Top Gifts For Almost Any Occasion

If you’re all about grabbing that perfect gift for your loved one, yet utterly overwhelmed with the copious amount of possibilities and products on the market, no worries. Our mega Gift Guide is aiming to …


If you’re all about grabbing that perfect gift for your loved one, yet utterly overwhelmed with the copious amount of possibilities and products on the market, no worries. Our mega Gift Guide is aiming to help you perfect that shopping list, regardless of the occasion!

1. Bonne et Filou

Bonne et Filou’s luxurious dog macarons may be the perfect treat for your favorite furry friend! These lavish and decadent French-inspired dog treats are made from the highest quality and premium ingredients that will have your dog feeling like true royalty. All components are healthy for dogs, corn-free, wheat-free, and sourced from local suppliers. Bonne et Filou offers customers the option to buy just a single box of six macarons, or customers can bundle together up to five boxes. With a wide range of flavors like lavender, peanut butter, and strawberry, these treats are the perfect way to spoil your dog!

 2. PonyFlo Hat

Don’t know what gift to give that remarkable woman in your life? Well, PonyFlo Hats may be the fashion accessory your loved one has been missing from their life. PonyFlo Hats was the first baseball cap made by women for women! Their unique design was created specifically to ensure that women could finally experience comfort while wearing a baseball cap with a ponytail. PonyFlo Hats offer a wide range of different types of hats, including athletic, classic, bucket hats, and beanies. No matter what kind of women you are buying for, PonyFlo Hats has a style and design for them.

 3. Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

Create a cozy vibe in your home with a chunky knit blanket with SUPER soft chenille yarn that is handmade. Make a statement with this decorative piece that’s not only beautiful but soft, comfy, and durable. Cuddle up with a soft, cozy, and chunky blanket with your coffee in the morning, or binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows. These trendy blankets make perfect gifts for everyone this Holiday Season! All blankets are made to order and always tied perfectly with a bow.

 4. Stasher Reusable Bags

Ditch the single-use sandwich and zippered storage bags (they’re terrible for the environment and hard to recycle) and give Stasher Bags, a silicone bag that can be reused, refrigerated, frozen, boiled, microwaved, heated in the oven, and cleaned in the dishwasher — again and again. This sturdy bag has the same press-and-seal closure as disposable bags and comes in a variety of colors. I tried the starter kit, but some of the bags are on the small side. I prefer the sandwich, quart, half-gallon, and standing bags for storing things like vegetables, tortillas, cheese, and leftovers. I also use Stasher bags to keep my passport and vaccine card safe and as a travel kit for makeup and toiletries. 

 5. Microlite 500 Flip Water Bottle

Holding about 17 ounces and engineered to keep it hot for a whopping 10 hours or cold for 20, the streamlined, durable Microlite 500 insulated bottle is perfect for hydrating on your commute, at the campground, and anywhere you travel. Stainless steel makes it rugged and pure, and the insanely thin 2mm walls keep the profile trim enough for cup holders and other tight spaces. The cap is amazing. Lock it tight for travel, then push a button, and it flips up for easy drinking.

 6. Twisty Cups HandBlown Custom Glassware 

Twisty Cups are the perfect stemless wine glasses, juice, and water cups. Their unique shape makes it easy to handle with a splash of color ideal for table settings. These glasses are sold individually and are made to order. Each glass can hold 14 fluid oz and can add the pop of color you are looking for to your dining set. The glasses are made to have high durability and are offered in a wide variety of vibrant colors. Each order is guaranteed to arrive in impeccable condition! 

 7. Mighty Bright Reading Light 

The Recharge rechargeable book light is a workhorse you’ll want to keep at hand. Providing warm, natural-tone light that is easy on the eyes, its dimmable LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours, and its battery charges fully in one hour. It provides up to 60 hours of illumination at its lowest setting and 10 hours at its highest – this is our longest-lasting book light. Continuous dimming also allows you to select the exact brightness you want, in a range from 2-10 lumens. Harness the environmental and economic advantages of rechargeable lights. No need for batteries means you save money and put less hazardous waste into landfills. Double win!

 8. YETI Trailhead Dog Bed

This two-in-one snooze setup is built to meet the needs of our adventure-loving companions. The Trailhead Dog Bed features a Home Base and a removable Travel Pad. Your pup will love the cushy pad and pillow bolster, and you’ll appreciate the easy-to-clean materials. When you’re en route to the trail or setting up the campsite, you (and your dog) just want something easy, durable, and comfortable. And no, that’s not too much to ask for. YETI factored it into the Trailhead Dog Bed, so with one fell swoop, you’ve got an ultra-comfy stay-at-home setup and a perfect resting spot when you’re ready to load up and get out there. 

 9. Carter Everywhere Mug

For the girls and guys on the go! The Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug is the perfect tumbler for those of us who like to keep their hot drinks hot and their cold drinks cold, which is basically everyone. The heat-lock double wall feature retains beverage heat for up to 12 hours and stays cold for 24 hours. The leak-proof seal eliminates spills, making it safe to throw in your bag and go. With more than 11 colors to choose from, this mug looks good and drinks even better.

 10. Nulaxy A4 Cell Phone Stand

There are some gifts that are just right for everyone, and the Nulaxy A4 cellphone stand is one. This sleek stand is compatible with a wide variety of phones and tablets and allows for optimal hands-free activity while in use. Whether you are following a recipe and need to clearly see what’s next, or at work and don’t have time to keep looking down at your phone, it’s easy to see how this simple stand makes life a bit easier. It’s lightweight, adjustable, and portable, making this an easy choice for that person you just can’t find the right gift for.

 11. Plinkity the Rainbow Unicorn

This cute and colorful children’s book tells a nice story about bravery, acceptance, understanding, and friendship. A multicolored young unicorn named Plinkity lives in a world of single-colored unicorns. For anyone who has ever felt they are a bit different, and that’s wonderful.

 12. Tom Woof + Max The Owl

Tom Woof + Max The Owl is a tale of a young puppy who loves to write, who comes to live on a farm full of animals who don’t get along. Tom wants to share his stories, but he ends up writing them wherever he happens to be when he thinks of them, and this makes him very unpopular with the animals who don’t understand him. Fortunately, the wise owl Max who lives on the farm does understand, and he teaches Tom not only how to write his ideas down in a way that can be enjoyed, but he also shows him how to bring the animals together through their shared love of stories. 

Bonus tip

Buying individual gifts can be hard enough. Buying gifts for groups of people, however, can be even harder. Not only do you have to find something that will please everyone, but you also have to do it within budget too. In this situation, challenge coins may be just what you need.

As the name suggests, they’re often used to commemorate challenges that have been achieved. This can be anything from a team-building event to the end of a successful project. They can, however, be used to commemorate any special occasion both one-off (e.g. weddings) and recurring (e.g. Christmas).

One of the great benefits of challenge coins is that they can be created specifically for your occasion. This makes them genuinely unique. At the same time, they’re also very affordable. This means that they’re a cost-effective option for both small and large events.

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