of the outdoor and indoor weather is important when you dress up your little one. Sometimes, the outside temperature is completely difficult from the inside and the kiddo may not feel comfortable. In such situations, dree her up in a thin-layered jacket such as a windcheater to make her feel just right in varied temperatures.

When you want to check if your toddler is feeling too cold or too hot, touch the nape of her neck or check the temperature of her fingers and toes. Hope these tips will help you to dress up your baby perfectly.