Top Reasons Why Outdoor Sports Are Better Than Indoor Activities

Whether you join expensive gyms or take your children to swimming classes, it can often seem like you’re ticking the right boxes to get enough exercise. However, a question you may need to ask yourself …


Whether you join expensive gyms or take your children to swimming classes, it can often seem like you’re ticking the right boxes to get enough exercise. However, a question you may need to ask yourself is, is this sufficient enough to protect my health? And are there good reasons to choose outdoor sports rather than staying indoors?

There is a huge issue around obesity, and people’s lack of efficient exercise is one of the main causes for this worldwide issue. Even people who manage their weight well and take part in activities may be falling short of national fitness targets. As it is estimated that 1 in 3 men and 1 in 2 women are not doing enough activities to support good health, the solution to this problem could be right outside your doorstep, rather than in your local leisure centre.

Reasons why outdoor exercise is beneficial to your health

There are a range of reasons why outdoor training is better than a gym workout as people can enjoy sunshine and fresh air compared to being indoors. Some benefits of exercising outdoors include helping lower blood pressure and reduce stress. With the increased level of fresh air, even insomnia is cured as the regular flow of exercise and fresh air helps contribute to a better quality sleep.

As well as the feeling of refreshment, exercising outdoors in the warmer months can also boost your valuable vitamin D levels from exposure to natural light. With the natural light providing you with more energy for the mind and body, exercising in the sun enhances a range of energy generation throughout your muscles, as a result this can only bring benefits to your fitness goals and aspirations.

The increased social interaction: bringing family and friends together

Another reason outdoor sports are better than indoor activities is that they provide ways to enjoy quality family time or socialising with friends too. Taking the time to explore forests, beaches and parks not only give you your daily fresh air and exercise needs, but also count to wonderful memories with family and friends to last a lifetime.

Getting involved together on outdoor adventures that you and your peers are both interested in allows you to spend time indulging in your favourite hobby as well as a health boost. Outdoor exercise allows for increased socialisation as people get together on their favourite activities, by doing so, mental health is vastly improved and families can bond over a simple challenge to bring us closer together.

The key to improving both your physical and mental health

One of the key advantages of taking your exercise outdoors is that it’s a great way to improve both your physical and mental health. As the increased levels of vitamin D boost our immune systems, the benefits are endless to relieving stress and increasing dopamine levels. Sparing the time to breathe and give yourself some space in an outdoor environment is one of the best ways to soak up nature and relax, as well as stretching your muscles and expanding your lung capacity.

As there are many mental health benefits of nature, there are various outdoor sporting activities that give you the chance to get your adrenaline going. Challenging yourself in a healthy way and finding your new source of happiness through exercising outdoors is one of the best things you can do for an improved mental health.

Preparing for outdoor activities all year round

While you can follow an online yoga programme in your Pjs and head to the gym in the latest designer leisure gear, many outdoor sports require specialist equipment along with a lot more thought and preparation. Starting at the right footwear, whether that’s well-fitting running shoes or hiking boots that support your ankles and give you a firm grip, there are wide ranges of sport clothing and gear that come vital when exercising outdoors.

For those more extreme sports, combat gear and equipment is vital for that extra level of protection during  hobbies like airsoft and paintball. There are a range of best airsoft clothing and equipment brands to kit you out and protect your body from injury in your favourite sports. As well as protective gear, equipping yourself for both hot and cold weather is important. By bringing extra layers and water on hand, you can exercise efficiently at any time of the year with ease.

The wider choices that outdoor sports has to offer

By the very nature of outdoor sports, you’ll cover far more ground than activities inside your home or leisure centre. For example, running around your local areas means you have opportunities to plot daily or weekly challenges that stretch your abilities and offer fresh perspectives. This can often make what used to be a boring session on the treadmill, a fun and engaging way of creating some healthy self competition.

Opting for outdoor sports opens the possibilities to try new things by a lot more. Getting involved in sports like horse riding and airsoft games, orienteering and golf, there are so many chances for you to find a new hobby or interest.

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