It probably started with these words: “Wow, you look so handsome while you smoke! Just like James Dean!”

Smoking became an essential part of your natural routine, similar to drinking water from that day forward.

Though sometimes you would think if it would be better to throw away all those cigs. But you can’t find a convincing reason. After all, you feel fit as a fiddle; you’re not overweight. So everything might be alright inside.


Well, here’s where you’re wrong. Just because you don’t see changes on the outside doesn’t mean things are ok on the inside.

So here are three reasons WHY you should quit cold turkey.

Smoking Increases Blood Pressure

Doctors refer to hypertension, or increased blood pressure, as the “silent killer.” You might wake up one day feeling just right, but a few hours later, start getting dizzy and faint. In severe cases, you can even suffer from a heart attack.

The nicotine in your cigarette decreases the levels of potassium in your blood. Potassium widens your blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. If potassium levels fall too much, your blood vessels will narrow, and it will be difficult for the blood to travel to essential organs.

What’s more, the blood vessels leading to your heart can be affected, which can cause sudden heart strains, difficulty breathing, and fainting.

Smoking Harms Your Lungs

The occasional smoker’s cough might not seem like a problem, but what happens when you constantly wake up coughing up phlegm.

Phlegm is the mucus that gets trapped in your airway, which your body spits out. It contains contaminants, irritating particles, or bacteria that should not get inside your lungs.

Generally, if your airway gets irritated, your respiratory system produces a small amount of phlegm to get rid of unwanted contaminants. With smoking, tobacco, and other chemicals can harm the airway and cause inflammation.

Eventually, high levels of tobacco and chemicals can damage your airway and increase your risk of bacterial infection, which can reach your lungs and lead to pneumonia.

Smoking Kills Your Sex Life

If your sex life has been well up to this point, beware that everything can change quickly.

Smoking can cause temporary constriction or narrowing of the penile blood vessels so rapidly that it might catch you by surprise one frisky night.

Smokers are more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation, which can cause high levels of anxiety and low libido. This will make you less excited for intimacy with your partner and cause a rift in your relationship. Smoking also leads to a reduction in the amount of semen produced. So if you and the Mrs. are trying for a baby, smoking can interfere with natural conceivement.

Talking about penile issues with your wife or partner might feel embarrassing. Fortunately, some medical professionals can assist you with your problems.

Conditions like premature ejaculation shouldn’t be ignored but dealt with sooner rather than later. Since the continuous narrowing of blood vessels can stop blood from reaching the penis altogether. If you live in Australia, premature ejaculation treatment from certified doctors will improve your life and sexual wellbeing.