According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, in 2019, more than 80% of people over 18 reported drinking alcohol throughout their lifetime. Of that percentage, 25.8% state they’ve participated in binge drinking. Likely the most alarming discovery is that approximately 14.5 million people age 12 and older have struggled with alcohol use disorder (AUD). It goes without saying that alcohol abuse and addiction have become a substantial problem for American citizens.

These statistics also shed light on the many adolescents, teens, and adults needing recovery assistance. Although seeking treatment isn’t something anyone should be forced into, it’s good to know there are reliable resources available whenever someone is ready to get help.

If you or someone you know around the Bay area is suffering from alcohol abuse or addiction, consider these rehab centers below.

Seascape Recovery Center

This 28-acre alcohol addiction treatment center is situated in Mount Madonna, providing a breathtaking view of Monterey Bay. The location provides a peaceful and private space for guests to get the assistance they need. It’s a large campus with multiple buildings for staff and clients to roam around, socialize, and participate in recreational and therapeutic activities.

Amenities And Activities

The property has room for up to 74 clients and includes amenities such as gardens, sports courts, a swimming pool, and a gym facility. The Bay area rehab center takes a holistic approach to alcohol addiction recovery with nutrition as the foundation. Clients receive nutrient-rich meal options and healthy snacks available 24/7.

Other holistic activities include mindfulness, meditation, yoga, body rejuvenation, art, music, and other adventurous solutions.

Sky Lake Recovery Center

There’s something about being immersed in nature that enhances the therapeutic process and recovery journey. Approximately 4 hours from the Seascape Recovery Center in Santa Cruz is the Sky Lake Recovery Center. Sticking with the “outdoorsy” theme, the lodge-style property sits in the center of gorgeous pine trees and gives off a summer camp vibe that is sure to please your inner child.

Amenities And Activities

The Sky Lake Recovery Center has approximately 70 comfortable rooms. On the premises, guests can enjoy amenities such as a volleyball and basketball court, outdoor seating areas (for socializing), an exercise room, and a large kitchen where 3 well-balanced meals and snacks are served daily. Visitors are often encouraged to spend time outdoors breathing in the fresh air, taking in the amazing sites, and participating in guided hikes through the woods.

Placerville Recovery Center

One of the most difficult parts of the recovery process is detoxification. As clients abstain from substance use, the physical and emotional side effects can be overwhelming. The Placerville Recovery Center has gone to great lengths to create an environment where participants can get the privacy and support they need to get through this stage of recovery.

Amenities And Activities

The Placerville Recovery Center is a stand-alone detox facility. The home-like design creates a welcoming environment where clients feel safe. The premises include a large dining area, a library, a living room, and a small outdoor space for fresh air and socialization. Participants get nutritious meals customized to meet their dietary needs. They can also enjoy going for walks, reading a book, spending quiet time alone, or socializing with others as they detox.

Choose The Alcohol Rehab That’s Right For You

Whether you’re looking for a San Francisco drug rehab or a Santa Cruz alcohol recovery center, many options exist. While the above recommendations are a great place to start, selecting the rehab center that’s right for you is essential. As you evaluate your options, keep factors in mind like the location, cost, therapeutic approach, amenities, and treatment programs.

Once you’ve identified at least two rehab centers that you believe could be a good fit, schedule a consultation to learn more. Be prepared to ask questions to learn all you can about the quality and effectiveness of their services. If possible, request a tour of the facility to see where you connect most. Then choose the rehab center with the best accommodations, therapies, and resources to help you get the healing you need.