While professional firework displays cost millions of dollars and create a big bang, literally and visually, this doesn’t mean individuals and family and friend groups can’t create a magical night by setting off fireworks themselves.

Although you might think there are just one or two main occasions to do this, where the cost and effort are justified, there are many times during the year when you might like to go big with your celebrations. Here are some top occasions where you might use fireworks over the coming year.

New Year’s Eve

It’s right around the corner, and New Year’s Eve is known for being an important time for eventful fireworks celebrations globally. However, you can also use the occasion to set off some crackers yourself. Buy some quality fireworks online and create a show in the sky that you and your family and friends will remember for a long time to come. Tee up your night-time display to go off right as you count down to midnight and the dawn of the new year, or you might choose to set your fireworks show for much earlier in the night, so the children in your family get to watch them, too.

Fourth of July

The biggest night of the year for fireworks in the United States tends to be the Fourth of July. Millions of people celebrate Independence Day by watching fireworks on this federal holiday, and you can join them by arranging to have your very own display at your home or other chosen venue. Make sure you stock up on supplies early enough, though, since so many people buy fireworks for this day, and the competition for products can be fierce in some areas.

Labor Day

If you like to take the day off for Labor Day each year and prefer to create impressive fireworks shows beyond the typical dates, consider buying fireworks at this time of year. Labor Day honors and celebrates the working class and, if you’re in that category yourself, can be a fun way to acknowledge what you’ve achieved and who you are. It also falls at the end of the summer vacation period, so you can set up an epic display to help you and your friends and family celebrate a fun period and the start of a new season.


The first thing you think of when you hear the word Halloween isn’t going to be fireworks. This day is known for costumes, collecting candy, eating, haunted houses, and the like. But since it also focuses on letting adults be kids for the day, you might like to take your celebrations beyond giving out candy at the door or wearing a cool outfit and enjoy some fireworks, too. You could use some small-scale novelty fireworks as spooky effects, or you might go for a full professional display that’s timed to creepy music for the ultimate Halloween-themed light and sound show.


If you’re planning to get married soon or will watch a child, sibling, or another close person in your life say “I do,” you may be thinking about adding fireworks to the special occasion. Increasing numbers of couples choose to have a well-organized display cap off their reception or act as the backdrop for cutting the cake or having a first dance. You’ll be busy during the event, though, so don’t try for a DIY fireworks’ program at a wedding. Instead, hire a professional who can create the show and time it to perfection.

Big Birthday Celebrations

Do you or someone you love have a big birthday coming up, such as a 21st, 30th, 50th, or another number? If so, you might like to celebrate in epic style by arranging for a stunning fireworks display to enhance the occasion. Age-wise, it doesn’t matter what number you’re reaching since fireworks delight the young and old.

Significant Anniversaries

Perhaps you and your partner will be celebrating many years of married bliss together soon and want to find an option for your party that could never go unnoticed. If you’re after a meaningful gift idea for people in your life, too, setting up a fireworks display for a significant anniversary can be one way to show just how impressive 20, 30, 50, 60, or another amount of years together is.

Some other top occasions where it’s fun to set off fireworks include Chinese New Year, Juneteenth, Memorial Day, President’s Day, and Veteran’s Day. You can also use fireworks to help you celebrate a memorial or funeral, at a gender reveal party, and when a divorce eventually becomes final.

Don’t feel like you have to limit the timing of your firework nights since there are many opportunities to utilize these products throughout the year.