Top 6 Tips to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Are you ready to welcome a pet to your house? You might have never thought about this before, but despite your pet being your best friend, you will still need to make certain adjustments to …


Are you ready to welcome a pet to your house? You might have never thought about this before, but despite your pet being your best friend, you will still need to make certain adjustments to make the pet(s) feel welcomed, cosy, and comfortable. It doesn’t matter whether you want a cat or a dog, or even a hamster; before you welcome the new family member home, you must ensure that your house is pet-friendly.

That said, once you have gone through the list, you will see that many things that pose no threat to humans actually pose a vital threat to pet animals. Read on to learn more about the top tips to make your home pet-friendly:

Avoid Floors Furnished with Rugs

Understandably, you might want to give your interior space a modern and contemporary look. Still, we recommend avoiding carpeted floors and rugs as these can cause potential harm to your pets and your family. How may you ask? The answer is simple: carpets and rugs harbour bacteria and tiny dust particles. Besides, if you get a cat or a dog, they are more likely to shed hair which can be dangerous for you and your pets.

That said, we recommend keeping the interior space free of rugs and carpets and head for hardwood floors and tiles (textured) instead. Not only will this make it easier for you to clean, but it will also be comfortable for the pet. You might also want to benefit from the cat litter delivery to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Place Your Valuable Items High

If you have decorated your house with valuable items, you might want to place them higher on shelves or hang them on the walls (if possible), so you don’t get mad at your dog or cat later. It also comes down to the availability of space. For instance, in the case of a bigger house, your pet might not keep bumping into vases or decorative items made of glass. Nonetheless, the thing about cats and dogs is that they like to explore and sniff everything on their level.

That said, if you want to prevent your pet from breaking any fragile item(s) placed around the house or sniffing any chemicals, you might want to place those items higher where they will be out of your pet’s access.

Hide all Cables & Wires

You will treat your pets like your kids and avoid open wires or dangling cables. Preferably, choose concealed wires; however, for the cables of other household items, such as lamps, you can use cable protectors to avoid your pet from coming in touch with these or chewing on them. Similarly, make sure that your house is free from open wires, as these are particularly dangerous for your pets.

Avoid Using White Pillows

If you want to save your furniture, curtain, and pillows in the house from scratches and odour, you will have to be mindful of the material type and colour of the fabric. For instance, you might want to avoid white-colored curtains, sofa cushions, couches, and sofas. Also, make sure that the material of the couches (where your dog or cat will be hanging out a lot) is made of scratch-free material. Lastly, we recommend opting for faux-leather furniture for your lounge as these are easier to clean and typically won’t absorb any odour.

Only Pet-Friendly Plants

If you want to make your home pet-friendly, you will have to be mindful of the types of plants you are keeping indoors. Some plants are dangerous for pet animals to get in touch with. However, you can find plenty of pet-friendly plants in the markets, such as Parlour Palm and spider plants. By placing the right plants inside your house, you will ensure that you get to see greenery and freshness in your house, and your pets won’t feel any harm.

Also, be mindful about the area where you keep the trash, as your pet will more likely rummage in all areas of your house and the yard. A golden tip to save your pet from old food, chemicals, and other indigestible stuff is by keeping the lids of the trash cans shut at all times. Another tip would be to store those cans in closed cabinets.

Declutter Your House

Depending on which pet you are getting, you will have to be ready that your pet will more likely shed loads of hair, which is why you will need to ensure that your house is cleaned regularly. That said, you might want to invest in pet-friendly cleaning chemicals and also a good vacuum cleaner to keep things clean. If you have a dog that sheds a lot, you might want to brush it outside rather than in your indoor space. Also, keep your house free of clutter and mess to make the cleaning process easier.


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