Top 8 Reasons to Invest in High-Quality Sleepwear and Bedding

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 30 percent of American adults are not getting enough sleep regularly. It’s no wonder that the sleep aid industry is thriving, …


According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 30 percent of American adults are not getting enough sleep regularly. It’s no wonder that the sleep aid industry is thriving, earning billions of dollars a year as the demand for products, services, and applications to help people sleep continues to rise.

Perhaps you also suffer from sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality, which is why you’re also thinking of purchasing an expensive sound machine or a high-tech sleeping aid to help you get that good night’s rest you’ve always wanted. If that is the case, it is probably best to start with something simple.

Instead of purchasing gadgets, devices, and other extravagant products that may or may not work, why don’t you invest in high-quality sleepwear and bedding first? One study published in Nature and Science of Sleep suggests that sleepwear plays a contributory role in positive sleep outcomes. As for bedding, the use of bedclothes or sheets designed for maximum comfort can also result in a restful slumber.

If you haven’t paid attention to the clothes you wear during bedtime and the kind of bed linens you use, read on. This piece will fill you in on some of the most remarkable reasons why investing in high-quality sleepwear and bedding is worth every penny.

Why Should You Wear Top-Quality Sleepwear?

If you only consider price when buying women’s pajama tops and bottoms, you are actually on the losing end because you will get what you pay for—poorly made clothes that don’t last. On the contrary, choosing high-quality sleepwear offers numerous advantages. From being conducive to a satisfying sleep to improving your mood, there are plenty of benefits in wearing the best bedtime clothes:

They Help Keep You Cool and Sweat-Free

Your body temperature plays a significant role in your ability to get a deep and satisfying sleep. Although you may not be aware of it, your core body temperature fluctuates throughout the day and impacts your feeling of sleepiness. When your core body temperature rises, you’ll feel wide awake; and when it starts dropping as bedtime approaches, you’ll feel sleepy. Given that you sleep better when your body feels cooler, you need to wear good-quality nightclothes that are specially designed to prevent your body from heating up while you sleep.

While your old college t-shirt and ordinary sweatpants may seem comfortable enough to maintain your body temperature, this is usually not the case. Such garments remain hot when you feel warm, which means they typically get drenched with moisture when you sweat. On the contrary, top-quality sleepwear makes use of thermoregulating fabrics that help you stay cool even when your body temperature rises. Some materials are even treated with moisture-wicking technology to draw moisture away from the body. If hot flashes or night sweats keep you up at night, wearing high-quality cooling sleepwear will surely help you out.

They Condition Your Mind That It’s Time to Sleep

You probably feel sluggish whenever you wake up in the morning. However, as soon as you take a shower and wear your business suit, your demeanor changes. From feeling lazy, your mind starts functioning in “work mode,” making you ready to face the challenges of the day. This change in mindset is a product of repetition and conditioning. The many mornings of putting on your office attire trained your mind to be fully alert and awake whenever you wear them.

The same principle applies when you start wearing a decent set of pajamas every time you go to bed. The moment the soft and comfy fabric touches your skin, your body sends a signal to your brain that it is time to wind down and fall asleep. This “mind conditioning” is highly unlikely if you wear an old shirt and sweatpants that you usually use when jogging or doing household chores. Since you use these garments in different activities, it will be difficult for your mind to connect the outfit to sleeping alone. If you want a satisfying sleep, you better dress the part—put on the finest sleepwear.

They Make You Feel Good

Quality sleepwear uses materials that are soft, breathable, and offer utmost comfort. They are also more tailored to fit you perfectly. That is why you will undoubtedly feel good whenever you put them on. Your body will feel more relaxed and ready for a restful sleep. Wearing a faded shirt and an old pair of shorts will probably not yield the same “feel good” effects. How can you unwind and calm your tense mind after a long day when you wear an ensemble that makes you look like a slob? Whether you admit it or not, feeling good on the inside often comes from looking fabulous on the outside.

They Last Longer

Although it seems that you are saving money whenever you buy cheaper pajama sets, you are actually on the losing end because they will likely not last for long. They will probably fall apart after a few wears because they are likely made from low-quality materials. Investing in superior-quality sleepwear, on the other hand, is value for money. They may be a bit pricier, but you will end up saving more since you don’t have to replace them frequently.

Why Should You Opt for Superior-Quality Bedding?

Just like sleepwear, investing in high-quality bedding offers numerous benefits that ordinary sheets and pillowcases don’t provide. Sure, they may come at a much higher price, but the reasons below will help you understand why they are worth the cost:

They Aid in Peaceful Sleep

A crucial part of creating an ideal sleeping environment is making sure that your bed is comfortable and inviting. Besides choosing a mattress with the right firmness, you also need high-quality bedding to achieve a cozy and sleep-worthy bed. Unlike cheap sheets that feel rough on the skin and keep you fidgeting at night, well-made bedclothes use soft and breathable fabrics that keep you cool and comfy all night long. As mentioned above, you tend to sleep more deeply when your body feels cool and fresh.

They Prevent Skin Irritations

You are probably very selective when it comes to picking out moisturizing products for your skin. So, why don’t you take the same amount of care when buying bedding? Keep in mind that your bedclothes get in contact with your skin for several hours every night, which means the wrong type of fabric can affect your skin condition.

When you opt for bargain bedding, you will most likely suffer from minor skin irritations, such as itchiness and rashes, since such products use poor-quality materials and dyes that can increase the potential of a sensitivity reaction. In contrast, good-quality bedclothes are gentler on the skin. They are made of lightweight and breathable fabrics that are very unlikely to cause irritations. As such, you can protect your skin health and sleep better and longer.

They Enhance the Overall Look of Your Bedroom

Your bed is the central furniture in your bedroom that sets the overall tone of the place. If your bedclothes look luxurious and feel soft to touch, you will undoubtedly feel relaxed and peaceful every time you enter the room—similar to how you would feel when you see a luxury hotel bed. When you use high-quality bedding, your bedroom will become aesthetically pleasing, elegant, and inviting.

You Deserve Them

Perhaps the number one reason why you should start purchasing superior-quality bedding instead of inexpensive and poorly-made ones is simply because it’s something that you’ll want to do for yourself. After working hard and caring for other people all the time, you deserve a bed with luxurious sheets and blankets that make you feel like a queen and help you sleep like a baby at night. Remember that self-care is not a mere luxury but an essential part of making yourself happy and fulfilled.

Given the reasons discussed above, it is pretty clear why buying high-quality sleepwear and bedclothes is worth the investment. They can help you sleep better and enjoy the numerous physical, mental, and psychological benefits of comfortable and restful slumber. More than that, the use of top-quality products allows you to do something nice for yourself, so you feel better inside and out.

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