Tony Dakota: Exploring the Enigmatic Actor’s Career and Legacy

Tony Dakota is an American actor, born in 1982, who gained recognition for his performances in the late 1980s and early 1990s. One of his notable roles was as Clavo on the popular television series …

Real Name:Anthony Charlie DePiano
Birthday:August 2, 1981
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American Actor

Tony Dakota is an American actor, born in 1982, who gained recognition for his performances in the late 1980s and early 1990s. One of his notable roles was as Clavo on the popular television series 21 Jump Street in the late 1980s. He also played the character Georgie Denbrough in the 1990 television mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel “It.”

While the peak of his career was during that era, Dakota has continued to maintain a presence in the entertainment industry. His acting career includes voice roles in the animated television series Captain N: The Game Master and minor appearances in series such as MacGyver. Despite the passage of time, Tony Dakota remains a memorable figure for fans who recall his early work from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Early Career

Start and Rise

Tony Dakota started his career as a child actor with an exceptional talent in acting. Born in 1982 in Auburn, Washington, USA, Tony began pursuing his passion at a young age and quickly gained recognition for his skills. With confidence and a clear understanding of his craft, Dakota was able to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

As a young actor, Tony Dakota was very active in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His early work included voice roles in the animated television series Captain N: The Game Master, showcasing his versatility. Dakota’s dedication and natural ability in bringing characters to life enabled him to take on increasingly significant roles in various television series.

Key Roles

Some of the most notable roles in Tony Dakota’s early career included playing Clavo on the popular television series 21 Jump Street and Georgie Denbrough in the 1990 television mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s epic horror novel It. These performances further established Dakota as a talented young actor to watch, as he admirably portrayed a range of characters from drama to horror.

Tony also made appearances in other television series, such as MacGyver, where he played minor roles like Boy Tommy Giordano. Through these experiences, Dakota demonstrated his ability to immerse himself in the world of acting and consistently deliver captivating performances that left a lasting impression on the audience.



Tony Dakota is known for his role in the comedy-mystery film Who’s Harry Crumb? released in 1989.

TV Series

Dakota made appearances in several television series. He had a minor role in the popular action-adventure TV series MacGyver (1985) as Boy Tommy Giordano, appearing in a couple of episodes between 1989 and 1991. He also portrayed the character Clavo in the TV series 21 Jump Street.

His most notable TV appearance was as Georgie Denbrough in the 1990 television mini-series version of Stephen King’s epic horror novel It. The mini-series became a classic horror adaptation and received critical acclaim.

Short Films

In 1993, Dakota starred in the short film The Lotus Eaters (1993), playing the character Geoffrey. The film received positive reviews for its storytelling and performances.

Voice Roles

Apart from his live-action roles, Tony Dakota lent his voice to animated television series. He had voice roles in the animated TV series Captain N: The Game Master.


In 2018, Dakota appeared in the documentary Pennywise: The Story Of It, which explores the making of the 1990s television mini-series version of Stephen King’s “It” and the phenomenon the show created. This documentary provides an in-depth look at the made-for-TV adaptation and features interviews with the cast and crew.

Famous Characters

Georgie Denbrough

Tony Dakota is best known for his portrayal of Georgie Denbrough in the 1990 television mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s epic horror novel, “It.” Georgie is a young boy who tragically falls victim to Pennywise the Dancing Clown, setting the stage for the terrifying events that unfold throughout the story.

In 2019, Tony Dakota reprised his role as Georgie for a fan-made short film crowdfunded through Indiegogo. This marked his first acting role in 25 years, showcasing his enduring connection with the character.


Dakota also gained recognition for his role as Clavo in the popular television series 21 Jump Street. Clavo is one of the main characters in the series, providing an opportunity for Dakota to showcase his acting skills on a prominent platform.

Various Voice Characters

In addition to his on-screen roles, Tony Dakota has lent his voice to several animated characters. He contributed to the animated television series Captain N: The Game Master, in which he voiced characters like Max, Baby Brown Bear, Aaron, and Freddy.

Throughout his career, Tony Dakota has brought life to a variety of memorable characters, from tragic Georgie Denbrough to the animated personas in Captain N: The Game Master. Although he quit acting in the early 1990s, his portrayal of these iconic characters remains a testament to his talent and impact in the entertainment industry.

Return to Acting

Tony Dakota, best known for his role as Georgie Denbrough in the 1990 television mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s “It”, has been away from the limelight for quite some time. Recently, he has made a return to acting with a short fan film titled “Georgie”.

New Roles

The short film serves as an unofficial sequel and explores the character of Georgie beyond his tragic fate. Directed by John Campopiano and produced by Ryan Grulich, the project sees Dakota reprising his iconic role – an exciting development for fans of the original series.

Although a fan film, “Georgie” presents a unique opportunity for Tony Dakota to collaborate with filmmakers passionate about the world of Stephen King’s “It”. His return to acting brings nostalgia for those who remember his performances from 1990 and showcases his talent in a new light.

By embracing an interesting new project like “Georgie”, Tony Dakota makes a confident and knowledgeable move in his acting career. The film presents the opportunity for the character to be explored in new depths, giving fans a fresh perspective on the classic tale.

In summary, Tony Dakota’s return to acting in the short fan film “Georgie” demonstrates his continued passion for the craft and a strong connection to the beloved character he first brought to life decades ago. As he takes on new roles, fans and the film industry alike will surely be looking forward to seeing more of Dakota’s talent on screen.

Legacy and Impact

Tony Dakota, an American actor born in 1982, is best known for his roles in notable television series and movies from the late 1980s and early 1990s. His most iconic role was in the 1990 television mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s It, where he played the character Georgie Denbrough.

In the mini-series, Tony Dakota’s portrayal of young Georgie brought to life the chilling world of Derry, and the tale of the sinister entity, Pennywise the clown. Expertly played by Tim Curry, who is also known for his memorable role in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pennywise’s apparent intention was to prey upon the town’s children. The themes of fear, trust, and childhood innocence were skillfully intertwined within the story, making Tony Dakota’s performance as Georgie that much more impactful.

The adventures of the children in Derry who banded together to fight the otherworldly threat of Pennywise were brought to life through the exceptional acting talents of the entire cast, including John Ritter and Jonathan Brandis. Unfortunately, few young actors including Tony Dakota were unable to maintain prolific acting careers in their later years.

Despite its age, It (1990) remains a cult classic, thrilling and terrifying audiences even today. The mini-series’s legacy lies not only in its eerie, unsettling portrayal of Pennywise but also in the relatable struggles and bonds between the youthful protagonists. These elements laid the groundwork for later adaptations of Stephen King’s novel, such as the 2017 and 2019 movie versions of It.

Tony Dakota’s portrayal of Georgie Denbrough contributed to a compelling and immersive tale that continues to resonate with viewers. The mini-series served as an early example of how effectively the horror genre, when combined with powerful themes and solid performances, could leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

Personal Life

Tony Dakota was born in Auburn, Washington, USA, in 1982. His birth name is Anthony Charlie Depiano, and he has become famous for his talented acting career. He is a Leo by zodiac sign, indicating a confident and ambitious demeanor.

In terms of physical appearance, Tony Dakota has an attractive presence, although his exact height is not mentioned in the available sources. Nonetheless, his height and overall build have likely contributed to his success in the entertainment industry.

Although primarily known for his acting career with roles in popular television series like “21 Jump Street,” Tony also has a connection to music. Voice acting in the animated TV series “Captain N: The Game Master,” demonstrated his versatility and ability to adapt his voice for various projects.

Regarding relationships, Tony Dakota is currently single and doesn’t have children.┬áHe is focused on his acting career and maintains a relatively private personal life.

In summary, Tony Dakota, born as Anthony Charlie Depiano, is an accomplished actor hailing from Auburn, Washington, known for his roles in TV series and voice acting projects. Although he maintains a relatively private personal life, his passion and dedication to his craft are evident through his work.

Tony Dakota’s enigmatic career, marked by his memorable performance as Georgie Denbrough and his recent ventures, paints a picture of an actor whose legacy continues to evolve. Similarly, Tony Campisi’s journey in the entertainment industry offers its own rich narrative. To uncover insightful facts about Tony Campisi’s life and career, delve deeper here.

Contributions beyond Acting

Tony Dakota is not only known for his acting roles but has also made significant contributions in other areas of the entertainment industry. As a producer, he has been involved in various projects, lending his expertise and experience to help bring creative visions to life.

Dakota has shown his versatility by participating in writing projects as well. His skills as a writer have allowed him to contribute to script development and storylines within the industry. His unique voice and perspective have been essential to the storytelling process, making lasting impacts on various productions.

One notable project Tony Dakota has been involved with is a forthcoming documentary set in Boston. As a co-producer, he has played a vital role in the documentary’s creation process, ensuring the highest quality production and effectively showcasing the subject matter. Through his involvement in this documentary, Dakota continues to demonstrate his commitment to the world of entertainment beyond acting.

In summary, Tony Dakota has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry through his work as a producer, writer, and co-producer on various projects. His talents extend beyond acting and have had a positive impact on the productions he has been involved with as well as the broader entertainment landscape.

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